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Islam / Re: Jackson is now a Muslim
« on: November 27, 2008, 09:58:46 PM »
Goodness gracious me!!! Am scared of my uncle. Last two wks he was telling his daugther off for putting hair extensions because they were haram. And his daugther amidst tears told her father that she taught women were safe for women to put on extensions if they were on their monthly. And he said no. He said asked what was her purpose of adding more har when she already had quite a long hair? She said because it was fashion and she saw it on a celebrities head and she taught it looked beautiful and she wanted to try it.

He said, he remembered during his hay days how they were so carried away by "the Jacksons". They wanted to grow the Afro. They wanted to leave their shirts buttoned open and lift the very long collars of their shirt. They wanted to wear the hipstars and the do the Billie Jean walk. Then he said to his daugther today where are the Jacksons? They fall came around 1975. He said even one of the Jackson boy is now a muslim. I dont even know his name. Now this is where I quickly butted in: oh Uncle Ibrahim he's called Jermaine. My uncle just gave me that kind disgust look, anan akafi kaudi. He said where is Michael Jackson today? A person who had everything and stardom! He went further to say: Life sees nothing of Michael Jackson now and he is now lurking somewhere in Bahrain. He said, maybe the reason God sent him off there is to realise and make quick adjustments of his life before time is up! He said watakila ma yana nan ya karbi musulunci? After reading this; I am left with my jaw dropped! Just two wks ago and I end up reading this today.

He ended telling his daugther off. To, ke kinason irin gashin Tina Turner but you fail to remember the religious relevance or non relevance of attaching anything artificial to your body. Ai ga sakaryar aunti ki nan Hafsy, ai sunga abin dake kanki basu miki fada ba. I say for where? I land your house today and said to him, for you to know har dasu Tina Turner, you ma you carry style chop life wo!

Allah dai yasa mu dace.

Islam / Re: A Sin that Leads to Jannah…
« on: November 27, 2008, 09:41:57 PM »
He said: 'He may commit a sin and continues to think about it, and when he stands or sits or walks he remembers his sin, so he feels ashamed and repents and seeks forgiveness and regrets it, so that will be the means of his salvation.

I was in a rush to see read this thread. Made me wonder, what kind of sin would lead a person to paradise?!!!! Actually, I wouldnt put it in this form or call it a sin. Trully, if one regrets for his wrong acts, its a sign of imaan. Allah S.W.A also holds that for whoever to repent and never to commit the sin again:then verily I shall forgive that person. But I think you have communicated this message abit too, too........... too somehow! I think the heading fails to pass the positive message of this thread. A sin will NEVER leads one to paradise unless Allah S.W.A wills it or forgives the person.

He said: 'He may commit a sin and continues to think about it, and when he stands or sits or walks he remembers his sin, so he feels ashamed and repents and seeks forgiveness and regrets it, so that will be the means of his salvation.

And he may do a good deed and continue to think about it, and when he stands or sits or walks he remembers it and it fills him with self-admiration and pride, so it is the cause of his doom.

Well here, if I commit an act of good: say I helped someone in "need" and because of that, everything worked fine for the poor person. Maybe as I lay in bed thinking about what I did for the day and it crossed my mind that I helped someone out. Definately, I am going to feel good about it. Probably a big smile will curl up my face. And maybe for the next few days still feel good about it. It may even motivate a person to do more good. As long as I do not boast about it and helped for noone's sake but Allah. I dont think my feeling of pure happiness or internal pride will my road to damnation.

Or will it? :-\

To dai ubangiji Allah shine masani

General Board / Re: HONOR KILLING NOT BY MUSLIMS...!!!
« on: November 27, 2008, 08:44:48 PM »
Husan lol. Ah e don do! & Myself lol. A few bad "things" overshadows a zillion "good things" and so good deeds of an individual no matter how small only ties well within the public eye when a bigger evil lands. And that is when we begin to appreciate the lesser evil after "the" worst evil surfaces lol. Not that Saddam was 100% good but the way he was labelled horrifically was just beyound sanity eyes. Everybody made a "who-ha" about him

As for honour killing, it is an action predominantly exercised by Asians (Pakistan & India) to be specific. Though, islam is what they say a jusfitication for this immoral and unholy act. BUT THE HOLY BOOK OF ISLAMIC FORBIDS IT! Pls let it get through their thick skulls! >:( But what I think is the cause of honor killing within the Asian society is because it is easy to reach out to the more vulnearable persons, overpower them physically or phsycologically and kill them. The biggest cause of honor killing is fear of stigmatisation, which is caused by ignorance. For fear of being shamed or stigmaticed within the community a girl will be killed as honour just because the Pakistani girl finds love in the heart of a muslim Boy from the Kashmir area! An area located between India and Pakistan. This is a boundary conflict for heaven sake! Where is the honor of killing or the religious motive behind it? Another girl is killed because she rejected a an arranged marriage to her friends father who was a rich tycoon. For crying out loud. How can you force someone into marrying another and also for selfish gain interest and because that person objected, you slice and dice them! What exactly is honor is this situation?Another case was yet another Indian man who due to jelousy because his wife was having an affair, killed her and her two children and facts had it that her parents permitted him to kill his wife as she cannot bring them to shame. Bear in mind, that too was an arranged marriage and there was constant events of domestic violence and she threatened to leave and before she had a chance to do so, he minces her and "their" kids too. Honor? No! Madness? Absolutely!

What the hell is exactly theee honor in killing or rationale behind it? >:( I can understand intent killing with malice aforethought, or maslaughter or unintentional killing but I cant quite fix a termiinology for "honor killing" Honor is what you get by earning high respect or getting merit respect or special merit - you know or something done for the good of mankind, or for good reputation or name, or recognition. Or just like the Nobel laureate I received last year for my outstanding performance period! There is honor for military recognitions, honor given to professional persons or bodies.

But honor feel or awardment of honor to a decoded murderer is what I simply dont understand!!!!!!!!!!We surely dont have these sort of honor killings here in Nigeria and am sure all Nigerian cultures would frown upon it. Actually, I have never even heard about events of honor killings in Nigeria. Na hunger dey kill pessin here nobi honor! >:(

Did she say food. :o :o :o Abeg am coming JUST FOR THE FOOD. Let us know in advance when you intend throw up d dinner, so dat I come on empty stomach & accordingly with my take-away packs
Chi ba kiba. Allah bamu irin jikinku. And you still stay trim and fit despite being in the league of binge eaters?

 :o Is that really you putting pics up? Chabdijan. Kinsha wani abune? Awwwwwwwwwwww ayya, see my anchuchu, looking all adorable and huggable. Miss her. I was thinking of buying her a Bjork CD "only" for her second birthday because aljuhun aunty yayi kasa. Mhmm lailaha illahu jibi cinyanta, wani chicken feed ake bata ne? Kamar kazar gona! Sha! E no bad. She dey pick after aunty Hafsy. ;D Abeg you kuma dey hansa phone!!!!!

Fateez!!!!!! I trust your level headedness. Abeg muyi hiranmu kinji.

About Candidiasis, I deal with it on a usual basis, especially in babies who are resultively suffering from severe invasive candidiasis on either their backs, stomach,neck, mouth etc. And your heart just goes out for these babies. There was this two month old baby, cutest little thing ever. Born 7months early & she was brought to unit suffering from mouth candidiasis and around her thighs. Lord! She looked so cute & sinless but one look at her, all you see is silent agony! She is in my intensive care unit, I cuddled that baby and was actually crying and I could not leave for the day, when incharge.

Mhmm, Trichomoniasis. Just pray you never encounter a difficult patient ever in your life!!! That reminds me about a lady. She seem to have contracted it. And this is a disease that can be cured by bloody oral prescription in minor cases otherwise patient has to go through intensive treatment. Amman in gayamiki matarnan da taurin kai she refused. Why? She is anti to white man medicine! Imagine. I disclosed to her about the implications of it all and she has a husband. Annoying part is: professional conduct ethics establishes on me that duty of confidentiality and non disclosure so as to observe yeye fiduciary relatioship ~hiss~ So I couldnt tell her husband. And she came back two days later complaining of further irritation and whatnot! I explained everythingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg about Trichomoniasis again to her but only for her to turn around and burst into tears asking if it was the same as HIV? :-\ And we are talking about a second year university student here!!!!!!!!!

This set in with some past observances I made about women. Our fellow sisters as I noticed, whether they are illetrates or literates are so "close" about their health except for constant revelations of I have ulcer! I have headache! No I have asthma! Once medical report reveals something like Chlamydia: you will never see them again!!!!! Or here take this, theres a toilet on your right give me a urine sample please. 20mins later, she is still not out. I go knock on the door. Mrs yadi dadi dah are you ok in there? Answer: Is your labortorist a male? I said yes and she replied am not comfortable having a man running medical investigation on my "pee". :o What? Then go bloody back home!!! I wish I said that out loud!!!. So whats up with womens attitude discussing about their health?

Anyway, so last night I was sat watching NTA. Something I hardly do!!!!!! ;D Anyway Borno (Maiduguri) was among the topic of discussion and the issue was about HIGH FERTILITY and the desperate call to limit it. This woman said she was forced to go on contraceptives by her husband for about 5yrs and eventually is now suffering from severe blod clot, which was at a point, life threatening to her. Another woman revealed of also being forced by her husband and is suffering from heark attacks and high BP. There are many more side effects than these two. Never might weight gains!!!!! Concerns about the health side effects of contraceptives was discussed in some conference I attended a year. Statistics revealed: 51% out of 60% of Gambian women stopped using oral contraceptives inbetween 6-8months of use due to severe side effects and in Niger 37% out of 40%!!!!!!! And we Nigerians want to fully force women to adopt it. I taught the there is right to self autonomy? Made me taught should women be forced just because there is demand to reduce fertility or they can reduce their fertility on their own account? I started discussing this issue with a friend and it ended up into a full blown argument. I rejected the issue of spacing between birth and using contraceptives from a religious point of view only. But my "coconut" too western but afro to the bone girlfriend would not have that. Anyway, 2hours later, we were back to being best friends.

In some geographical areas where culture overrides everything, if I woman has less than 5 children, it is frowned upon and they could even send her away from the village as a bad curse. Yet in China, I think now their law forbids a couple to have more than 2 children abi? Nigeria want to reduce fertility rate by forcing women on contraceptives because a mudu of rice is more than 2,000 Naira!

Fateez, mhmmmmm if you want tailor, wallahi I fit jand you with the besttttttttttttttt tailor. Everthing detailed and defined to perfection. And give him a time limitation period, the man sticks to it!!!!!!! He, he, he eyya, kai amman bai kyauta ba. Your Swiss Lace lol. Ai ingiyamiki ni tsiyana da Swiss Lace, once you wash them they shrink. Abarka da biyan kudin dry cleaning ~hiss~ Thats how I chased Ummita for my money back. I bought 3 swiss laces from her because but later I claimed goods were unsatisfactory for customer use! >:(.  I washed it once and I wore the skirt kawai sai naga abu ya dawo patari!!! my fine fish tail skirt kamar wani dan tofi!  Swiss Laces are difficult to sew and they are not durable. Try Austrian lace.

chit-chat / Re: Cigiya 'yan uwa
« on: November 27, 2008, 06:49:50 PM »

Myself errrmmmm to dai, he/she? Whatever the case: how is your very nice self? Kinga/Kaga, ni ki, ka/ki gayamin if man or woman. If you be woman, we go establish better rapport like the rest of the sisters here.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Hafsy_Lady.!!!!!!!....... Welcome Wo!!! Where have u been hiding?
Don't worry about my gender cos I believe is NO Important to you
;) ;) ;D ;D

Ok wo my dear, no wahala. Thanks for welcoming me back.

EXCEPT YOU KNOW YOURSELF >:( >:( >:(. Gogannaka its not Dan-Borno at all. Mutum mai hankali karmashi. Its somebody else >:(

chit-chat / Re: MEMBERS PREDICTION...!!
« on: November 27, 2008, 06:47:10 PM »
Muhsin is 23 years while Dan Borno is 332 years.


Here are my predictions for Hafsy Lady:

Fair in complexion
Slim and wears a kwalli all the time.
Likes eating chewing gum
Studying chemistry or a science related course

IBB carry on!

Gogganka.... Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnn. May all of the above come trueee!!!!!!!!!!!! AMIN WO AMIN!!!!!!!!!!

But in reality I summarise myself:
FAT=85kg to be precise
VERY Dark= Senegalise shade of ebony skin tone
Likes chewing the neck collar of my shirt >:(
Never been to school >:(
Wish I ravish with youth again ~signs~ 63yrs going on 64 in 2wks >:(

Cooking Forum / Re: HAVE A LOOK......I COOKED THIS AND THAT!!!!
« on: November 27, 2008, 06:36:33 PM »
Kin dawo kenan!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( Wallahi, I am taking this on a real personal level. Why you mocking my tuwo processing method?  >:( >:( >:( Hafsy for your own info even Quaker Oats I do it in the microwave! Indomie, I do it in the microwave! Custard, I do it in the microwave! You wont understand when extreme urgency calls for this especially when you have no time!!!  >:( >:( >:(............Am sure some of the girls here too have made tuwo in microwaves, perhaps Mufi?
Yar fillo kenan. Sannan idan ance yanfillo akwai wauta, kuce ba haka ba. ;D ;D ;D None of the ladies make tuwo in microwave. Acknowledge that!!!!

About your caserole dish..........dont make me bring up my very exhausted list of my stuff at urs  ;D
>:( >:( :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: November 23, 2008, 10:47:06 PM »
Welcom hafsy.
@ muhsin: She has a new life,sai dai mu taya ta da godewa Allah.
Ka fara ko? To! Ba fa nason tonon asiri ahe!!!! *To, Amind dai, amin dai ;D

How i'm feeling: NOT HAPPY
Ba don halinka ba: a duk lokacin da kaji ranka ya baci, keep reciting innalillahi wa inna ilahir rajiun.

Ko dai kawar tamuce take dan baka wuya? Eyya, just send her a text reminding her that she is forever "thee one". Ko kuma ranar saturday, just carry her go ceddi to shop around and grab a nice brunch along the way before proceeding to catch a movie and a big hug if na wifey, if not, to KUL! Idan ta huce you will be back to being a happy chap!

Fulani Poet. Pele! Inshallah you'll be fine. Best to get away from your screen and get a nice sleep. Paracetamol or co-codamol will ease your pain. Allah kara sauki

« on: November 23, 2008, 10:35:25 PM »
OK Hafsy, lets see it this way.  The man can marry 2, 3 or 4 as enjoined.  The woman can accommodate a second whether physically or in spirit (as in the blood of the man).  But the man cannot find it funny most importantly having known the ex-boy friend to accommodate him in spirit (as in the case of ex-boy friend's blood in his wife's).  Definitely, in case of desperate situation the forbidden could be permitted in Islam.  But I would like Urztazia Husnaa to elaborate.
Now you have lost me COMPLETELY!!!! I dont understand. Though, kaga irin abin naku na maza ko. Ana zance kishi you just had to use this opportunity to remind us that men are allowed to marry 2,3,4 even though its clealy written on you people's forehead!!! Muna sane da haka.

Hafsy what a big banging way to come back! Wuna welcome wellu wellu.  ;D Your tory dey very interesting Wallahi. it come make me enter forum kuku to say something.
Kai TKTK rufa mun asiri, I no be ustazia fa! I like the rocking life too much hehehehehe   
Allah sarki, thanks Husna. Wallahi kici duniyar ki da tsinke tun kafin lokaci ya kure. Rock n Roll baibeeee!!!! Mu gashi nan an barmu da cizon yatsa. >:( 

Now I cant see how a man donating his blood to a woman becomes a bone of contention. How many of us have had blood transfusions where maybe the blood is obtained from a blood bank? Do we know whether it is female or male blood that is being transferred into our systems?

Ni dai to me, this action by this man surpasses jealousy. Its sheer madness.
I am on the same script with you. Indeed yafi karfin kishi. Haka maza suke nasu kishin? :o :o :o

If I was the wife, I'd give my resignation letter before I got the sack
To fa! Yar'uwa anan ne kuma dai za'a samu matsala. An la'anci duk macen da ta tambayi mijinta saki wo! Ebi like say you get high temper!

LOL.hafsy kenan...allurar zaki ciro ki zunkuda mai a ido ko?
Mhmmmmmmm ai ni wallahi inda nina ai abun da zanyi ya wuce haka. Ai Gogannaka what I had in mind is not even worth a minute part of what you said. Chabdijan!!!! ai that is nothing compared to what I have in mind. :-X Lallai! Ka bari kawai. Allah kara mana imani kawai;D

To, bismillahi zan fara.


Right this is serious business.

Ok hajiyoyin, k-online kuna ina? Nidai kunsanni sarai sosai. Ba ruwa na. If things good I go talk if things bad I go talk. Kuma mutunci  nake da kowa a forum dinnan. Lokacin wasa zanyi, tsokana zanyi, wajen seriousness I will wear the cap.

I want to promote a cohesion for "us". Whether we know each other from past or we jand in this forum, all I want to promote is a good click for the ladies here. If you know what I mean! I know we have our own differences and ways we like to potray ourselves amman sai ina ganin kunsan irin abinnan ne namu na mata ;D ;D ;D ;D Irin everybody wan draw class for ehnself ko kuma ana ganin idan an nemi ayi zumuci kada wacce tayi wulakanci or so. And this I very much doubt is something we will do. Nidai I want all of us to be paddies!!!! A cire girman kai da yar yanga yangan nan ;D. Let's get together and discuss important issues that only our "kinds" understand. Lets establish a good friendly rapport. Abi how wuna see am?

I want names. Throw yours now if you supporting this if not no wahala. Also throw in anything you want to discuss game da alamuran dake faruwa ko damun mata., women's progress within the society, issues or problems women are facing, talk about children: their wellbeing, their behaviours. Ayi hiran aure: you know irin abun da za'ayi miji ya cigaba da kaunar mu: girke-girke, kwalliya ka harma da matsalar in an aure mana chasis (auzubillahi to that) >:( Anything goes!!! Kai even fashion! (ke ko tailor dinki ya iya dinka, recommend us to him). ;D Ok thats just goes to say that we can practically discuss anythinggggggggg and many important things pertaining "US". Lets form a nice circle: and if ni wallahi if you even live within my area: I will throw out invitations for a nice lunch or dinner together! See! Its that easy!

Keyan waye nake hangowa a chan..........Gogannaka did you not read the notice!!! Its off limit to your kind.!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( zamu bika da tabarya.

Science and Technology / Re: The new iphone by Apple
« on: November 22, 2008, 08:46:30 PM »
Is it true that akwai ipod tv?

Well not sure if I would call it an ipod TV :-\ but what I am 100% sure is that JVC manufacturers have introduced into the market LCD TV's that have inbuilt ipod docks and it looks exactly like this. Mhm, bari su shigo kasuwa sosai idan money value dinsu yayi kasa sosai might scoop one for myself.

A friend of mine was complaining that gadgets and electronics are being pushed into market and after few months new ones will come along. For instance she had a PS for her soon, then it was improved to PS2 then PS3. And we were actually talking about these plasmas with ipod. She said something that set me off laughing. She looked at her plasma and said, to wai Hafsy yanzu idan mutum yana son this latest one, ai aiki ya ganmu, bambaro wannan daga bango ;D

« on: November 22, 2008, 08:20:44 PM »
Hafsy_Lady this is excellent.  A good story.  Welcome back to the Forum after a long recess.
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

2.  Ex Girl Friend donates blood to sick ex boy friend (Now married to another woman).  = No Problems

4.  Ex Boy Friend donates blood to sick ex Girld friend (Now married).                          = Big problem.
Yikes! :-\ Am even more confused now.

TukurTukur, If a woman can exercise note 2 of your analysis. Why then should it be a problem if a man exercises point 4 of your analysis. What I really what to know is this: Addini musulunci bai yadda jinin wani namiji ya shiga jikin matar aure bane in ba na muharraminta ba kawai ko kuwa especially when desperate measures calls for it? Otherwise, wannan wani irin masifa da jaraban kishi ne? :o

After hearing the story from the womans close family. The question I first asked was if the ex was establishing any form of contact or phone calls or visitation with her despite a change of her status to 'married' but it was confirmed: "NO". Ance the day the woman's hand was given out in marriage to the Nupe man was the end between ex boyfriend and the woman. He let her go because religiously she was not his right. To, babu wani external marriage affairs or any underground business da ke tsaninsu ko kadan. Ance ex boyfriend bai masan where she lives ba even though they were in the same state!

Therefore, the conclusion is that actually men have more jealous mind than women.
Is that so? ;D ;D ;D ;D A je dai a hankali, a hankali, kuna daure kanku da kanku

The woman in Hafsy's story I believe only pretended to go along with the hustband's protest.
Dama pretending dakeyi ai da da sauki Tukur. Ance maka, rai a hannun Allah ai ya wuce zancen pretence. Sakaryar matar wai ita son miji! Tunda yace a'a bai yadda ba, wai ita biyayyan miji a barta a haka ta koma ga Allah. To gashi ta rayu, lokacin nata wajen ubangiji beyi. Irin shegen iyayin mune na mata ~hiss~ wai ita love & obedience to husband, she also said no unless he permits for the transfusion. If he too the husband trully & really loved her he would have obliged to let her have the blood transfusion. Ko ba haka ba?

Allah ya kiyaye, if it was me in such situation and my 'abunan' should try such stupendous rejection >:( hmmm ai daga gadon asibitin nan zan *anyway* :-X

Science and Technology / Re: The new iphone by Apple
« on: November 22, 2008, 04:07:01 PM »
As for the new iphone. Its a useless phone!! Once its broken it hard to fix. Ni nawa har ya lalace. When it starts freezin just say bye bye to it, its the signal stage of oncoming problems. Hiss! Ni ko kyauta aka sake bani ba na dama kudin aka bani na saya takalmi ko dan wani clutch bag nayi, nayi ta kwamachala na dasu. >:(

And the iphone is too man-ly for women!!!! Though everyone has different taste. I like my phones small and cute. Am not sprung over that iphone anymore! >:(

Islam / Re: Ruling on using a shoe as a sutrah
« on: November 22, 2008, 03:58:52 PM »
I REALLY REALLY REALLY dont understand this. Using shoe as sutra? In what respect is that? As in walking with them or just wearing footwear to complete to sutra you are wearing or to protect your feet outside?

Please I need clarifications on this. Kaman yaya? Wai ayi sallah da takalmi ko a ciga wajen idabah da takalmi as long as its free from impurity? Kaman bedroom slip ons? Is that what it is about? I dont understand.

Kindly, explain further.

General Board / Re: Back to the Future - KanoOnline Next Steps
« on: November 22, 2008, 03:55:44 PM »
Are women allowed to say anything coz I have ALOT to say :-[

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