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chit-chat / Re: Make Me Laugh!
« on: August 20, 2009, 03:58:43 PM »
UmmT long time.

I believe Turai is far better then Goodluck Jonathan's wife.
NTA don't bother putting any of her speeches on TV anymore...WAI  :-X

Here is one funny turai conversation in Akwa-Ibom:
'You see many people say i have done medicine for my husband,
I did not do any medicine for my Husband.It is only love that is between us'
i encourage you also to love your husbands.

And the when she was about leaving she turned back and said
'don't do medicine for your husbands'

However,ai ba dole bane sai mutum ya iya turanchi.
Infact gaskiya suna kokartawa.

Hehehehehehehehehe! Point taken, we won't "do medicine" for our husbands. Quick question though,

what if they're sick? Hehehehe. She never ceases to make me laugh. I remember listening to another

interview and I must say, she tends to beat about the bush and at the end of the 5 mins you're asking

"What on earth was the topic in the first place?"

That being said though, I don't believe that a person's intelligence should be judged by their ability to

speak English. Especially when English is a second language. I mean, look at Japan. Look how successful

they got without speaking any English. I'm more deterred when a person cannot speak their native

language because I feel it's a very important part of a person's identity. Not some generic language

we've borrowed from the English. Many spouses of Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world

cannot speak English at all. As for communication, you can always hire a translator...

Health Matters / Re: A medicamentose against HIV!!!
« on: July 12, 2009, 08:18:05 PM »
very tourching story you have aunty fatee, ke kam our nigerian hospitals
has already been branded as "dead traps" by a famous nigerian weekly
magazine.  last month, my old man was not feeling fyn and i suggested we
take him to Teaching Hospital (wai centre of excellence) but the old man
sai nah, no way, i better die on my bed than to die on hospital bed, because
we all know well what is happening in our hospitals.

Dan Borno, again, I'm sorry for your loss. I just read this post and I realised. Allah ya gafarta mai.

It's really disheartening this health system of ours. I keep wondering if it's a case of misplaced priorities

or just plain disregard for the sanctity of a life. I'm very curious to know how the hospitals are regulated

on a national and state level. I'm beginning to understand why more and more people opt for Maganin gargajiya.

Literature / Re: Future of Literature in Northern Nigeria
« on: July 12, 2009, 07:16:52 PM »
I think the major problem with literature is the readers.
The north lacks readers. Very few percentage of the populace read books of literature.
I believe reading should be encouraged and then later on with patronage the writers will be more willing to write since they have the audience. That implies that more income will accrue for the readers and publishers.

Very late response (Hehe!)

I don't think we lack readers per se Gogannaka. Many northerners read foreign books. In fact, if there was a poll,

I think you may find a very larger percentage of Northerners read foreign books rather than local ones. Maybe local

books lack effective marketing.

What about the writers being hounded by censorship boards? And book burning events that happen (with the support

of some very renowned leaders)? I think that's what's regressing us! These to me are the real issues...


Literature / Does anybody read Hausa books?
« on: July 12, 2009, 07:06:40 PM »

I'm not talking about Magana Jari ce or Ilya dan Maikarfi. But those small 50 - 100 Naira books you find with the picture

of a woman in front (usually tayi tagumi kamar abun duniya ya ishe ta) also known as Littitaffan soyayya (Hehe!)

I recently discovered that we have amazing literary talent in the North. (Even though in Kano they face one mighty big

 obstacle --> RIDICULOUS CENSORSHIP!) Still, they make me proud by delivering some really good material. I love

how they tackle very important social problems like divorce, domestic violence, rape, teenage marriages and adultery.

But that doesn't make it gloomy though, in fact, they make very good Chick lit.

It all started some years ago when my cousin bought me some really nice books as a present and I fell in love with them

instantly. I haven't read very many so I opened this thread for recommendations of good books and good authors!

Let me begin... I recommend:

Maryam Kabir Mashi
1. Kasaita
2. Menene abin yi?

Kasaita is probably the best Hausa lit. I have read! It's almost like a Hausa fairy tale set in Jos, complete with princes and

palaces and stretch limousines! The only problem is I have only read part 1 and apparently there's part 2 and even 3!!!! *sigh*

I have to hustle to find it now... Menene abin yi is a bit less fairy tail-y but also very interesting. Set in Kano about a

half Camerounian/half Nigerian girl.

Fatima Aminu Baba
1.  Haka ya isa!
2.  Auren Kisan Wuta

Haka ya isa is probably the most tragic/depressing book I have ever read (including Danielle Steel!) totally heart wrenching I

couldn't even read the part 2! But it's a very, very interesting story set in 1960s - ish *can't remember now, it's been a few years*

but it's really worth the read. It has a lot of wasan dandali, gayya and everything that makes grandma's stories so interesting..

good vintage Hausa stuff! Auren Kisan Wuta is a more fun and upbeat book but it has its serious side - hence the title. A must read!

Sadiya Yakasai
1.  Kawaici

Another good one. Very nice story about d'iyar Liman and an arranged marriage.

Like I said, I haven't read very many and I'm really looking forward to suggestions and reviews from those that have. :) :)


Abin da akewa mawakan Hausa a jihar Kano bai dace ba. Wanda ke waka a cikin cd menene aibunsa? Don me ake kama mawaki da sunan shari'ar musulunci kuma akai shi kotun majistare? Me yasa fushin wani kan shafui wani? A dai yi adalci kuma a sani gobe kiyama za.a gamu da Allah! In rana ta fito tafin hannu bai iya karte haskenta! Kukan kurciya jawabi ne!

Shi menene laifin Hikima Multimedia Studio, da Ali Jita da Dawayya da aka kama su aka rufe su?

I totally agree with you Jibo. It's really sad; the struggle between Kano state and the budding artists.

I'm not arguing that their music shouldn't be censored, no. But the way they are going about it is very destructive.

I have heard some really crude and tasteless material from traditional performers. In fact, growing up as a traditional

music loving child there were certain cassettes that were a strict no go area by command of my parents because they

contained unsuitable lyrics. Stuff I'm pretty sure you can still find in circulation in Kano. But because they are "traditional"

they're okay. Just because a person chooses a Guitar over a Garaya doesn't make their music any less holy than what's

was and is being produced under the heading of traditional music.

@Muhsin: What exactly do you mean? You can't just make a generalised comment like that with absolutely no back up.

Who did what and when? Just because one person does something "wrong" doesn't mean they are all like that. Rumours

and speculations is exactly why these people feel the need to rebel. Isn't "western" Hip Hop (Yes, the one with explicit

and madly inappropriate content) readily available in Kano? I'd pick a good Hausa Hip Hop artists over those anyday!

Watch this CNN piece with Ziriums and for goodness sake, hear them out. Hausa Hip Hop Artist featured on CNN

I love the quote "In rana ta fito tafin hannu bai iya karte haskenta!" Reminds me of a song from the international musical

Hairspray titled You Can't Stop the Beat.

The hypocrisy in the society really makes me shudder with revulsion...... >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

chit-chat / Re: On The Couch
« on: July 12, 2009, 05:23:55 PM »
Na kalli transformers 2.
Honestly i found it too action packed.Not that i don't like action packed movies but this one was one kind.
The action was just too metallic and confusing. At some point i just had to wait to for the things to finish
fighting so that i see who emerges victor because i just caould not figure out who was fighting who or who is a deceptacon or not.

The story was ok sha,but dai it wasn't as good as the first one.

Gogannaka, what else were you expecting? Optimus Prime and Megatron to dance ballet for you abi ballroom waltz?

Hehehe! How cool will that be? Imagine the tension in the air as Optimus Prime furiously stomps towards Megatron.

The entire crowd looking on, anxious to see what new über cool weapon is going to morph out of their Autobot saviour...

Only for him to get there and strike an Arabesque on point! That would've been awesome! Hehehehehehe. Just playing.

I did enjoy transformers 2. I thought Transformers 1 was a hard act to follow but the 2 really lived up to the expectation.

I absolutely loved his cowardly roommate! Hehehee.....

Can't wait for next week! Harry Potter!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

chit-chat / Re: All Hausa film Fans convo...
« on: July 12, 2009, 04:40:09 PM »
Hausa film fans....

I came across this clip, an interview with Adam A Zango

Adam Zango addresses his fans and responds to critics--from Wazobiya album (Hausa)

It really made me realize how one sided the info we get about Kannywood is.

I think it's refreshing once in a while to hear the other side of the story.

All people do is speculate and generalize everybody in that sad for them, really.

I pray they all get back on their feet soon.

chit-chat / Re: On The Couch
« on: July 12, 2009, 03:40:14 PM »
Breaking News: Obasanjo in a Hollywood Action Movie!

Hehehe! I'd love it if Nollywood actually made an Ohh-Bee-Jay movie!!! Complete with prosthetics and everything..... HEhehe.

General Board / Re: Abacha's Son Set to Join PDP
« on: June 27, 2009, 06:56:34 PM »
Husnaa, God bless you for hitting the nail on the head! 
Thanks for the kind thought ;D ;D ;D
God Bless all of us Ameen

He won't do exactly what his father did? 
 He probably believed all his father did was right.

Many ppl especially southerners may vehemently disagree with me, but I rather think that Abacha on his own was a good leader. I have always maintained it and written it somewhere long ago on this forum, that his liabilities were (1) his avaricious family, whom he couldnt control and keep out of national affairs effectively, as IBB did  and (2) his ignorance of the conditions of the masses due to his being surrounded by ppl like Mustapha Hamza who might have committed some of the heinous crimes they were alledged to have committed like the killing of Abiola's wife Kudirat, without the knowledge of Abacha.  Granted Abacha might have signed the death warrant of Ken Saro Wiwa, but the real truth of what led to Ken Saro Wiwa's execution is controvertial depending on whose side u are on. Ppl condemn the government's actions, but ppl also tended to forget that Saro Wiwa's execution was  a result of the murders of three traditional rulers in his area. The riots that led to that were supposed to be instigated by him. So it is a form of justice meted out. However, as the world in general was anti military his actions were taken as that of a despot. Likewise all the noise from the Human Rights groups contributed to a general negative impression of the event.
We forget that it was during his time that we had PTF one of the greatest achievements of ANY nigerian leader's tenure in office. We have Buhari to thank for that, since he was probably the only honest official in that regime. Abacha tried to revive the railway system and if the ppl in charge had been as honest as Buhari, who knows? Today, we might have been enjoying a better standard of living in Nigeria, thanks to cheaper transportation and all its economic ramifications. The other thing of course was that he stabilized the Naira. It stopped yoyoing up and down during his time and commodity prices stabilized. The dollar was pegged at N80 during his regime.
The unfortunate thing of course is that there were many corrupt officials in his time, and all the good that any one might want to implement is not possible unless you have honest officials. His stumbling block was that he wanted to do tazarce. Ironically, that term was coined during his era ( ;D ;D ;D). Or rather, his sycophants encouraged him to metamorphose from military to civilian ruler. The end result of that venture is now history... murder or natural death?? We will never know. But he did try to be a good leader in his own way. At least Nigerians all over can assert that they were much better off then than now.


 I honestly dont know what is with human rights groups, they dont shout and howl when criminals go on the rampage killing and maiming and holding innocents hostage. But the moment a criminal is apprehended, and kept for ten hours in a jail house they start howling about infringement of his rights. What about the rights of the ppl he killed or kept hostage for months at a time?

Human rights movements in Nigeria are not as passive as you may think. If only crime investigation was taken

more seriously in Nigeria then I'm sure the human rights groups will be unto them too. But when the people with

authority are ever so publicly committing atrocities against the citizens it makes it very hard to turn a blind eye.

I'm glad human rights make noise and raise awareness. They have prevented many injustices, jungle justice and

selective Shari'a enforcement. We've seen cases like that of Uzoma Okere and Jonathan Elendu recently. Pure

injustice from the people that are supposed to be protecting us.

Ironically, I can tell you that PTF did a tremndous job - especially in Katsina state. But come to the south... there's

almost nothing to show.

Hehehehehe! Sadly this is where we differ. I play for the other team. I am a northerner by origin, but by birth, I

am a Niger Delta indigene; born and bred.

Abacha ordered the killing of Saro Wiwa and the aftermath was in summary, gruesome, ghastly and horrendous.

I lived in the most volatile part of the Niger Delta during the crisis. We had to flee for safety and we had to stay away

from our homes for four whole months before we could return to our normal livelihood.

My mum used to run a few charities around that time and they were the ones to pick up the pieces after it all - it was

excruciatingly heartbreaking.

Sure he may have had some strong areas, but his weaknesses cast a ginormous shadow over them. 3 billion pounds

is not a joke o! Oh, I also blame him for the animosity that the southerners feel towards northerners because most of

the region was frustrated during his regime...

So Husnaa, let's agree to disagree  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)  8)

Anyways, I'm don't like discussing politics. Especially in matters of the past that we can't do anything about. But when

it comes to the future where we can actually make a difference, it'll be tragic to repeat the same mistakes over and over

and over and over again....  :-X

Oya Kano state, Ngwanu make una vote correct pessin to rule your contri pipul o! No talk say I no warn you o!

Sannu, sannu...Very soon you'll hear him running for Presido.... I say nip it in the bud!

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: June 26, 2009, 10:07:39 AM »
I'm soooooooooo sad

First I found out that my favourite Charlie's Angel has died (Farrah Fawcett).

Then Someone on my twitter posts that Michael Jackson has gone too! I thought it was a practical joke but turns out he had a cardiac arrest.

It's official, the King of Pop is no more.

Allah ya jikanshi (He's muslim, right?).

Literature / Re: Harry Potter :: All is Well
« on: June 26, 2009, 10:03:43 AM »
That was the same date as the Goblet of fire or one of the other ones that came out in 2007. Yes. I hope it doesnt disappoint because I think the goblet of fire or which ever one came out in 2007 was rather disappointing. It was the first of the grown up novels. Not goblet of fire, but the one in which they went to the ministry of magic for the final showdown. Where what's his name Cyrus Black or what ever he was called died.
Lol I am fickle arent I? ;D ;D

Hehehe. you're not too bad. The one where they fought in the ministry of magic is book 5 :The order of the phoenix.

That's the one that had a good movie. It was sad though. You know even when the series ended, she didn't quite

explain the mystery of the veil where Sirius died. I still want to know.

The goblet of fire movie was terrible. Sad cos it was my favourite book :( . I watched it and 40 minutes in i turned it

offf. They ruined a good story. The half blood prince is the one where he finds a spell book belonging to the half blood

prince. The one where grandpa Dumbledore kicks the bucket. This book 6 was so scary I couldnt read it at night. The

thoughts of inferi coming out of the water still gives me the chills... :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o  :o :o

General Board / Re: Abacha's Son Set to Join PDP
« on: June 26, 2009, 09:47:39 AM »
Husnaa, God bless you for hitting the nail on the head! 

Husnaa and Fateez,i believe Mohammed has every right to join any party or contest any election.

Yes, he has the right to do whatever he wants. Trust me, I'm all for supporting people's individual rights in Nigeria.

That doesn't mean he should though. If I were that family I'll stay away from anything to do with politics.

Have people forgotten his tainted past? What makes them think he won't do exactly what his father did? After all,

he is very proud of his father. He probably believed all his father did was right.

Fateez,from what i checked on the definition of 'MASOCHIST' from it seems too harsh a word to describe someone who votes for a person of his choice. Its a democracy and everyone has a right to vote a person of his/her own choice.

Yes, a person has a right to chose whoever they wish but when the people keep choosing candidates that make

them suffer - That is masochistic behaviour. See Husnaa's post above. The damage done to the country by that

family was enormous. 10 years on and we are still struggling to try to pick up the pieces. Yet people see it fit to

elect someone from amongst them as a governor? That's masochism.

Money is important in politics.

This is the attitude that keeps landing us the terrible leaders we have! This is exactly why genuinely good people that

want to run for office from the bottom of their hearts are refused a chance because they don't have money. Because

they can't bribe their way up, is it? We have been voting for voracious money hungry monsters and what do we have

to show for it? The high incidence of poverty? The high crime rate? The beautiful unemployment record, perhaps?

Since "money is important in politics" it's oky to say:

"Nevermind that he is an ex-convict suspected for two murders and a gigantic corruption case. Or that his father was a sworn enemy of democracy and freedom, as long as he has money, he can lead us."

Does anyone see anything wrong with this statement? I sure do!

Literature / Re: Harry Potter :: All is Well
« on: June 25, 2009, 05:48:32 PM »
Attention Harry Potter people!

Harry Potter and the half blood prince movie is out in a few days!

July 17th!
I can;t wait! I know the earlier movies were a disappointment (grrrrrrr...warner bros!) But I love the 5th one

and hopefully this one will not be too bad. I personally love Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) and

I hope she'll be great here too!

Looking forward to The House of Gaunt story! Mysterious!

I'm just afraid that this will be a little more Horror....Can I even stomach it? :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

General Board / Re: Abacha's Son Set to Join PDP
« on: June 25, 2009, 05:40:16 PM »

Noooooooooooooooooooo! This is a joke right?

If people actually vote for him then it'll confirm my long standing suspicion that Nigerians are MASOCHISTS!

But then again, since when has the public's vote counted in Nigeria's pseudo-elections?

Announcements / Re: DanBarno Bereaved
« on: June 25, 2009, 05:29:23 PM »

Dan Borno, sory for your loss.

Allah ya jikanshi.

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