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General Board / Re: my conclusion from jews and muslims treat of w
« on: February 13, 2004, 12:58:01 AM »
I strongly think we are miss'n the basic point here.
If you do belive there is a Globallisation say Aye
If you do belive that globalisation is world dominance by a discriminant say Aye
And If you think those discriminants are Jews say Aye

Well Aye Aye Aye...

General Board / Re: my conclusion from jews and muslims treat of w
« on: January 17, 2004, 02:38:38 AM »
Btw Ibro,

1) Why the suicidal method of furthering the cause? Is suicide tolerated in Islam? Someone started a thread on this question a while ago and I think the answer was a strong 'no'. So why do we support them in such an action?

2) Why does the resistance attack civilian targets? Why don't they limit their targets to military ones? Are their enemies to be found in a restaurant, in the marketplace, at a wedding celebration? Are such attacks really permitted in Islam?

I ask these questions because as you said in your response, you are guided by Islamic principles. These principles have become the point of fierce debate in the U.S. since 9/11. Iearnestly await your reply.

Well Lionger, thank you for being a Nigerian,  ;D whom are the only peeps who answer you a question by answering another. But just for u, I wouldnt be one now. 8)

Sucide is completely absolutely wrong, moraly and Islamically(nost importantly)... And I'm not supporting sucide bombers(take to note), I only sympatise with the oppressed and stand up for my brother muslims. Furthermore, my post was simply asking for the reason (4 I believe everyhing has a reason) why such innocent souls will be driven into sucide attacks. What ever it is must be a horror!
Other ways of attack? I dont know any, do u? You see lionger, Palestinians are pushed to the wall of all walls. Security is not even the case but protection. Too many of thier fathers, brothers and sisters have paid in blood and land, in freedom and in peace, yet nothing ever stopped as the world watched. And it's still happening. what ever it is that causes sucide attacks, even if it is evil if thats the was you want to put it(astagafirillah!), then I suppose it has to be checked since its evident you cant fight fire with fire, and thats what is still being done. Islamically there is no situation in which one is to commit sucide whatsoever, but most scholars today rather say the palestinian situation is controvercial. And I stick to that.

Your second question, No!!! Muslims must not be the ones looking for trouble or disturbing the piece, better yet to that whom hasn't hurt you.(whoever it is). Now this is one problem sucide bombers that claim islam all over the world are missing. Islam is a peace ful religion and one must not raise a finger at anyone if that person hasnt raised a finger against you. Most if not all Islamic wars should be due to protection only.(correct mi if I'm mistaken). This is som'n we must all know, attacking peeple where ever it is is completely wrong. It has to be something that will cripple whatever is attacking islam which they have failed to so far!

I'm a muslim, in support of Islam not sucide atacks, in support and ready but only for the right Jihad, and seeker of peace and Justice without being cheated in anyway. The world is a long way from achieving this. And except the super powers intercept and do what is right instead of becoming jewish bodies, the world will know no peace!(do I sound like a movie? well its real!)
I await replyyyysssss

General Board / my conclusion from jews and muslims treat of wazz
« on: January 01, 2004, 06:15:37 PM »
Good day readers, I decided to post up this topic, which is quite relevant to a recent topic I replied and which I feel is quite interesting. I also do believe that there is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person, so enjoy reading because I personally find this little article of mine as interesting.
As I sat & taught of which falls into parts of the realisations of which, I?ve assimilated, learnt  & digested, I feel I should share it with all. I said to myself discrimination could be anything and anything could be everything. Why? This is because the world has always been filled with various discriminations which was the only thing that defined boundary; sexual, racial, territorial, and of recent even economical discriminations. now you do agree right?  
A lady once said "When I was a woman everything was discriminated against us, now they have succeeded, they still haven't given us our rights, instead they made us men"  
Even the lines drawn at the Berlin treaty where drawn by the people, who know nothing about Africa or Africans, lines in the Middle East were unknown to the Arabs. Lines drawn by the Romans had to go as well. These distinctions aroused & boundaries were set up!
Now those boundaries are going again & some maybe unaware and some people might be!  Agree to disagree the lines of today example: Afghanistan & Iraq.  Between these two countries are three things however that still stand globally discreditable and are discriminated which are Race, Resources and Religion. Race to a lesser extent is declining, but resource and religion are rising, fast.  
These three factors are now drawing the lines in the map of our world. If you oppose to this statement, Hear this: the resources of a territory has become of global interest, not in investments but in territorial and/or economical domination in better words; conquest. The brutalities that we have read and heard of about the past times indicating "survival of the fittest" and "the best share goes to the strongest not the best fit", has come back among us again. Not to mention the largest military resources or manpower resources could claim any territory today, and the largest media could claim any information (truth or fiction). This might only be logical since it's "to each according to its ability and for each according to its needs" What only sounds strange is the same people battled "communism". Or maybe what happened to communism might happen to capitalism!
Religion is more than just having faith in a God or some gods, its a way of life made to be followed. Distinction in religion come from different believes. Due to its awareness, most people of the world feel more united in one belief than in one territory. The lines are virtually being redrawn again. This apparently is the biggest and widest of distinctive of human attributes.  
Wazz, Eskimo, Alhamzah, Mr.Dave, Maleek, ummeetah, Lionger and My newest and good friend; Mr Jack Fulcher. I'll take ur 2 secs silence as a yes.  
everything Obsereved!
So, truly,  when I made the post about Hitler and the Jews I was so annoyed, I gave out the message so openly without good explanations, that happens when one is "touched". But I'm not going back on my words...I meant them. Although I dont mean Hitler is a good person, but out of every evil there is a good quality  
Now let me pose certain questions to some of our members. The truth about life is all about good and evil isn't it Jack , good and evil is only a matter of using common sense right? So don't you think using our common sense to solve our problem is a good idea? As we could have the best solutions worked out.
To digress this issue abit, Don?t you all think or definitely know that life is beautiful, fun & sweet and Living is the best privilege, don't you all agree? Humans everywhere alike will like, no love to live. But imagine the evil...or imagine what could drive a man with a family, with kids and dreams, a man with a soul to deny himself from the privilege of living and condemn himself into suicide to kill others. Hatred or worse, oppression, denial, death all are understatements to an average Palestinian. Whatever pain drives these Palestinians must be ultimate such that it comes down to the average of them would sacrifice himself for his nation, his pride and dignity. Living is less important, what counts, what matters, what's more to life in there, is Palestine and its survival. That is the priority.  
Doesn't this mean something? Couldn't it be possible to say that the state of isreal is a treat to the Palestinian community, that Israel is putting terror into the minds of all ages of Palestinians, translating the Israeli state, down to our common sense: EVIL! What have Palestinians done to deserve all these?  
Let me go offpoint, greatest evil doer. Nah, its not Sharon, him, the Israeli state are all tools nothing more, tools to the greatest of all evils: The Jewish Nation. When the Jews were sent away from Egypt, it was the nation, when they went into Europe and the west, the nation still was alive, and eventually the Israeli state which is just a part of the nation. As freedom of speech allows it: I hereby say God d**ned that Country.
Mr Jack, when we speak of America we speak of 2 entities... Americans and the American Government. Like you Jack, Americans have always been good people, with good hearts and actions, I admire their courage and humanitarian efforts, and they are in general a success as well as ignorant. However the American Government is what I hate, they are nothing but another limb of the Jewish nation. They can be counted on to vote and to donate to candidates who they like, so they have great influence...In your words Jack, "Jews came here in the first half of the last century and built businesses and generally worked hard to become an important part of the society.  Since we're a democracy, they have a large influence over who wins elections and what decisions the government makes." They have Mr Jack...and they have managed to become the whole government. That's where the lines come in. So with common sense you would say the Americans are humanitarians and the American Government is Anti-Islam, Anti-human even. How is that possible? Well you will agree that the former doesn't know of the latter. Now it all makes sense when we say America is anti-Islam since the Jews control its government (poor Americans).  
On the other hand, I just sat down and taught about what Hitler did to the Jews. I don't have to explain, and what the American government (Jewish body) did to the world(In the last decade, the U.S government have bombed Iraq, Panama, kosovo etc). All these years these brutality could only be measured with world war II, how many people suffered and died from this Jewish bodies and how many will suffer in the future... we may never know. But what we do know is the world is suffering by their hands. So imagine if the six million Jews Hitler killed lived and multiplied, at this generation there is no telling to the number they will have risen to, the influence or the power, or even worse; the damage. So I thought, Hitler did a good yet dirty job. Hitler has at least done something right of all odds.  
Arab summit couldn't define or at least give "Terrorism" a simple definition. Why? If we take the definition of the Oxford dictionary then by the war against terror campaign, the whole world would be extinct...I mean no one will leave even to the individual level, we'll all be terrorists to one another. Agreed?  
Lionger {Quick question: many of you take this issue very personally. Would this be the case if the Palestinians were not Muslims? } True there are more Muslims in this forum and we are guided by Islamic principles, but believe me every good thought is an Islamic teaching.  Don't you think the world is too sentimental when it comes to relating Islam and crimes? When a bomb is blown in new York by street thugs or anyone, his religion is not mentioned, his race wouldn't be blamed or all those anti-racist groups will erupt and his community wouldn't be blamed either. But once the person is Arab or Muslim or most especially if Afghanistan is mentioned, Islam is to suck up the blame. Now isn't that a little hating at its end?
Just like a fellow member by name Eskimo mentioned... All the wars fought after the WWII is anti-Islamic wars, of course some with pretexts. So in your words lionger; "Like I said b4 in my first post on this thread, we must condemn evil wherever we see it, even in our own backyard." If you have read my war against Iraq u probably must have seen how I condemned Saddam, its all good.  
Like George Bush said in one of his boastful speeches "we will win this" But in my belief I believe that in war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers.
However, in Islamicity when we say War we mean resolution. In defeat we mean defiance in victory we mean magnanimity and in peace we mean Goodwill and not Evil lochness. God, show me the peace.

General Board / Re: Does it really matter who becomes president?
« on: February 26, 2004, 05:33:45 AM »
Most of the replies are exactly as I thought they would be, you are either hopeful that things will change or you've already given up on the country and any good future for it.

Is there any other choice?

General Board / Re: Does it really matter who becomes president?
« on: February 19, 2004, 04:27:39 AM »
Wonderful post fastboi, but lets head for the big question...

Do we really have elections in nigeria?

Here is another: Does it matter who becomes president or can we determine who becomes president?
Ofcause it will be unthinkable to say no Nigerian is God-fearing enough to govern the country irrespect of race or region. However, the "latent ruling councel" in this country has never chaanged...the same people ruling are still ruling. Thats why we do not see any change but to the worse. Anyone with a God-fearing good heart irrespect of race or region is condemened not to talk of giving a chance to stand agaist the evil of the latent bla bla bla.....
  In other words, it will be a miracle to have a better Nigeria. Those of us who will get to the top will have to be in the cycle of those latent bastards and will also become one.
Nigeria...sorry for u.

General Board / Re: AREWA
« on: February 19, 2004, 03:27:58 AM »
Abut Lionger and Mr.Dave, your statements are absolute facts, and I thank you.Careful Samba!
I think one way of clearing all these sentiments about europeans and all(which I have no shacles from today) is to move forward to the system of government that best suits us first. Designd for us. Democracy yes but not capitalism... it's not the best we are yet to see, niether was it designed for us, What suits us more is to design and define another government.

Secondly, we need to make movements and chase these governments into excuting progressive and helpful projects. These projects are not too inaffordable, and whats better is that they are returning income to the state. But unfortunately what we lack are not the ideas to make these happen, but the zeal. In order fot there be a correction, the whole uppercase has to be wiped out, i.e via a new democracy.(like I stated above)

Power could be generated from numerous dams for the north, and even solar(to a lower scale), gas turbines for the south(wid numerous gas) and wind energy for the west(with enermous coasts). This will super solve the problem of nepa. Money? we got it excess my friends, especially in resource.
Manpower is also readily available. Education could be achieved via education tax system, where all primary and secondary education is free..teachers getting good salaries and working conditions, plus equipments. Health, roads, everything name it. We can do it.
Like Mr Dave mentioned, our Agric could be utilised to feed the nation and beyond and even get a national revenue from it. People lets wake up please!

some one give me more!

General Board / Re: RELIGION :Problem Of Mankind
« on: February 19, 2004, 03:58:36 AM »
Unfortunately the fall of both these fools will not help Iraq as the damage has already been done.

Mr David, there is som`n u dont know, it may be my assumptions or maybe coincidence. You are quite right that loosing the elections wouldnt help Iraqi's. Coz as far as the muslim world is concerned, it doesn't end. No matter who wins, U.K and U.S remain what they are. And they all in their own political ways find a cut the story's not over.

General Board / Re: Ok, Now, Kanoonliners What Do You Expect From
« on: September 02, 2003, 02:00:02 AM »

   You are who you`ve always been, and I expect you to be who you are and be continue to be him. What you are is what I like and I dont want you to change. You are not what I expect but I sxpect you to be who u r.....heyyy every1 b who u r!

General Board / Re: DO U AGREE OR DISAGREE
« on: May 06, 2003, 04:27:12 PM »
...and most unreliable too my friend.
Things are more than what they seem. Smacking... kids learn to endure, and it wont work anymore, then they physically make themselves JAKKAI.

General Board / Re: DO U AGREE OR DISAGREE
« on: May 05, 2003, 06:14:26 PM »
Ummiitah, Thank you especially...for bringing up this topic!

Kano onliners,
          Northerners view, westerner view... I'd say a little bit of both. Truefully, the right way of bringing up a child has nothing to do with the rod, its made up of teachings and corrections. The rod can never correct niether teach.Councelling is very important, too bad most northerners lack that skill. You should agree that the best way to convince man is to his/her heart. We should use morality, inspiration and words to bring up our kids just like the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) taught us.
          But it is also true that kids of nowadays are a lil bit different...They dont listen, because thats the way they were brought up. I believe its due to the immorality...the way the kid was brought up in the first place. It is generally believed and practised especially in Africa to beat a child to correction, but that is a temporary situation, the child learns to resist, and the heart turns bad. Preety soon he gets the strenght to hit back. We face so many of that case this days. If we sit back and teach our children to enforce them on what they have to do instead of making them understand what they have to do, we regret their attitudes in the future. Yet the best way to train a child remains to councell them, and when they get outta hand, scare em with th rod... before its too late!. But what parents have failed is to learn their children, know how they think and what they want...its the best way to correct him/her when they go wrong.
       I can remember when I do something bad, I'd pray to be beaten up than be "preached" upon ;) :P. I hate it!. Take your time to know your kids people...its worth it. ::)

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