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« on: February 04, 2003, 11:40:46 PM »
Ok.............ok 2 many jokes in this'in serious.

Lets all start something like this: Quite simple.

EID/SALLAH is juss eight dayz around d korner ryt?

Can we all start puttin our blessins here.
& then we will du a COUNT DOWN down till the day on EID. Its like a game....everyday when y'all sign on u pass ur blessings here...& we will see who doesnt forget kanoonlinerz on EID DAY. The first person 2 put on something on the last day shud hold up his head high 2 b proud..because heavy prayers from uz comes his/her that goes 4 d last five 2 put su'in out. Its like a simple game........... But y'all shud participate in d COUNT DOWN.......Babba de Yaro......iz all about celebration EID......4 SUBHANA WATA'ALA SAYS THAT, WE SHUD XPRESS OUR HAPPINESS

I WILL GIVE A HEAD START......(DAY EIGHT)!!!!. May Allah pour out his blessins 2 all of us and grant us mansions in paradise. May this Eid bring many more happy returns. Ayi Sallah lafiyer EID MUBARAK IN ADVANCE!""""""""!!!!!!!!!!


« on: February 04, 2003, 04:04:21 PM »
Well as we all I have discussed earlier I have a 3wk I will use it 2 nominate new appointees.

We have d followin leaders:
President..well I was selected,....but u all know that sum1 will poison ma apples & I'll die ;) hmmm
Assistant President..............yet 2 b nominated (vote in Ihsans topic boys) a female will take that position though

Minister Of Women Affairs is Mohammed
Assistand Of Women Affairs is Maleeq

Instigator of House of Reps (Maleeq) he holds 2 postion
Board members of house of reps (yest 2 b selected)Commissioner Of JJC Fyne Dyme
Assistant Commissioner Fella

I want all of u 2 b familiar with d positions of these members as I want to develop a well structured, a well organised  & a gud hierarchy of that Other politicans will copy by d way we rule eg OBJ & Buhari. Our main aim is 2 develop peace & harmony....2 unite...2 bond 2gether....2 b social with each other, 2 value our beliefs on jokes & smiles 2 maintain respect for each other, 2 stick up 4 each other, 2 keep the place lively....mainiting discipline respect, to yab each other faithfully & loyalty counts, 2 learn from each other. & the most important is 2 leave 2 live in with others.

Note that any misbeaviour will not be tolerated so I expect y'all 2 hold ur positions with great importance.& no one shud object...cuz banason wani iyayi..juss accept ur position & maintain.

AS D SAYIN GOES WITHOUT LEADERS.......nefink wud b in lead.

For any votes or cast off...shud proceed in this topic. We can always put up a coup plot 2 remove any leader we r not happy with. So also retirement will come every 4wks for those that du not wan2 stay inleadership 4 long.

4 off( Wallahi I no get beta work). ANYWAYZ it dont matta

« on: February 04, 2004, 10:00:18 PM »
Salaamz 2 u all.......*ehem*....errrr ?Due 2 d enlighthenment I'd received or shud I say we hav received I AM SHUTTING THIS TOPIC DOWN......WHY BECAUSE? VALENTINE IS NOT PERMISSABLE IN ISLAM......JAZAKALLAH 2 BASKET MOUTH AND EMTL......I thank u 2 4 this awareness/notice......mhmmm Basket mouth nothing will a muslim broda u owe fellow muslims a duty & obligation 2 pinpoint where we go wrong which u know our religion forbids it......Now we all know........
I didnt know :o I just taut since its all bout caring 4 one another there was no worries :-/......but further findings resulted dat under no circumstances shud a muslim being observe vals......Therefore dis topics gone (send it off like a msg in a bottle, off 2 shore).......Once again Thank a zillion, Trillion, quadrillion times to BASKET MOUTH AND EMTL..................(LET ME GO REPENT, MAY ALLAH ACCEPT OUR MAA'FS) (she laffs)

chit-chat / All of u gather around lets converse!!!
« on: January 09, 2003, 03:56:31 PM »
Oya, ya'all need 2 gather around lets converse..........Its getin a lil bit borin lets start su'in 2 keep us all lively.......... It has nothin 2 du with childish behaviour as I can c, eni bahausa or Nigan like that bigmanism..........
well all can b in twenties mid twentish...less or over...well it dont matta....

Well juss wanted 2 converse about shared xperiences,funny encounters, sad,mind frustration,annoyin,scary, thugs string @ ur heart, hard knock life,embarrassin past or present thingy or xperiences or wateva I mean even memebers here u can ::) I mean say wat u feel like........ u been thru!! Mind drillin,darin or any thing that makes u wanna say W**. Any fave thingy u like.

Embarrasin moment: mhmmmm (non shud laff)
I so much is murder scared of spiders & d dark.

« on: March 09, 2004, 12:18:04 AM »
"We come from d same place now". Wussup with that? Fellow 9gerians whussup naaa? U travel yankee come bck meet us, ur africano skin color neva turn white, so y u dey put up big front 4 fellow 9ja. All of u help us ansa this puzzle abeg? Or where r d yankee dwellers (she laffs)......

Ok u meet fellow Naijan who came bck from abroad.......dey start frontin, dey stick their noses up, New policies: I dnt eat tuwo, I dnt go out in d sun ::). Gul kuma, her own is a serios case, what I find funny is this; Yankee gul bck in homeland...small thing she will say "I hav d ryt" womans right"..blah blah....Again she has only been abroad for 3wks, now she doesnt know how 2 wear iro & buba or betta still zena de riga. Guy has only travelled abroad for 3yrs now he claims his hausa transmission is lost........sai slangs (I dey salute dan giden Tony Blair ::) ). The main the main: instead phoeney takes over broken english & ur original mothers tongue. Accent!
Some Hausa folks 4 instance, can put on a front! big time, & I also mean Nigerians in general. (lol)Some might even try to ditch pidgin English, Hausa, Fulde in favour of the Queen's language only to embarass themselves with a fake American accent & d worse comes wen hausa accent mixes with posh/brithish accent. U d listener will keep on wonderin what that foreign accent faker is yannin about! Omo jare speak clearly! On d contrary, I can understand if you are in the midst of unscrupulous people but then again, why be there in the same place when "Birds of the same feathers flock together"?

Furthermore, these set of ppl that do not want to belong inside the map of Nigeria ....ask them where they are from and they will mention a city or state in America, UK, France, China, or whereeva. ?Of course we know u dey camp abroad but whereeeeeeee r u from in Naija? Because when we ask where r u from we don't mean what state u live in d UK, US or South France, we mean where in Nigeria r u from & d last time I checked there was no Atlanta or Miami on the Nigerian map. ::)

On a more serious note we all need to keep it real with each other cos u hav told us u dey base 4 yankee, so whussup? why front? No bi africano pessin u b? You travel abroad come bck meet us, say wetin? ::) "a'a ai na zama bature". (hiss)

These kinda ppl get on my nerves bcus dey too dey front. Wat do u think?

« on: December 07, 2003, 01:58:24 AM »
U can ask just about anything........anythinggggg. Ask anything u wan2 know about any oda onliner. Wateva the question might b. The respondent should give a straight reply having in mind that lying is forbidden in any religion!!!! So lemme proceed....



Culture / REAL TRADITIONAL NAMES (sunanka da sunanki)?
« on: May 30, 2003, 06:17:46 PM »
Please guys we are loosing touch with the real traditional names. Personally, I cum from d Fuldes background but we barely name our kids of nowdays with fulde traditional name...well I have but theres alot of hausa traditional name as we are so mixed with them but they hardly name their kids with the real hausa traditonal names!!. Even though we have proper Arabic names and our daugthers, sons, fathers and mother have been named after Arabic names. I am so curios to know as much!!!!!!! based on how many Traditional Hausa names do we have and do people still address those who bear those names as such? Apart from curiosity, theres a research on a project about traditions that alot of hausas r working on...and everybody is welcome to join in by helping. You can help us by dropping a as much name. I was tired of raking my brains to think, but it clicked my mind that I could get alot of help from k-online family ;)
I managed 2 gather..........well not I with the help of freinds....WE managed 2 gather these:
TABAWA (she laffs thats the best, I luv that name)
YAUTAI(Infact I wish that was ma surname) (she laffs)

If you guys cud drop more we would really appreciate it. We are coming up with something very important and interesting it will be a major event during the summer in Abuja based on hausa/fulde , its like a cultural trational thing. Please drop more names. Do me a favour pleaseeee!!!!! First tym am asking for help............let me see how many good samaritans we have in this forum (she laffs) Much appreacited

« on: May 20, 2003, 03:19:57 PM »
I was so sickkkk from seeing topics consistin of nefink but man united, arsenal & so on & not 2 mention how so much I hate football with a passion.
Guys kassam!!!! ya'all fail 2 understand,........let me shed light & redeem u guys........
1. Football that thing ball iz juss a round pieace of object
2. Wat is d point of runnin craze afta a round object?
3. Wat gain wud a u get runnin outta breath juss cuz of ball?
4. Its juss an obejct boiz so kalm down
5. A major high way 2 get hypertension! ova excitement kills
6. Spectators will loose energy shoutin & gettin paid 4 nefink
7. Its so borin
8. Broken legs a high probability result

Now ya'all will b loosin it lyk craze :o Goddd!!!........Ma cozin brova wud b screamin infront of d box......I said 2 him kalm down brova! kalm!!! d most important iz u r not even there u uss watchin telly........ sum ppl r not even invited 2 watch football but they wud still on their telly not 2 mention borin means of killin tym(I laff @ u guys) Infact u guys wont b even paid a shilling or coral beads ma bazaku samu ba but u still watch!!!(Kai wat iz funnier than this!!!) lyf cant get funnier than this I guess!
Wat iz football............No harm intended guys but am juss sayin ma myd.....secondly this post iz as a campaing 4 all f'ball haters 2 plz cum 4ward & lets unite as one 2 know it wont b that easy..but in tym ppl in tym!!!!!!!!!!
Well if u wanna back up 4 football or those football fanatics.........none wud give d best reason 4 his/or her lyks 4 f'ball..they all say ai its a gud sport!!! indeed ::) wen b/4 u kan get a ball in2 d court there iz a tendency that a person wud end up with a fractured vertebrae or broken neck!! ITS DANGEROUS SEF!!! ::) Du u hav any idea how ridiculous football iz? Imagine listenin 2 it on radio, carryin tv 2 d bathroom juss 2 watch football cuz there was no fuse that takes in two adaptors!!! kassam!! I hav seen it happen. Goin 2 freinds house juss 2 watch football. Ma freind 4got his girls buffday cuz he was watchin f'ball (but thank God he got it bad!!! she laffs). Wai ni whyyyyy y y y why why du u lyk football :'( Guys cheerup ;) am juss takin a piss.......iz all luv.......but I still hate football or na toeball sef whicheva

« on: March 21, 2003, 05:10:09 PM »

Beware of INNOVATION[/b] of some unjustly treated as there is no barrier b/w it & Allah. (Rpt by Bukhari)

A muslim should not INTERFERE[/b] in things which do not concern him (Rpt by Muatta)

He/She, who believes in Allah and the LAST DAY[/b] should either say (something) good or keep silent.

A muslim is the one who avoids harming MUSLIMS[/b] with his tongue and hands.

A MISER[/b] is the one who does not say 'Peace be upon him' when (S.A.W) is mentioned. (Rpt by Tirmidhi)

Save ur self from HELL & FIRE even if by half a date (in charity). 9Rpt by Bukhari)

If u r in DOUBT do what you are sure of.(Sahih Al-Jami, 3378 )

Performance of good DEEDS[/b] avoids the evil endings.

The severer of KINSHIP[/b] bonds  will not enter paradise.(Rpt by Muslim)

He/She, who advices for the GOOD[/b] is similar (in rewards) to the doer of it. (Sahih Al-Jami, 3399)

Pay the deposit to him DEPOSITED[/b] it with you and do not betray him who betrayed u.(Rpt by Tirmidhi-Sahih Al-jami,240)

« on: July 02, 2003, 10:34:52 PM »
Can we have those with wide field based  knowledge of Islamicity have them answer questions here. Anybody who knows anything regarding Islam. Whether questions or answerd should plz post 'em Jazakallah.

As-salam alaykum.
1. Can a muslim reduce the numbers of children from what ALLAH has destined for a married couple for fear of poverty? Because I heard using birth control pills are not permissable in Islam......

2. I want to also know how far true is this, about falsehood which is lying because some Imam have ben stating otherwise.

I once read in a HadithSome say that is permissable in Islam why because? ALLAH'S MESSENGER (S.A.W) said, "Lying is allowed only in three cases: falsehood spoken by a man to his wife to please her, falshood to put things right between people(Tirmidhi)

I brougth this issue up to an Alim & he stated that Lying what ever the circumstance is......totally prohibited in Islam. Those that have knowledge on this......shed some light.


« on: October 21, 2003, 01:50:54 AM »

Ramadan is here, Fasting is here! Month of piousness month of stayin & being pious! Month of cleansing all ur sins is here! What du u normally du durin ramadan hours? How du you normally while away the hours before breaking the fast? Can you drop du'as and advice for muslim brothers and sisters? Can we all make sure that afta our nimaz, we pray 4 our muslim brothers and sister, Here is a task which is more of a duty..........from d day fasting starts taking place.......can we make it a aleast drop a Du'a or advice here......everyday up until ramadan ends.......Lets see how many of us can take up a duty that his/her rewards will b showers of blessins from Allah subhana wata'ala. I will surely keep up to date with many du'as and advice. Inshallah


« on: February 26, 2004, 01:31:33 AM »
If we compare the life of Muhammad  before his mission as a prophet and his life after he began his mission as a prophet, we will conclude that it is beyond reason to think that Muhammad  was a false prophet, who claimed prophethood to attain material gains, greatness, glory, or power.
Before his mission as a prophet, Muhammad  had no financial worries.  As a successful and reputed merchant, Muhammad  drew a satisfactory and comfortable income.  After his mission as a prophet and because of it, he became worse off materially.  To clarify this more, let us browse the following sayings on his life:
n  Aa'isha, Muhammad's  wife, said, "O my nephew, we would sight three new moons in two months without lighting a fire (to cook a meal) in the Prophet's  houses."  Her nephew asked, "O Aunt, what sustained you?"  She said, "The two black things, dates and water, but the Prophet  had some Ansar neighbors who had milk-giving she-camels and they used to send the Prophet  some of its milk."1
n  Sahl Ibn Sa'ad, one of Muhammad's  companions, said, "The Prophet of God  did not see bread made from fine flour from the time God sent him (as a prophet) until he died."2
n  Aa'isha, Muhammad's  wife, said, "The mattress of the Prophet , on which he slept, was made of leather stuffed with the fiber of the date-palm tree."3
n  Amr Ibn Al-Hareth, one of Muhammad's  companions, said that when the Prophet  died, he left neither money nor anything else except his white riding mule, his arms, and a piece of land which he left to charity.4  
Muhammad  lived this hard life till he died although the Muslim treasury was at his disposal, the greater part of the Arabian Peninsula was Muslim before he died, and the Muslims were victorious after eighteen years of his mission.
Is it possible that Muhammad  might have claimed prophethood in order to attain status, greatness, and power?  The desire to enjoy status and power is usually associated with good food, fancy clothing, monumental palaces, colorful guards, and indisputable authority.  Do any of these indicators apply to Muhammad ?  A few glimpses of his life that may help answer this question follow.
Despite his responsibilities as a prophet, a teacher, a statesman, and a judge, Muhammad  used to milk his goat,5 mend his clothes, repair his shoes,6 help with the household work,7 and visit poor people when they got sick.8  He also helped his companions in digging a trench by moving sand with them.9  His life was an amazing model of simplicity and humbleness.
Muhammad's  followers loved him, respected him, and trusted him to an amazing extent.  Yet he continued to emphasize that deification should be directed to God and not to him personally.  Anas, one of Muhammad's  companions, said that there was no person whom they loved more than the Prophet Muhammad , yet when he came to them, they did not stand up for him because he hated their standing up for him,10 as other people do with their great people.
Long before there was any prospect of success for Islam and at the outset of a long and painful era of torture, suffering, and persecution of Muhammad  and his followers, he received an interesting offer.  An envoy of the pagan leaders, Otba, came to him saying, "...If you want money, we will collect enough money for you so that you will be the richest one of us.  If you want leadership, we will take you as our leader and never decide on any matter without your approval.  If you want a kingdom, we will crown you king over us..."  Only one concession was required from Muhammad  in return for that, to give up calling people to Islam and worshipping God alone without any partner.  Wouldn't this offer be tempting to one pursuing worldly benefit?  Was Muhammad  hesitant when the offer was made?  Did he turn it down as a bargaining strategy leaving the door open for a better offer?  The following was his answer: {In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful}  And he recited to Otba the verses of the Quran 41:1-38.11  The Following are some of these verses:
 A revelation from (God), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful; a Book whereof the verses are explained in detail; a Quran in Arabic, for people who know, giving good news and warning, yet most of them turn away, so they do not listen.  (Quran, 41:2-4)
On another occasion and in response to his uncle's plea to stop calling people to Islam, Muhammad's  answer was as decisive and sincere: {I swear by the name of God, O Uncle!, that if they place the sun in my right-hand and the moon in my left-hand in return for giving up this matter (calling people to Islam), I will never desist until either God makes it triumph or I perish defending it.}12
Muhammad  and his few followers did not only suffer from persecution for thirteen years but the unbelievers even tried to kill Muhammad  several times.  On one occasion they attempted to kill him by dropping a large boulder, which could barely be lifted, on his head.13  Another time they tried to kill him by poisoning his food.14  What could justify such a life of suffering and sacrifice even after he was fully triumphant over his adversaries?  What could explain the humbleness and nobility which he demonstrated in his most glorious moments when he insisted that success is due only to God's help and not to his own genius?  Are these the characteristics of a power-hungry or a self-centered man?

He has lead an example, can we follow his steps?

« on: March 29, 2004, 01:27:35 PM »
26 Beautiful One-Liners.....[/b]
-Give Allaah what is right - not what's left.

-Man's way leads to a hopeless end - Allaah's way leads to an endless hope.

-A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.

-He who kneels before Allaah can stand before anyone.

-In the sentence of life, the devil may be the comma - but never let him be the period.

-Don't put a question mark where Allaah puts a period.
Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the Masjid for a face-lift.

-When praying don't give Allaah instructions - just report for duty.

-Don't wait for six strong men to take you to the Masjid - Go on your own.

-We don't change Allaah's message - His message changes us.

-The Masjid is prayer conditioned.
-When Allaah ordains, He sustains.

-WARNING: Exposure to Allaah may prevent burning.
Plan ahead - it wasn't raining when Nuh built the ark.
Most people want to serve Allaah, but only in an advisory position.

-Suffering from truth decay? Brush up on your Quraan.

-Exercise daily - walk with Allaah.

-Never give the devil a ride - he will always want to drive.
Nothing else ruins the truth like stretching it.

-Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.

-He who angers you - controls you.

-Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.

-Give Shaitaan an inch and he'll be a ruler.

-Be ye fishers of men - you catch them and He'll clean them.
Allaah doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
Read the Quraan it will scare the hell out of you!

May Allah give us more Sawaab.......*Ameen*[/b]

Guestbook & Feedback / On Behalf Of K-online Members to newcomers
« on: January 30, 2003, 04:02:12 PM »
On behalf of ppl in this forum (from d top members to members like Myself 8), Hafsy, Ihsan, Dyme, Fella, Ummul, Ummah, Moh, Maleeq, & some newcomers ...........
Muna muku Marhaban, sannun ku da zuwa........& We r highly & so super glad 2 have y'all e're. Come in.........& we all can keep k-online d d goodest!!!

« on: February 05, 2003, 12:19:07 PM »
Where r the kanoonlinez, even our uncles.......!! Inshort everybody. Leave ur EID MUBARAK/SALLAH Wishes here........

1- Wake up in the morning.

2- Have a bath
3- DO Miswaaq (with intention for Eid Sallah)

4- From the clothes available, wear the best pair

5- Going on foot for the Eid prayer, setting out early and  returning by a different path.

6- To recite Takbeer-e-Tashreeq loudly(when going for Eid-ul-Adha prayer).

7- In Eid-ul-Adha to eat after the Eid prayer.

8- To eat sacrificed meat firt (before consuming anything else)

9- To demonstrate happiness

10- Give alms (Sadaqah) according to onces means


Ok pass on ur du'as and EID wishes 2 all here!!!!

Let me start:
Wishin u all the bestest eva of EID (Ameen)
  :D :D

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