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chit-chat / Re: Cigiya 'yan uwa
« on: February 23, 2009, 04:45:50 AM »
Allah sarki am' how many of us miss Dan Kauye? That chap is dramatically funny and full of life, ever hyper. Get back here asap, we have unfinished business

Where is Mudahhhh? Read somewhre bout ur youth service, wallah congrats my brother. Toy minkam, first pay slip u know where to find me. I want my cut.

Has Mufi gone underground too? Erhmmm if time permits, I would like to have a word with you in the cooking office.

I summon thee..........Amirahhhhhhhh dear you no grew show face again for forum?

Kitkat, haryanzu dài LOL LOL LOL. :( >:( >:( you cant hide from konline. Some new breeds are set for the road for 2010. You won't believe what "Ford" made. PS: u and I have a score to settle  >:(

Malay Salis Danyaro, your AWOL card is very dueeee. Activate it in the forums.

Who else eehmmmm errmnm. I guess that's it for todays list.
 Some new preview breeds are on the road for 2010. You wont believe what "Ford" made!!! 

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 23, 2009, 04:06:24 AM »
Alhamdulilahhhhhhhh. Excited! Happy! Joyful! Greatest feeling. Who say God no dey? The almighty has done it again for me...........hamdallahhhhh.

Let's see which CD should we play up for celeration.....ah ha!

*Gonna be some sweet sound coming down on the night shift*..... La la la la la.

Celebrating with "The Commerdores". Some of you join me celebrate. ;D [\color]

chit-chat / Re: Kacici-kacici (Brainstorming)
« on: February 23, 2009, 03:19:33 AM »
people kacici kacici means Hausa proverbs koh? Admittinly, God knows am not good in this at all. All too complicated to understand even though its plain Hausa :-\ [\color]

« on: February 23, 2009, 03:00:10 AM »
kai mallam do you really have a problem with me? Cus am guessing there's more to it than this thread. Have I ever paid you mind in this forum right from the onset? I know ppl I joke around and engage discussions with. Perhaps you taught this thread is ur chance to take a plunge at me for you seem so triggered and about to bust by my very simple comments. But best believe I aint hurt d slightest, just finding you amusing lol, lol .....try harder next time. And if u not interested why waste time in reading my story. DonAllah mallam kayi hakuri Amman bana a rashin kunya d shirme. Please no vex, jeka kayi kai kadai wallah. Even if u were 2 insult my parents, wont accomodate u wit a response. Banaso hayaniyah. Abeg carry go. Duk abunda ka fada naji nagode but will not even dignify ur comments wit a sound response. Though come to think of it lol lol lol da irin wannan attitude din ne ake tunanin yin auren? Such a drama king LOL. Abeg can we continue...... Infact am coming with another he and she story[\color]

« on: February 22, 2009, 06:45:52 PM »
Husna, this has sparked me to tell you all what occurred to a friend of mine recently. Sometimes, it seems it only seems that...until you open up and push reality under ppl’s nose before they begin to smell it.

On a Friday, I taught I would do something immaculate to clear off all the badness from friends who label me as the soooo not nice person for not either visiting or keeping in touch with them.  I decided to visit a childhood friend of mine who is known by alot for her sweetness, kindness and respect. Happy she was to see me and after exchanging hugs and pleasantries, we sat for a chat. She was eager to bring in some munchies and drinks. I was apprehensive of the spring rolls being a very picky person when it comes to food and the cake looked too butty. I lied to her that I was on a diet but would have some cranberry juice. My friend was in stitches mocking me for she never knew I was never among the class of concerned about my weight girls. She snubbed me off saying she wished she could burn off some calories and have my dress size. I smiled feeling silly for lying and being busted. What ever the case the spring rolls looked too oily and the cake was not my likes.....Anyway, we were having a nice chat and she looked abit erked and complained of being very tired these days. I gave her a look that “us” know and she told me not to even think about that. I said to her I wasn’t. My friend kept glancing over an entrance which led to another sitting room looking abit worried. I was beginning to worry aswell. I didn’t know what was coming through that door or what the worry was all about. I felt like asking if everything was ok but didn’t. And so we kept chatting about life though our subject was about tailors and how they can mess you up. She glanced again over the door and it was then she lowered her voice and said “gaskiya Ummita am not happy, am trouble. I wanted to run away. I hate listening to things like this especially marital issues. She said things were not “ok” between her and the bread winner. She complained of his arrogance, rudeness and lack of affection for her and for no material reason. He was just so rude to reason and has a temper. All I could mutter and kept repeating to my friend is not to worry, inshallah you be fine, just keep praying. Kiyi hakuri and don’t tell anyone even your parents. It shall come to pass. I wished I didn’t say all that now. I really do. A loud voice came through and quickly, my friend was juggling towards her living room her fish tail skirt giving her no room to hurry up.  I taught oh...owww didn’t know her hubby was home and I taught mhmm his voice tone sounded rude and asserting for sure!

I heard the click clacking of plates and spoons and my friend’s voice asking if he wanted more food or water or drink. I wasn’t eavesdropping ok. I could hear them loud and clear. I didn’t hear her hubby reply, perhaps he shaked his head, shrugged a shoulder or whatever. Next thing I heard was a slight argument going on and I began to feel realyyyyyyy uncomfortable I have been uncomfortable all along anyway. Then arguments turned into insults and I heard my friend saying “gaskiya Aminu kada ka kara zagin mahaifiyatah” and I knew it was a slap that I heard next. It was like a bolt from the blue when I heard him saying that did he have to call her twice before she summoned herself? Between sobs I heard my friend replying I swear I didn’t hear you. I was with ummita next door. I felt plsssssss don’t call names not mine plz, pls, pls!!!! Then I heard ita Ummita ne ko Umma ko wacece bataji ina kira ba” I was like hell no.........dont dictate on me now!!!! I aint your wife. Command on her not me! I was beginning to see eye to eye of what my friend was complaining about earlier. I really wanted to go now and I started looking for my gele, keys and bag. Now there was verbal abuse going on from the husband......da kuma gori, I cloth you, I am rich and can marry up to four, your father is nothing but a big political thief. I was like  *WTF* My friend was now crying cussing him of how heartless and disprespectful of him to say that.  I was now contemplating of whether I should go in there or just head out. Then a loud thud came, he must have rammed her against the sofa or wall or shoved her...whatever it was it was getting physical. I was walking quickly to towards the entrance door dead scared. What I saw coming was terrible......Her husband pulled off a DVD system and aimed it right through my friend. I couldn’t move, all I saw was a flying object, it happened all too quickly. I frozed and all I could see was my friend on the floor and blood oozing from her head and all I could her hear repeating was “innalillahi wa inna ilahir rajium”. I was shaking I didn’t know when I started repeating after her. I was by her side with my hand pressed on her head to stop the bleed. Situation was bad. My friend was in pain and shock and I went into panic. I felt like running even though I was a witness by the victim and the culprit was standing inches away above us looking like incredible hulk. I was scared to a state. My friend was in her conscious state but still I was thinking all sorts. I looked over and all I could come out with was “Mallam wannan wani irin hauka ne”. He just walked passed us and said “dukanku ku fita gidana”. I taught I had no time to reply a lunatic like him. I quickly called their house girl and their driver and we were heading straight to hospital. What was I to do? I rang her elder sister who rang her mum who then rang the dad, before you knew it her elder brothers were trooping in the hospital. It was like an ally’s formation.

Her elder brother looked me saying. Ummita sannu ko, Allah ya saka da alkahair. I gave him this confused look thinking....what did I do, I was nowhere able to stop him besides I wished I was never there in the first place. All I could say was “toh”. Then the questions began from almost all her family members? Ina  Aminun yake? I said I don’t know. Meya faru? I said I don’t know? Dame ya fasa kanta? I said DVD? How? I said I don’t know. It happened all too quickly. Me tayi mishi? I said I do know. My palms were sweaty I was shaking, confused as I was bombarded with zillion questions at a time. I kept using a paper to fan my eye and kept looking up and blinking to stop tears flowing. My friend was not in a very critical state but she was bad. I felt sick and weak and wanted to go home. Thoguh I didn’t know if it was ok for me to leave. Of course everybody was concerned about my injured friend even I myself but common........I am a witness who is under shock too!!! I needed me some attention and TLC too. ;D  Anyway I called out, was taken home, clean the blood stain off my hands couldn’t eat, took some paracetamol and went off to bed.

Come Saturday morning, I couldn’t go visit my friend. I woke up with a very heavy head and felt drained out. Towards midday I rang in to check on my friend and was given details that she was doing fine, though she had to go through stitches, and she was going to be held in for a two day observation. I went to see her on Sunday eve to visit her. Eventually she was fit to be discharged by Monday. I paid her a few visits back at her parent’s house because I had to travel on emergency grounds. I returned two weeks later only for story to reach me that my friend and her husband are now divorced. Apparently he issued the divorce. We later learnt that is is dating some Igbo girl called who happens to be his office secretary and I taught that might have been the reason for all his waywardness. Though words got round that he had it in hims a history of dodmestic violence as it was what ended his first marriage!

Allah dai ya kyauta ya kare.

Now I ask.....does this make my friend an undesirable woman for another man to marry?  Ita ne tayi zalunci? Ko bata san daraja na auren bane? Ko kuma even if we cannot do anything, we should not discuss what is happening in the diaspora? Ko kuma iden munyi Magana akai bata lokaci neh? Ko kuma itaceh ta kasa hankuri da shi din da ya kai da rabuwan? >:(

Abge some ppl should think again!

« on: February 22, 2009, 05:02:54 PM »
Husna cool off kinji.....duniya yenzun sai da hakuri. Lets just say some of us are lucky to grow up when the "pleases", "thank you's", sorry's and other courtesy remarks were the most powerful tools to good communication. I no blame some of dem jare, the misfortune of the ever growing grumpier society of today got some forgetting all these.

*Signs* lol, lol, lol. First of all I am not in anyway peeved about his comment at all but what I find incredibly and amazingly funny is one desperately tries to pull a string of gentlemen into his wagon of unsound reasoning I cannot understand!!  Let other male members speak for their tongues for they were not mute in their preceding comments above. And they certainly do not entirely share the same opinion as yours. And for the love of God... if a thread doesn’t rub anyone’s back.....simply dont comment. It’s dead easy.!!!!!!

Kai! Hankali dai fa, keidai kayi addua naka.....we all have women as mothers, daughters, or even sisters!!! Be careful  of the things you spit out. Now the best part. How one gets so contradictory to the point of ridiculousness, is what I cannot comprehend. First quote below, the man felt like he was doing a step up ballet or salsa dance on broke bottles, all agitated and parasitically slurring women divorcees as the case seems to be then close his remark with a touch of insult for niceness I guess. :-\ Second quote was his magical transformation...... to religiously quote vehemently and advice about patience and perserverance on the issues of divorcees.........Its like two split personalities in one...Ken in Barbie! :-\ If I disliked a thread this much, I wont even bother!!!
Ni yanzu ne ma zanyi aure sabo fil dan ubansu
Amma Allah madaukaki mai girma mai kowa da komai yana fada acikin littafinsa mai tsarki cewa " WALLAHU MA'ASSABIRIN" A wani guri kuma yace "INNALLAHA MA'ASSABIRIN", ma ana Allah yana tare da masu hakuri.

All the shenanigans about observing divorcees in the forum is absolutely irrelevant here and I see no problem if divorcees comment on this thread or any other thread, It is no one’s business. To the rest of the members....see what happens when we pay little attention to details!!! When I said first things to deal with is stereotyping against divorcees it was paid no mind. >:(

Now my serious take on life & even this forum is I don’t give a two scents and don’t care whether people here are men or women, married or unmarried, students or workers, divorced or widowed or whatever.....I really don’t care who you be. All I see through the pages of this forum is really nice people like brothers and sisters.

As for this man I have never commented to you in this forum so I take God beg you no dey use my name for your show. I no wan wahala. Biko, please! Lastly plzzzzzzzzz stop using “MY” blue font colour, its mine. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Pls can we continue with this very serious discussion....Thank you! ;D

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 22, 2009, 02:51:17 PM »
My head hurts >:(

Cooking Forum / Re: FOOD TALK!! Q&A
« on: February 22, 2009, 02:49:32 PM »
I am still about my cooking oil........ >:( Which cooking oil do you use? I have been urged to use red palm oil but I hate the smell of it, smells like raw fish or egg. I love sunflower but  :-\ theres such an outburst about health effects & they say substitute it for Oliver oil and I so so so so hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Olive oil. Ladies which one wuna dey?

« on: February 07, 2009, 01:19:52 AM »
I am particularly elated by the expert description of the competent man in the submission of Ummita which shows she really knows what a good man should be like. But my problem is all clever men are good as Ummita describe them only when they are making moves in the direction of wooing a lady.
Wait a minute......permit me to say that my person specification of how men should be competent and good to their wives is not only focused on wooing her rather more on keeping her as a wife in his house. More so, a desirable husband will obviously be clever in pulling off all his good qualities to appease his wife. Therefore I see no wrong of a man to exhaust those fine attributes in order to entice and win her love and affection. If you ask me, only when a man is clever in using his good intrinsic worth in wooing a lady would he be chanced to build himself a platform for courtship. And it is in that process that he seeks her affection, usually with the hope of marrying her as his wife. So it should not descend as a problem to you Waziri if women as you supposedly taught find men as good ONLY when they are being enticed, which I object to. Besides, if being clever in wooing a lady is what it takes for a man to be a good man to keep his wive or save is marriage from split ups it really a problem? Or should it really be a problem to you?

According to my experience with many women they always think their men were the best at the time of courtship. They tend to see to the contrary only after the marriage. Come to think of it. They wouldn’t have married them if they had an idea the men were terrible enough to divorce them at whim.
Your many sure got game!!! Well, if the opposite of love begins to form bedrock in the matrimonial home, then I guess those men played out their cards right. Anyi mah yarinya shigo, shigo.....sei dah zama yayi zaman sai halin na miji nata ya fito and that’s simply why some women who taught their husbands were so so superlative are not anymore after marriage. One can fake behaviours but not for long! It just takes a smart girl to figure that out before miji yayi mata shigo....shigo!

And to the men, they should know that keeping a woman means providing for her security both physical and emotional. They need to constantly be shown love and appreciation. They need to be petted and pleaded at, whenever their expectations are not met.
Uhmmm I think we gonna have a problem have just stated my very description of the qualities of the type of men both male and female would consider competent. Kudos to you! And so......if a clever man knows how to make provision for security, love, a sound mind for appreciation, the ability to wheedle and/or flatter her, then you are rightly on the same boat as I am. And if women do not achieve these good qualities from clever men then truly "men" have failed them.
THE END................

« on: February 06, 2009, 11:43:31 PM »

Likewise, it not about “willing potential” men but it’s about “competent” men! Am talking about men that can administer fair treatment to their wives, men that are worthy and trustworthy, men that are honest and humble, a man who really knows what it takes to be a “husband” to his “wife”! Am talking about marriage as a whole! I am talking about companionship and the whole camaraderie that comes in marriage. I am talking about ability to understand your wife, to endure her behaviour misplacements and to accommodate conflicting differences, a man being a husband leader not a forceful dictator, a man who has real merits of submitting his religious marital righteousness to his partner, his virtue for patience and so on and hence forth. Staying married is just not about consummating the marriage, having and rearing children. It’s also about respect, kindness, sympathy and many more. And all these qualities must be exercised. This is what makes a marriage! This is what makes a man a husband! A capable husband! And this is what saves a marriage from nullification!

That sounded more like your own version of the  Obama Presidential Speech, but in this case i call it: "The Remaking of a Husband" kidding. But well spoken Ummitah, you make me want to start a revolution: "Movement Of The Ideal Husbands", its possiblke right? though i know i will face a lot of challenges, what do you think?
Hope you fly high......let the sky be your limit Mudaaaa. I see your potentials dude!! ;) Young, intelligent, innovative and a challenge taker. I think it's time, your time!!! ;) The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them.....

Cooking Forum / Re: FOOD TALK!! Q&A
« on: February 06, 2009, 11:05:36 PM »
Ladies how many of us cook with either sunflower oil, vegetable oil or olive oil? I love cooking with sunflower oil but after persistent nagging from my circle about health effects, I decided to throw in a couple of olive oil bottles in the kitchen. But whenever I cook with olive oil it just doesnt have that aroma that sunflower oil has and the color of olive oil is not eye appealing to me.........and am finding myself going back to sunflower oil despite its "unhealthy" factor.

Cooking Forum / Re: Cornbread salad with chopped tomatoes
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:51:36 PM »
*Uhmmm* ehemmmm* Chicken/Beef/Fish should stand as substitutes for those that dont do bacon.

A whole cup of Mayonnaise :o :o :o :o?

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:26:28 PM »
Feeling very stubborn and angry!!!! >:(

chit-chat / Re: Kutufo
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:25:37 PM »
Wheres the humour in it? >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

chit-chat / Re: How are you feeling today?
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:04:41 PM »
Assalamu Alaikum, why kulle shi? Dis na accident, he never intended to kill her. The conversation before the unfortunate death sounds that of soyayya?
... amma sai yai ta yi mata wasa calling her 'yar kauye. Sai ita kuma ta ce ai shi ne dan kauye domin ko ga tsagu nan a fuskar sa. And she ran away...
I want to believe. If the agwaluma was good the girl could not have returned and the tsutsa was not placed in the fruit by the stupid man.  It is unfortunate, Allah ya gafarta ma innocent girl kuma tare da mai agwaluma.

Kunga, this is not even a matter of worm(s) habouring inside the fruit or whether the fruit was edible or not!!!!! If I mothered that child yaushe zen yerda for her to even start playing around jokingly with a man she has no connection to at all, talkless of letting her wander off unaccompanied..... Secondly,  I will either get an older person to help my "very young female child" to buy the agaluma from that " very grown up male" or if push comes to shove, I will go there myself and get it! >:( But come such scenario......from jokes and teases ends disaster. Thats how some of us heard of a paedophile orange hawker luring a little girl  by joking that her head looked like the oranges he sells....Now this one killed the child completely sef! Wai wasa? >:( >:( He has an unfit mental capacity if he considered that a joke!

The way am scared of Knives talkless of having it aimed at me "playfully"! Every night I take all my kitchen knives and hide all in the cabinet and take them out to arrange them back on the wood block the next morning, its like a ritual. And am always in a rage when knives are kept unside down on a dry rail. Phobia? No. Safety? Absolutely.

TKTK the man may not have the intention to kill her but his recklessness, negligence and stupidicity made his act culpable for if not murder then he should be done for manslaugther. Rubbish!

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