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General Board / RETURN TO NAIJA
« on: January 24, 2008, 01:39:30 AM »
       Dear Konliners, i greet you all. It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you guys. As most of you might have noticed, I was away for sometime (and I must apologies once again for my lack of sallamah before I took off).As I have said earlier, it was a trip that was not planned. You all can imagine how good I felt when I knew I would be going home. I must share with you guys my story from the time I knew I was going home. I will call it ‘The return to Ninja’.
       I got to know I was going home two days before I travelled. I was thrilled! I must say that it was one of the best things that happened to me in 2007.It took me two days to get ready. Actually less. We took off on the 25th of December. It was not such a smooth journey for me. Na daya dai, i was seated between my brother in law and another man. It was not the seating arrangement that got at me. I did not mind, but the thing was that the other man (with his katon ciki) who sat at my right hand side was so annoying. He was rude to almost everyone close to him which included an old woman who sat behind him. As if that was not enough, he kept trying to create an unnecessary conversation whenever my brother in law gets off his sit to go somewhere and I had to keep pretending that I was sleeping but he was so silly that he did not realize I was actually avoiding the conversation because he kept on trying to wake me up by calling my name over and over. To top it all up, my neck was hurting me terribly. I was seating up so straight to my disadvantage and I could not sleep a bit. All that was really annoying but I did not let that steal away my excitement. All I was thinking of that kept me going during that flight was home, home, home and home. I must tell you that I did not even tell my family that I was coming apart form my father. It was a secrete we kept between us and it was meant to be a surprise to the others especially my mother. We arrived safely on the 26th of December which was the following day and was glad to be away from my big belly friend.
    The first thing that I wanted to see was the new Naira notes. I was disappointed. I did not like it one bit. The ten Naira note has no Naira sign on it. I don’t know what that 10 stands for. Is it supposed to be 10 goats, 10 mangoes, 10 Alvan Ikokus or maybe simply 10 pieces of the paper? You can only know if you can read. It seems they have not forgotten to write it in full close to poor Mr Ikoku’s face. His eyes say it all. They look sad to me. I bet if he could talk, he would be wondering aloud why he has to be the one on that Naira note when people like Bee don’t even know what the 10 stands for. Perhaps they were in a hurry and simply forgot to include the Naira sign. Check out the way the ‘Naira Goma, Naira Iri and Naira Mewaa were written. Scatted all over the note. The 20 Naira stands out different though. I don’t like it much but it looks much ‘healthier’ than the rest. With all due respect guys, I love Nigeria and I respect our currency. I just don’t like the way they look now.
    Yes, then the 2hrs trip from the airport to my home. There were no police officers on the roads asking for barka da sallah.I guessed it was because it was boxing day.Ba aiki.
    And behold, we were in town. The noise was unbelievable! Hooting everywhere, motorbikes from every angle. Angry drivers and rude conductors.Pedestrains pushing their way through and trying not to get hit my inexperienced drivers. Yes oh! Life in Ninja!!Hussle and flow din fa kenan.I missed all that and I was so glad to be in Nigeria but I must tell you guys, if I was a somebody, I’ll ban hooting on our roads. Most are absolutely unnecessary. From hooting which simply means ‘Uban ka’ to hooting which means ‘How you de now?’ Hooting made by bored drivers who find themselves in traffics jams. They keep horning without even realizing it while they are being carried away in there thoughts. Others kuma are beats heard from songs. As the divers listen to the songs, the horn becomes imaginary drums. They seat behind the wheels and imagine themselves on stage singing ‘yahooze yahooze yahooze dah dah dah dah dah’.Kai!! Shi ma fa that song has contributed to noise pollution. Almost every Conner da Na shiga sai naji that song. That is what I call ‘Pure water’ do not forget, I have not yet come across any police officer asking for barka da sallah.Kind of strange.
   Finally I was with my parents and we were all very happy. Days went by. I went to so many places. Got to see some of my friends. Attended weddings. The weather was so hot but that did not stop me from enjoying myself.
   Going to the market is something I don’t fancy but it was something I missed so much (apart from having to go round the town in public transport especially the kaduna buses while the conductors call on people to get on their various buses ’kawo, kawo, kano road’ Yes, aluta but I missed it) funny enough, I forgot how to bargain for good prices and my mother kept telling me that an cuce ni when I buy things.
   I really had fun while I was home. Not much changed. Before I went home, I hear people praising the new President but when I went back home, it was a different story. I don’t know what happened or is happening and I did not ask. I should have though; perhaps one of you could tell me what went wrong. I have no idea what my state governor’s plans are. I never was interested in politics so I could not be bothered at that moment to ask good questions.
   I wonder when za a yi a week in Ninja without power failure but it felt cool to see total blackout at night. In an dauke wuta, I jump with joy and people look at me with faces that say ‘there is something wrong with her. She has gone crazy’. I did not even mind the visits that those ‘little vampires’ paid me. It even felt holy when I wake up in the morning and find myself scratching a particular place after being beating by one especially when they leave behind the noticeable trade marks.
   Guys oh! Babu police officers asking for barka da sallah! Anyway, it was almost time for me to go back. I bought the necessary things I will need. You cannot believe the things I took with me! It is going to be a long list if I should put them down. I said my goodbyes to friends and relatives. It was time.Nayi last minute parking. Got ready to go with my elder sister. We were to return tare. She went back home months before me after having a baby.Nayi three weeks a gida.Came back on the 16th of January
   Now I am far away from home and missing it like ever. It feels like a dream now if I remember all the things I have done and missing. I wish I could go back soon. Nigeria may not be one of the best countries in the world, but it is promising and God loves Nigeria. To me, there is no greater place like Nigeria. And God will continue to bless our motherland. Na yadda. ‘There is no place like home’.Duk Wanda ya bar gida, gida ya barshi.I am proud to be a Nigerian and will always be. We will get there slowly but surely.Insha Allah.
    Could someone please tell me what happened to our police officers? I have not come across a single one who asked for barka da sallah.Did they have an increase in salary ne or what? Did any of you Konliners give them a big barka da sallah that I don’t know of? Someone, anyone?

                                                                                                  Dedicated to Dan Barno.

chit-chat / NAUGHTY NAUGHTY.
« on: December 17, 2007, 11:14:23 AM »
Give us a good laugh by telling us your true-life naughty secrete.Tell us that naughty thing you have done today! In return, we will support you all the way, give you an advice where necessary or we could simply laught with you!!!  ;D ;D ;D

General Board / WHAT DO THEY THINK?
« on: November 29, 2007, 06:32:56 PM »
  It was one of those days.I was at work chatting with a co-worker.She asked me if i celebrate chrismas.I told her that i dont.She said she does and i must feel relieved  since i do not have to worry about buying Chrismas presents for friends and family.I told her that i have friends who celebrate Chrismas and i buy them Chrismas cards and when i celebrate Eid,they buy me Sallah presents too.She was impressed.Suddenly,she asked: Do we have a God? I looked at her and asked her to repeat her question because i was not sure if i heard her right.Again,she said: Does your religion have a God? Now that proved that i really heard her right.Believe me i did know when i began laughing.It is the most silly question anyone has ever asked me.
   I told her that we have a God and we call Him Allah.She asked me if He is supreme.I said yes,He is,He cannot be seen,He is the Beneficient,the Merciful.What surprised me was her own shock!She told me that she thought that we worship a man.Isnt that annoying?They are the ones that worship a messanger of Allah as a god?I had to take time to explain to her what Islam is all about,who Allah is to every muslim and Muhammad is His messanger.
  I asked around and was surprised by what i heard that most of these people in the Western World think we worship a man.Guess what,two weeks later,a man came to me (still at work) and asked me if i could tell him about islam that he is interested.I am now expaining to him what Islam is and hopefully,we will have a brother.Now,the question is: WHAT DO THEY THINK?

« on: October 26, 2007, 03:25:52 PM »
        These days,more and more children make the TV thier best companion with the help of technology which has made the media(including computers and video games) ever more powerful.In the average northern home,a child can seat in front of the tele watching one programme or the other for hours and in most homes,the televion has taken over the quality time between parents and thier kids.I sometimes wonder what kind of mental gymnastic is going in a child's mind and what kind of understanding the child has towards what ever he or she see on TV.A child knows the time for what ever programmes he or she wants to see and will give an undivided attention until the end.
         Now the question is, is the media doing a child greater good or has it turn the child into it's helpless slave?

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