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Dear members send in ur views to this topic, SHOULD THE LATEST HAUSA MUSIC EXISIT? as there are so many critisims concerning the isure! please send in ur quates. for or agenst this topic. and please with reasons.


look for husa latest music, for ur need, akawi masu dadi da ma'ana sosai. you will like them when u go for them they are quite intresting ok! i quite agree with IBB for the reply. yarimahajj for u!

Please am pleading to who ever support hausa music, How can we support our young and up coming artest, infact they are trying in building and developing of good morden songs, some of which are used in our hausa films. cos we are far behind the eastern region in evry thing thing concerning artest, how can we support our own culture today for a better tomorrow?

The young talents need help! NOW.

Hello fellow members to my own view, we should try and give more enfacy on the latest hausa music, that are nomally played on our Dvd tape and video tapes, cos they are of a teachning and intresting. others plz should view my point.

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