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General Board / WHY PALESTINE????
« on: May 07, 2004, 04:20:19 AM »
waziri i suppose you are right but it doesn't really answer my question. So is my assumption- Ie Israealis are entitle to some part of palestine but not whole of what they occupy now,  right?
I know for a fact that many of the Jews living in the occupied israel are not infact jews. Most of the eastern european jews are imposters like you asserted. and they are, as you said racist towards sephradic jews.

General Board / These Religious Unrest!!!
« on: May 07, 2004, 04:08:42 AM »
i am afraid we are trying to trivialize this issue of violence and murder in Plateau. unlike the recurrent killings in Kaduna and Lagos, this bout has a clear manifestation of 'ethnic cleansing' . I just finished reading an article in The Toronto Star in which a high Red Cross official is quoted as saying 500 'non indigenes' were murdered- thats 500 muslims.
regardless of what caused this, no justification can be given for this madness.
That said...............
again, Guest has managed to be stupid in his response to the question at hand. pleteau not being in the middle belt has nothing to-do with the problem. the problem is killing innocent muslims in Yelwa.
To Dele, do you realize these yelwa people are not the nomadic fulanis you are refering to?  this are people the governor dariye called 'settlers' ie the muslims who migrated to the hinterland to partake in the mining activities of the jos area.  the violence is not due to fulani-cattle eating tarok farm produce. the pattern of violence in Wase and langtang south shows a determined will by the non-muslims to drive out the muslims (Note: about 1000 refugees are now settled in Bauchi).
The solution:

* the federal government has to make it abundantly clear that all communities must live with one another in peace. The 'more recent settlers' have as much rights as the original settlers. failure to comply should be enforced by the army.

* there has to be a massive diasarming campaign to demobilize the large army of retired soldiers in the area.

* and finally, the muslims in the area must be held accountable for any action taken which destroys tarok crops.

like mallammt said an RIP, is well deserved for the fallen.

tabarmar kunya you are right on target. you know the senators we have now are preoccupied about bettering themselves not the nation. Now the Senate president is accused of misappropriating N 100 million and the dogs are barking. Yet, they allow countless opportunities of critiqueing the regime of OBJ because........ you guessed it, they are bribed.
Ban san wanda ya kirkiro kalmar majlisar  dattijai ba amma he was'nt thinking of this crop of people when he thought of it.
The truth is like you said, most of the senators were (s)elected in cloudy circumstances so their main priority is to 'chop' before they are booted out. Most of them do not even know the proper way of conducting themselves in the chambers.
What can we say: karshen alewa kasa..... Boni Haruna should be their sign.

ajingi and eskimo. here is an advice for you. stop arguing with this 'guest'. it doesnt change anything. i have since left my mouth shut i mplore you to do same.

General Board / WHY PALESTINE????
« on: April 28, 2004, 04:51:26 PM »

Waziri i find one thing really confusing about this 'mideast' palaver.
1) isn't it true that jews are the Bani Isra'il mentioned in the Quran? if yes, then what did the Quran say as to where they reside (historically)? you must agree with me this is a very interesting question.

That said,  I, under no circumstance, believe the zionists/colonists/terrorist/racists are entitled to live in peace in the mideast because they have brought untold hardship and murder to innocent muslims. Also, their inherent belief in being a superior race has not helped matters either.

Now to guest. this much is all i can say:
                                                   "the best answer to a fool is silence"

oh yeah guest you managed atlast to make me laugh. believe me,  I am giggling like a girl at the moment. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
you dont flip-flop guest, you flop and flip what is the difference? you know better than I do.
The more i read what you write the clearer it becomes to me that you are a demented nit-wit. No offense egbon. Your grouse is not with northern nigerian the entity rather with the hinterland northerners. that is clear from what you say.
But guest this I can assure you, Kogi, the place you come from is and will forever be part of the north. Not my making the British did that. and my claim of your racially charged mentality is starting to manifest itself. You are seeing the population of the SouthWest as Yoruba only. Incase you dont know, there are fulanis in the Ibadan area, how do we count them?This is wrong guest, WRONG. state lines, eventhough imaginary are legally defined and the constitution of nigeria, in the 60's endorsed that.
as for the picture of bebeji, you should be ashamed of yourself. You know that is not the entire story. also, bebeji is lucky enough to be on the internet. Not sure your "choko choko" is?
Guest i am tired of replying to your balderdash. Your arguments are incoherent, evidence is biased and wrong, language is fouled and aggressive and your attitude is not of utopian yoruba chauvanism, so I say: you are the weakest link..................... good bye.
end of story.
 ausgespielt !

« on: April 18, 2004, 06:11:29 PM »
Abut i agree with you totally. a person i know is a professor at BUK and he too told me that he sees no reason why Atiku really deserves this honor at this time. inajin abunda yakamata ma muce shine wai me zaisa muttum kamar Atiku, dayace shi ba Alhaji bane, abashi wannan abun.
Its not that he isn't entitled to this type of honor but why are so many more deserving folks skipped to bestow the honor unto Atiku. I'll rather Isa Waziri or Hassan hadejia get the honorary doctarate.
But its the prerogative of th university senate to honor whom they consider deserving and they have made their wish known.
Allah dai ya sawwake.

hello guest.
i really must say trying to reason with you is enervating and fruitless. Lest I forget, are you willing to accept the charges i brought against you because you overlooked that portion of the reply and its my belief that your attitude has more to do with what I outlined. In anycase lets do it this way.
You are flip-flopping in your argument. You just wrote that Oyo's size is
28 K sqKM and kano around 20KsqKM.  Ok  lets say that is a good way of determining what the population of an area is. Then would'nt you agree with me that the land north of the Niger is larger than the S_W and E combined?
But that is not the only issue. You are saying Kano has just one large city-IE kano city and that all. You know what? that is true but isn't lagos  a city state also?  or are you suggesting Lagos is smaller than oyo?
The truth is Oyo is  populous but kano is larger.
As you may or may not know the 1952 census put the population of the Northern Nigeria at 54% and the obvious rest to the south.
Now, the North being predominantly muslims, suggesting polygamy is practised, is expected to have a faster population growth than the south.
anecdotal evidence shows muslim countries (in this case N-nigeria) have a much larger population growth than non-muslim countries (s-nigeria).
another argument you are proposing is in using the number of towns to determine population is states.
am not sure where you get your towns list from but even if we are to assume they are real, then isn't it hypothetically possible that all the towns in oyo have 20 inhabitants while the few in kano have millions each? forgive my sarcasm but that is the issue at stake. isn't it?
let me reiterate my earlier pronouncement. The census of 1991 is marred by fraud on both sides.
The north is more populous than the south. period. I don't know why it bothers you so much that you cannot accpet this reality.

Hello my friend.
Before I reply to what your wrote earlier, i'll like to point out something. You seem to have this stereotypical view of northerners, which is they resolve to insults when confronted with an argument. That, my friend is not true. Just like i'll not agree that all yorubas are racist (if u know what i mean), you must not  treat all northerners as imbeciles. Secondly, just because I replied to you with a view that opposes yours doesn't make me a northerner. Truth is, I might not even be Nigerian.
Ok that is that.
............. Common guest you now better than comparing oyo state with Katsina state. We have all heard and agree that Ibadan used to be the largest city in S-S africa. That is a fact. But then apart from Ibadan there really isnt there any other substantial massively populated city in the southwest, of which Lagos, politically is not part of.
to be fair, one ought to compare Kano with oyo and here in lies the trick. Whilst Oyo's influence and power has been waning over the years, that of kano has been growing because of the business opportunity and the heavy influx of people from the south, including oyo. That enough tells you which ought to be growing and the census of 1963 and subsequent coounts comfirm that.
Agreed oyo is more populated than katsina but less populated than kano. Ogun has approximately as many people as that in old  kaduna. Osun has roughly the same with Old sokoto. Ondo is perhaps smaller, population wise, than Gongola state; and that's it guest. the other states in the north Borno, Kwara and bauchi, Benue were not even mentioned yet the population only 4 states have checkmated your S_W states, minus Lagos.
To me, it seems, sounds, looks, feels and indeed it is logical that the north is more populated than the south.
Is there fraud in the counting? Absolutely. but not restricted to the north alone.  
That, I believe in guest and God help me if I am wrong.
CIAO mon ami.

dear guest.
I really do admire your determination in exposing "falsehood". I however do not understand why you are raising this issue at the moment. For one, if anything, the fradulent census endorsed by IBB was condeucted in 91 not 88 if my memory serves me right. Second, IBB did not physically say Katsina has so so, rather the NPC chairman is to blame. If one were to view Nigeria from Space, he will see the North being almost twice the size of the East and the West combined.  It is inconceivable that this huge land mass which fertile will not be inhabited by people. Also, counting the number of significan cities, Northern states have more per state. Ie Jigawa has hadejia, gumel, dutse etc. katsine has Funtua, daura, Malufashi and KT itself. same goes for states like Yobe kaduna, Kogi and Benue.
Verdict: Your analysis is subjective and has not supporting evidence.
Alas, It's OBJ turn to conduct census in 2001, he did not which contravenes constitutional law.
I dont know whaat say. I am flattered

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