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« on: March 13, 2004, 06:44:29 AM »

Dont get me wrong brotha,am nt sayin I whole heartedly disagree, am nt sayin u r lyin bout it, either way I am nt sayin that I will disagree wit d words of Allah however, what I need is sources! If u provide me wit these, trully I will b among d ppl 2 pass d message startin wit mah family mah granny most especiall...I will bann her!
I rest my case!

Yeah dat's true sista!!!

Nobody's tryn 2 go against u.

We just need proof.

Umm..I explained d way egg causes harm, rite?

So pls explain wat kola does 2 us.

Pleeeeeeeeeeease ;D ;D ;D

« on: March 13, 2004, 06:37:19 AM »
I don't think you can compare food with kola!
secondly: kola does more damage to you'r health
more than Egg as you were saying.

Why not?!?!?!

Oh, so u mean 500000 heart attacks is not damage?

Sumtimes pple get heart attacks without knowing da cause!
Egg harms ur circulatory system

kola harms ur respiratory system

They both harm, rite?

And everyone knows that Kola & cigrette contains
alot of nicotine, that's a very dangerous & addictive
substance to the body.

No, everyone doesn't KNOW kola contains nicotine.

Every one, THINKS Kola contains nicotine,

But it doesn't!

The only contradiction with kola is Caffeine

Don't believe mi? Search wit google!

I agree with you 100% but you will have to agree it's
just like cigrette is smoked in ancient ARAB society.

Why r u comparing us 2 da Arabs ne?

We are very different 4rm dem.

Just because u think cig. is haram, and dey do it,

doesn't mean our dear goro is haram!

What i'll have to conclude here is that you guys have
to agree that Kola is in the same category as Cigrette.

Why r u jumpin into conclusion, ne? we don't have to


Fateez, i hope u are waving a white flag!

There will be no white flag above ma door!!!

« on: March 10, 2004, 06:32:35 PM »
Do not straight you hands to cause destruction to your self.


Thanxx for givin'  dis example
But if you are using dis example, Then u shudn't consider
kola only. Be more realistic...

Compare da "harmful kola" to da normal egg we eat...

Kola: makes ur teeth brown rite

(but can be fixed)

Kola: Kills ur lungz

(True, but it depends on the quantity taken)

Dat's it, rite?

Let's check out da egg...

Egg: Really nice when boiled, and when fried, Even better!

But eggs contain saturated fat, In fact not even eggs, Dairy products; Milk, cheese, man shanu, yoghurt.
food like Meat, kidney and many other proteins and carbohydrates. All these sources are converted into Cholesterol!!!

Low density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol oxidizes and
deposits in the walls of arteries to form"atherosclerosis," or
hardening of the arteries. This condition causes 500,000 heartattacks each year. Isn't dis dangerous as well?

 Wat I'm tryin 2 say is, If we say eating kola is haram, then we r also indirectly saying dat eating food in general is haram(Which is not so). LDL does more harm than kola. Our fore fathers and ancestors ate goro, and still lived longer than 80 years (average). But a man wit high LDL might not live dat long! They barely even exceed 60 years of age! Dis is just  comparing the two classes of food.

(Allahu Wa'alam)

 May Allah help us...


« on: March 06, 2004, 05:18:09 PM »

I see this as HARAM as well, if ya'all agree cigarette is HARAM!

It's more less like a fruit, mostly consumed by old people.
It does'nt sets u free from hunger when u eat a whole
bag of it,
it damages ones health SERIOUSLY like how
cigaratte does or even more than.

Wat du u fink ?


Hmm, Dante U 've started anoda one? Kola nut? Haram? I don't think so,I don't think a person can eat a whole bag of kola at a go.In fact a normal person might only eat less than 1/2 a nut in a day. Some people have gud reasons for eating kola. Many people get disgusted easily, and need to take a tiny piece of kola to prevent them from throwing up. Tell me, isn't it doing a gud thing for them? If u had a choice, either u take a piece (very tiny piece) of kola or u end up puking for the whole day, which one will u pick (Tsakani da Allah)?

General Board / Re: VOICE OF THE MASSES
« on: March 11, 2004, 04:36:29 PM »
Wetin happun? Haba selfish brothers and sisters you dont want to contribute to help us the masses, no fair wo! Ok sorry if if you not selfish drop your line mana! ;D Infact am so ?VEXEDDDDDDDDDDD ?::)


Ooooooooooooh!!!! I'm really sorry Hafsy!!!

Ok, I think da most important move we shud make

is to think of a way to control our population.

It is da main cause of all those problems

It's really increasing fast. Imagine in da last

15 years, we have increased by 32.27%,

Wat do u xpect in da next 50years?

(We might even be competing wit China)

Family planning is very necessary 4 us...

Then we can think of battling wit corruption & fraud from

top to bottom,

When dat is dealt wit, then we WILL have enough

resources to take care of ourselves,

All we need is a plan that we will stick to

It might take sumtime to achieve our goalz, but it's worth a
try. Blaming the govt. and leaders will only increase da

anger in our hearts. I feel our rebellion also contributes 2

da downfall of our country. Lets just be optimistic and


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