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General Board / Re: Cheap, Cheap, Cheap............ Iphones for sale
« on: October 06, 2007, 11:57:22 PM »
To admin first, yes it is APPLE IPHONE not the clone and I wouldnt mind you being my distributor in Nija. Nayi maka text with the price.
To Kitkat its a software hack. I should warn, however, that downloading itunes will put the 1.02 firmware on the system which could potentially cause the hack to fail.

Zan wuce sallah...........

General Board / Re: Cheap, Cheap, Cheap............ Iphones for sale
« on: October 05, 2007, 11:13:43 PM »
Yallabai admin, I had no idea being an office work could be this time consuming hence my absence. Anyway, we've tested the iphone on MTN and GLO networks and both worked fine. I presume Vmobile will work as well.  Pls send me your no thru the PM box so I can call you to discuss further.

Sai anjima,

General Board / Cheap, Cheap, Cheap............ Iphones for sale
« on: October 05, 2007, 05:55:44 PM »
Dear Members,

If you or anyone you know wants (or is it needs) an Iphone, pls let me know. I have brand new 8 gig models for a PRICE YOU WUNT BELIEVE.

Interested................. email me at and I will furnish with pics, specs and the price of the phone. I tell you dat thing is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautifull.........................


General Board / Child Rights Act: I Can Not Believe This
« on: November 23, 2006, 04:54:01 AM »

Neither poverty nor illiteracy is responsible for the failure of many states from passing the child rights act. The reason is a mixture of politics and religion- politics being the dominating factor.
From my own understanding, there are some articles of the charter that run counter to what is applicable in Islamic law. These fundamental clashes include areas that seek to establish the minimun year of marriage, male and female child inheritence, fostering and adoption, punishment etc.

As it has been said, when there is a will will there will be a way. I certainly think we can harmonize these laws without Muslims loosing their identity and without the act (introduced with sincere intentions) being diluted to a point where it looses its meaning.
A way of achieving this doesn't necessarily include Nigeria ratifying this in Parliament (just like the US opts out of the ICC and World Court) but rather through introducing into our local political space a law with the same far reaching consequences but with more sensitivity towards those who will be affected by it.

All this talk about Muslims being conservative and anti-progress (especially as it relates to social issues) is what it is- NONSENSE. Muslims like all sane and rational peoples wish for their sons and daughters to have a safe and enriching childhood. The fact that politicians use their ineptitude as excuse for their in-action does not excuse anyone from casting aspertions on this hubris of Islam being the culprit.

The problem is with the incompentent state of assemblies and God help us if they do one thing right!

General Board / V for Vendetta!
« on: November 20, 2006, 12:47:58 AM »

I truly enjoyed V for Vendetta because the film came across to me as an anecdote for what is happening in our World today- with terrorism and all. Hugo Weaving gave an exceptional- albeit faceless, portrayal of the hero (or is he the villian???) of the movie; Natalie Portman was great too.

I cannot recall exactly but I believe the Homosexual fellow Portman's character went to when she was in trouble had a copy of elegantly calligraphed Quran in his house (for its poetic quality he insists).  Perhaps the writers wished to make a statement by that .......

If you ask me, I would say V's verbosity is somewhat unnecessary. Even though it gives the movie and it's lead a certain aura of sophistication, I felt, when watching the movie on DVD, that many people are put off by this.

One cannot help but see parallels between the virulent newscaster in that movie and our very own Bill O'Reilly on fox news. He spews hatred and peddles myths and falshehood as fact, hates minorities, advocates fascist policies and supports torture. I am sure big brother will be proud of him.

Great film, Watch it!

General Board / IBB's Declaration: A requim to an ailing Behemoth
« on: November 17, 2006, 06:20:52 PM »

If we as Nigerians make the grave mistake of letting this beast become our president, then our generation will be condemned as the one that allowed an accused murderer, a suspected drug dealer and coup plotter gain a position that is sacred in our democracy.

We really must be crazy to even contemplate letting this man become our president. Have we forgotten that he denied others(Adamu Ciroma and Shehu Musa Yar'adua) the chance of getting into a free and fair contest for the presidency? Have we forgotten or forgiven him for annulling what many consider a free and fair election. If he ever tries to justfy any of the dastardly acts above, we should accept his explantion and then let him taste the bitterness - or is it sweetness- of his own medicine by banning him from standing elections or annulling the result if, by any chance, he appears to be winning.

One cannot help being baffled by why this man even has the guts to present his stinking self to the Nigerian people. Is he expecting us forget his devaluation of the Naira- something which decimated the savings of many and destroyed the Industries that many Nigerians depend on. Or is he expecting us to forget the senseless increases in fuel prices- something that led to massive inflation.

God! I am so frustrated and angered by Babangida that I wish he just gets a stroke and become brain dead. That way, he will be living but could contribute nothing to Nigerias politics.

I appeal to all those who support him to ask them selves, " Do you honestly think Babangida is Nigeria's solution?". The answer, in my opinions is a resounding no. Your should be so too........

Great observation Oga Nura.

I was in KT not too long back I am must concede that there are few things that Umaru Musa has done right. The ultra modern secretariat, the neem processing plant, the establishment of school of admin in Funtua, and the general overhaul of the streets in the metropolis are all things we should commend him for.

We must not, however, be blindsighted by this to the extreme prefence he gives to his close friends (and familiy) in executing contacts. I particularly think the oil smuggler, Dahiru Mangal, has been given so much contracts ( and thus made so much money) that he is becoming a nuisance to all. Sure he built a mosque right before the round about around K Sauri, but where on earth did he get the money to build the massive textile plant on the opposite side of the steel rolling mills? Why is some Magal Airlines given the contact to lift Hajj pilgrims from KT?
We must not forget that the company executing many contacts in KT- Lodigiani- has an Yar'adua on its board of directors.

I cannot speak much to the politics of Karadua and Katsina proper but I personally think it is about time someone from the south gets a chance this time around. Nura Khalil, or even our beloved pia pia- Alhaji Bashir Nadabo Funtua- could adequately rule the state. The Funtua-Malumfashi-Dutsin-ma axis of the state has so many capable hands that denying them an opportunity now will be discrimination.

General Board / Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush
« on: October 20, 2006, 02:48:05 PM »
Salam all.

I hate to bear off topic but I think the point I will be making is an important one- at least I think it is important. Mr Ahmedinejad is, by all accounts, a holocaust denier. He is a rable rousing populist determined, so say by 'divine' inspiration, to go full steam with a Nuclear WEAPONS program which will- undoubtedly but GOD forbid, lead to confrontation with either the USA or Israel.

I sincerely wish the proud Iranian people the best of luck.

My point here, which is also a question is, isn't denying the holocaust a mockery of tragedy and shouldn't Mr Ahmedinejad  by mindful of his comments in this regard?


General Board / Open Secret: Making money from Trading Stock
« on: September 20, 2006, 07:02:00 PM »
Hi all,

I will go straight to the point. A question for you, if dumb people are making billions, yes billions, by buying equities in certain sectors of the stock market in Nigeria, why shouldn't you?  The answer is, well...... you should also. You see, the things is I have, as have many others, noticed that the building materials sector of the NSE is BOOMING....

I'll give an example. Ever since Aliko Dangote, at the AGM of BCC,  stated that the company has ironed out all its difficulties with its host community and will, from then on, start paying dividends (this was on 20 August 2006), the stock has shot up from N 12.18 to N 37.19 today! If that is not astonishing, I wonder what is.

WAPCO is another example of what I am talking about. Those conversant with the company will recall that WAPCO has embarked upon an ambitiuos expansion project which tied up its WC.  This has resulted in depressed earnings and low interest by investors. Since this project was concluded in the first quarter of the year, smart investors took notice. The resulting gain has been that the stock, which was selling for N 22 in June, is now selling at an impressive N 64.82.

Similar spectacular results were achieved by Ashaka and CCNN. I wish I can say this will continue but I cannot. What I can asure people of is that there is still time to get a piece of this pie. The companies in this sector (called the real sector because the produce tangible goods) pay the most generous dividends of all. Infact, if we are to believe Mr Dangote, then come the end 2007 financial year, BCC will pay a dividend of N 5.00 which is more than a 10% pay out ratio at current prices.

To give you a practical example, I invested N 17,000 in BCC (mid June), it is now worth more than N 36,00. Can you think of a better or faster way of achieving this transformation within 2 months? I think not.

The best way to start "milking the cow" is by getting educated about the capital markets. You can also learn more by checking out daily prices or charts on

Finally, please view this(*0*BCC)  chart to see how spectacular some of what I saying are.

Be a capitalist pig. It is healthy!

General Board / The North and the Search for Oil!
« on: August 29, 2006, 07:51:23 PM »

There is no bigger obstacle to development in NIgeria than OIL. This may seem contradictory in light of the fact that oil will increase Nigeria's revenue, but it is true. There is nothing bad you could think of in NIgeria that is not caused by this easy money.

I dont wish to go into explaining this now but I trust many others echo the same sentiment. Just as Oil money is stolen from the Delta, Oil money will be stolen in the Chad or Gongola Basin.

Nigeria should look at nations like in the far east or even others in Africa like Ghana and Egypt ( with little mineral wealth) to appreciate the fact that economic growth is not tied to petro dollars.

We have enough human resource to succeed and I believe we will.....

General Board / Babangida's Son arrested
« on: August 23, 2006, 12:47:42 AM »

I say it is about damn time that people of questionable wealth flaunting it senselessly while others wallow in excrutiating poverty are called to account. Of what use is EFCC if it only concentrates on petty criminals like councillors.

Come to think of it, if the chap is innocent then he has nothing to fear. Great people like Gani Fawehinmi, Mandela, Gandhi and co were all at some point in their distinguished lives, detained or imprisoned. So Mr Babangida should pin this arrest to his chest claiming it to be his democratic dividend.

On the other hand, I personally think M Babangida is guilty as hell even if the evidence I have is circumstancial. Could he for instance explain how he acquired the over =N= 2.5b shareholding he has in Intercity bank? For a person who has no known employment, it is hard to justify his stupendous wealth.

The sooner we start holding this monsters to account the better the chances of Nigeria becoming the great nation it undoubtedly is.


General Board / can manyan mutane buy their way into sarauta?????
« on: August 23, 2006, 12:34:17 AM »
....... And the Emir of Katsina ( Allah shi kara masa Imani) sold sarauta to the disgraced former governor of Bayelsa state.
It happens so quite often that I doubt if any of the politicos (like Aminu Masari) getting titles today deserve it at all. The closest thing to this shameful perversion of culture and history is the tastless award of dcotorate degrees to narcisists (like Kwankwaso and Sani Yerima).
Nigeria is so messed up that anything of value conceivable could be bought or sold...... for a price of course!


General Board / Israeli raid south of Beirut, 23 dead in Gaza
« on: July 14, 2006, 10:07:36 PM »

I wonder when this draining war in the middle east will end. Some have argued that succor will come only with the arrival of the anti christ (masihu dajjal???) and what follows after.

I tend to blame arabs MORE in this respect because they,honestly, haven't being very realistic in their demands. When one views the crisis from a military point of view, it is apparent that Israel is exercising tremendous amount of restraint even if this comes with devastating results- Ie the killings in Gaza and lately in Lebanon.

What possible bargaining chip do they(arabs) control to dictate to Israel. Here is a nation (Israel) that can Nuke all of Middle east to pieces being told by nations without rifle manufacturing capacity that we will destroy you.

In this new chapter, it is clear who provoked the confrontation. Hizbullah rebels kidnapped and killed Israeli soldiers in Israeli territory. If this isn't aggression, I wonder what is. How then can people start grumbling when the IDF start retatiliating? My only grouse with the IDF is in its attack of civil infrastructure This contravenes international law and even the UN has said as much.

So you may ask, what should be done? The simplest solution will be through some kind of mutual prisoner exchange and for the US (Israel's god father)to foot the bill of the repairs to the damaged facilities.

PS: I wonder why the conflict in Darfur- where arab racists are killing Africans for no other reason than their skin color- isn't commanding the same kind of attention and scrutiny.
Allah dai shi sawwake

Hi there,
I might be stupid but I tend to have symphathy for the Nigerian Police Force especially its rank and file. It may surprise many, but the problem of corruption in the police force is higher at the mid-high level cadre than the yan kuci kubani constable-sergent crowd.

Any time you, your wife, sister or mother buy foreign textile, keep in mind that some ACP and customs officers were bribed - in hard currency, to let the items come into the country. Also, anytime a politician who is deeply unpopular wins an election, it is not the constable whipping people left and right to blame but his superior who, in his Air conditioned office, facilitated the crime.

I am not saying what the police did in this case is not asinine only that this should not form the basis upon which we look at the police. They do a lot of good and bad but I believe the good is more!

General Board / SAD term Imminent for OBJ- Now that 3rd Term is Dead
« on: April 26, 2006, 02:07:45 AM »

I am wary of joining those clamoring against OBJ third term agenda. For one, most, if not all, of the vocal critics of OBJ's agenda are ex PDP people who, to the best of my knowledge, are not doing this for democracy to take root in Nigeria.

The biggest culprit is Atiku Abubakar. Shortly after sworn in office, he saw it fit to side with the opponents of Shariah simply because it pleases his boss. Later during the first term, he presided over the most shameful privatisation process witnessed in Africa. No wonder now that he fell out favor from the man, he was 'evicted' from his 'estates' in African petroleum and Intergrated Logistics services (INTELS).

For those of us who remember, Atiku it was who heaped all sorts of accusations and insults on Gen Buhari simply because he wanted to remain in office. Here we are today celebrating this selfishly ambitious man. I do not symphasize with him at all.

This fight against third term should be on specific issues. We want OBJ out because of corruption, umemployment, inflation, electricity supply, educational system etc. We must not fight him simply because he is not a northerner.

God help us all.

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