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chit-chat / Re: Know yr famous muslim converts!!
« on: September 13, 2008, 04:29:30 PM »
We should not be amaze to all these. Islam as it is, is guided by God. Let us pray as our sister Husnaa has earlier said. Let us also pray to remain and die as Muslims

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: September 06, 2008, 09:42:23 PM »
Continuation IIIThe following day, her mother insisted she escorted her to the saloon which she did. It was in the saloon the second turning point began. While her mother’s hair was being made, some female students were also there making their hair. One of the students was telling her friend about another student who of recent was found to be HIV positive when she popped my topic. She asked her if she new me and then told her that I was also HIV positive. She continued narrating my bad deeds, the students I have been seducing to bed and those I was unable to.

I learnt from Dr. Hyacinth to never talk in public especially sensible matters or rumours. But the devil sent student blew everything not knowing the damage she has done. But who could blame her when she was just excising one of the abilities of women. Nobody in the saloon knew my wife talk more of her mother. I was not home when they both came back, but when I got back, I didn’t like what I saw. My wife has finished packing her things and was about to go with our kids. I hardly lie to her though I occasionally do. I questioned ‘what is this all about?’ but tears were her answers. I pleaded but she refused to talk to me. At that crucial moment her mother interrupted asking me why I have not been faithful to my wife. Also that she felt embarrassed and regret coming when that little brat opened her mouth narrating nonsense.

I was shocked and surprised how the news rolled round. For once my wife had never suspected me sleeping with anybody talk less of students. But over one sunny day she was given the nuclear news of her life. I tried to lie over the matter, but as a scout looking at them narrating the lies there was no single eye to catch the attention. My wife has closed her eyes crying, my kids especially Junior was also crying while her mother was facing the other side waiting for her to come along. For the first time I had nothing to say to my lovely God sent wife.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a man who has a strong spirit about living. In a situation like mine, any man would only plead. Turning thinking you’re the family head would only end one up in a more difficult situation. I was speechless. To plead which I know would have change things today I did not. I stood helplessly not knowing what to do. At my site my wife, my kids and my wife’s mother walked out. Tears rolled down my chicks as I held Junior but she gently pulled him away. Who could ever thought or bring to mind that my loving wife would leave me? I don’t blame her till date, I broke my home, and I took the chance that bought me these lucks. In a while after six months I was sacked from the university.

I lost a lot of weight, could not go for lectures, could not attended any function and more to it was the recent discovery of me being HIV positive and the students case. I was all messed up. I had to move out from the university quarters. I moved to a one room self contain apartment. It’s a compound with about fifteen rooms including that one of the landlord. I had the money to get something better, but I reserved the resources so that when I die, my kids could have something to leave on, though they are with their mother but I feel it is better I leave something behind. From then things became pretty ugly. Anyone who sees me would not have to think twice to conclude that I was an AIDS patient. The environment no long need people like me, when I go to buy anything in the nearby shops they often show faces disgust, more especially when I handover the money to them. This was why I hardly come out atimes. My neighbour later built the courage to face me and called me ‘dead man walking’ that sometimes when I spend three or more days in my room, he often come to peep through my window to know if I was still alive. If there was any better description to give was ‘dead man walking.’ It is true I am dead; the bony body was all that was left with the eyes that would direct the body where to lay and a thin flesh. One evening after I learnt of the death of my disturbing neighbour, I was unconsciously walking by the road, I heard from distance my name, turning I found Dr. Hyacinth not up to six feet away from me, but when I heard the call it seemed like a hundred or more meters away.

I really don’t know what happened then, but one thing I know I ended up with Dr. Hyacinth in a hospital. Dr Falame was Dr. Hyacinth’s good friend and a psychologist. Before any diagnosis Dr. Falame concluded that I was suffering from emotional distress and probably some diseases. After some days, I was back in my senses again. Dr. Falame was upfront with me and so I was to him. I told him everything happening in my life. Dr. Falame told me that my problem at that moment was not HIV,  and that my mind hasn’t’ been at ease making me to loose. He took me under his personal care and kept me busy for roughly two months, after which he told me to look at myself in the mirror. I was surprised at what I saw in the mirror, it was a better me. I had taken shape back to myself. At that minute, he told me that it is true I am HIV positive but I could live a long and a very happy life if I take all the precautions and have in mind that HIV could do nothing if the precautions are taken. He advised me to be attending HIV forum which people living with HIV often go to share there experience. Today it’s been two years and few months since I met Dr. Falame, no one can tell you today that I ever went through what I have been through before. I have regained my weight, better I can say. I also have been going to the forum where I have been hearing the most remorse stories of individuals. But along came a story no one could bear to withstand the pains driven by its sanity when at first their thoughts were vanity.

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: September 04, 2008, 09:24:38 PM »
Continuation IISurely people noticed the drastic changes in me, but how could I tell them what is wrong with me when people tend to run away when they hear one is sick talk more of HIV. I decided to take another test to confirm if the matter was true. I went for the test, but surprisingly I found some of my students on the queue. I pretended to be there for another purpose, I asked one of the girls what she was doing there. She told me that she escorted one of her friends, which she claimed to be inside with the doctor. While I told her the doctor is my friend and it seems he is busy I’ll check on him later. As I was about to turn and take my leave I notice the tag on the door which was the doctor’s, it read Dr. Yetunde.

I walked out wondering if she caught me. I felt miserable. I left Jos that hour to Kaduna. I did not even notify my wife or anyone. Kaduna was not different from Jos, I still got the same result. My wife has been calling but I refused answering her call, later I switched off my phone to focus on what to do. After four days I returned home. On getting home I met police officers at my house. One of the police was holding a picture which looked like me. I looked closely, it was me. He came close to me and held me. He looked at me well and then he asked me where I had been. Before I could answer him Junior came out shouting mummy, daddy is home. My wife came out with three other women and Mr. Idris. Though I was ill, but I found it a bit funny for a second seeing my wife dressed like a widow, another second I was crying internally knowing I’m dead and she is a widow. The police told my family to go in while they asked me some questions. I did not utter a word since I came, even when Junior held me I did not move or embrace him. When the police where questioning me, I was silent. They asked all they could but I pretended to be absent.

The other officer suggested I go inside and rest, that they will be back in two days time. They might be thinking I went through a lot of stress, so I need to rest. They called Mr. Idris to take me in. The following morning a lot of the university community people came to congratulate my wife that I was found safe and sound. My wife was and will ever be a born again Christian. I can’t remember the last time I knew that she went to the saloon. But for her mother, life starts at fifty. I was in the room when she told me that her mother was around. I last saw the woman when my wife was admitted. My wife’s parent live in Akwanga, which is roughly two hours drive from Jos. Both her mother and father were alive then. I mean no insult or any harmful issue, but her father is more of a pagan. He was neither a Muslim nor a Christian, even during our wedding he refused going into the church. I went to the sitting room to welcome the mother.

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: September 04, 2008, 09:16:23 PM »
thanks Muhsin,
i'll work on it.

chit-chat / Re: WHILE I WAS AWAY
« on: August 29, 2008, 09:54:50 PM »
No, I was not. All that happened and text and what have u was about him and her. But if u will carefully get it, I had a flash back of the event which I narrated. It was when I noticed the plane crashing, I had that flash back.

Yes… he met her friend which eventually ended up his wife that very day he was going to propose to her.

He did on several occasion asked her to stop using multiple ear rings and hair attachment which she denied. But her friend wich he got married to honored his request one first day, which I hope it forever.

chit-chat / Re: WHILE I WAS AWAY
« on: August 29, 2008, 05:22:15 PM »
Its sad hearing of what happened during a short while, but as we all know… no clock is still. May he is gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

My while I was away… is not really while I was away. But everything is happening so fast that I am beginning to loose track, thinking everything happened during the weekends. Pls members… forgive me for sharing this with you. But like the famous hausa saying ‘matanbayi baya bata’ how right is everything I ask?

A friend of mine asked me to accompany him to Kaduna. He had finally made a choice and decided to settle down. I envy his decision and wish him well… but it was something I could do too. We got there on time, not really tired… we even had a chat with her friends. A relationship well built with true love on the surface crashed when I told him to make his move by proposing but he continued chatting with her friend. I notice the drama that was about to happen but simply could not believe. I then had a flash back of something he once told me. ‘Mr B. I’m beginning to loose focus on my gal… simple request she refuses to honor, something a normal friend could asked. I know about the issues that girls don’t like being tailored, am her man, her guy… and it’s a man’s world. We can’t have two pilots on a plane… once most be the captain. Like you know, I love decency. She of recent added one more ear hole in addition to the two she already has. Again, I told her to stop using hair attachment… which she claimed to stop but frequently use. I am tired… what do you think? Because I stopped answering her calls of recent… look at the text massages she sent ‘u dnt want 2 tlk wt me do u? wat is wrng? Wat eve is there atleast u ans my calls. Allah baka hakuri’ I did not even bother to load my phone not to mistakenly dream of putting my phone under my pillow and lay on. You know it can send a blank msg. Sometimes when we have issues… I tell her she is my best friend also my lover, not that you’re not, but u’re second best Mr. B. I swore not to grace any of her calls but she kept persisting…there was this text msg she sent when I was about going into the mosque for my magrib prayer… I wanted to read it after praying but I could not hold not knowing what she had to say. My friend, during my prayer I was just smiling throughout and happy because of the content. She wrote ‘I need to talk to my friend, I think I got issues with my guy’ I replied ‘hey how u doing and all. Wat is it with ur guy? Don’t tell me he is blowing it again, this your guy self, na wo’ she wrote ‘I don’t know what is going wrong but he is not ans my calls’ I replied ‘was there anything he requested of you? She replied ‘he told me to stop using attachment and the third and second ear hole and these are two things I love about myself. I would not do anything against his will, do u think he will allow me do this.’ I replied ‘I don’t really know him to well, so cant conclude 4 him, but I know u, u’re cool and lovely, time will heal all things. Sometimes we have to let go of what we want to hold on to wat we need, sincerely gal… if he is not worth it… forget him and do ur stuff, it’s a big world’ she replied ‘he is worth more than that, I just want him to know that I love him’ well I did not write further and she did not too’
Now I guess I know why these were all happening. During his chat with the friend, he asked her to remove the second ear ring she was using, wic she instantly did and promised not to use it again, members K-online as I’m writing this… he has a child named Ameer with the friend. It was just like yesterday, with his permission I write this asking how wrong was he?

n.b IBB safe trip

chit-chat / Re: i want every body here
« on: August 28, 2008, 10:58:40 PM »
Friendship is when I miss some not family
Ideas and common goals
Cant be bought only hypocrisy

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:20:51 PM »
Thank u my noble one. (IBB).
I dont have a deadline yet, and I'm looking forward to your comments.
and are you suggesttion more paragraph in the submited story or coming one? or should i post more paragraph u mean!

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: August 25, 2008, 09:42:16 PM »
Thanks Muhsin,
I am on it.

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: August 24, 2008, 12:19:57 PM »
Continuation I
I’ll not hate the society or blame anyone for my mischief or sit-down feeling sorry for myself till my death comes. I’ll not allow the pains of sociological emotions of being left alone disturb or eat me alive; I’ll live strong till I die. On February 20th, the year 2002, a date that changed my entire life. My wife was admitted in JUTH, Jos University Teaching Hospital, at about eleven a.m. I was not in town then, but after I received a call from my neighbour, Mr. Shung, I immediately returned. At about four p.m that some day I was in Jos, the weather was cool and the clouds had porch the sun making visibility a bit tense. I found my way to the hospital through the sensible weather. I went without delay to the reception; there I got to find her whereabouts. Just after conforming her ward, I saw my neighbour Mr. Shung, he lead me to her room. On getting to the door, the doctor came out from her room. Mr. Shung introduced me to the doctor, after which the doctor requested me to come along with him to his office. I wanted seeing her first but I believe I also wanted to hear what he had to say. I went in alone with the doctor ahead. He told me to sit down after which he asked me if I knew my wife was pregnant, I did not hesitate I responded positively. Then he told me he was sorry but my wife has lost the child she was carrying. I was silent for awhile. When I was trying to ask, he told me that she also lost a lot of blood and she needs immediate blood transfusion. I then asked him I once donated blood to her, can I still do that? He told me why not, he said I should go and see her while he makes the preparations for that. As I walked into her room I saw two of my colleagues from the university, my two kids and my beautiful God sent wife laying on the bed with a nurse adjusting the drip. She gazed at me, one need not to be a genius before you translate the love she speaks about in her looks. I first started shaking my colleagues thanking them for their concern over my family when a nurse came in to call me. I told them I’ll be right back. My blood sample was taken for verification before I could make the donation. I returned to her room while they went ahead doing the test. My kids were happy that I was finally there. Junior came close to me telling how his mother was in pains throughout the night. He told me that she was at first expressing grief of which he knows not the source while laying down on her bed. Later she began moving crying aloud. That was when he rushed to call uncle Shung. Mr. Idris which was one of my colleagues then, pulled Junior close and wiped his tears. It was then I realised Junior was crying while narrating the pains his mother went through. I blamed myself for not being there though. Junior being my first child, a boy of eleven could take odd jobs at this age to know what hurts who, to even share the pains, oh God help me. The doctor came in that everything was set for the blood transfusion. I told him but I have not made the donation yet. He said the blood needed has been gotten already. The doctor was Idris’s close friend. We were told to move out, in a while we were told to return in. She was getting better in the morning. Laughing and even talking more to everyone, she was even asking me that do I know how much she missed me. I replied her saying I’ll never leave her again. At that time, I had lectures to give back in school, but I don’t know how to tell her I had to go. The doctor came in and requested me to come to his office. I didn’t really like the look on his face, he was trying to smile though, but when doctors try to make you happy there is something disastrous on the way or has already arrived. In his office before sitting I asked him ‘…is my wife okay?’ He told me to sit down. When I sat down, he told me that my wife was okay and in a better condition. There was kind of rest of mind at that minute. I was so happy thanking God when my deeds came hunting me. He asked me if I had a surgical operation recently, ‘NO’ I answered, again he asked me if I had any test of recent. ‘NO’ I still answered; again he asked me if I was faithful to my wife. In an arrogant manner I lost control, I asked him why all the questions. He told me to calm down, when I was settled, he told me that last night he was unable to use my blood. That he did not tell me because I was not in a good condition to absorb the news without any threat. It’s no longer your wife he said. He told me after the test I was found to be HIV positive. I was strong as a man yet I was opaque for a while. At that very time when I was trying to find myself Idris came in, when the doctor was trying to tell him to move out, Idris noticed the dilemma on my face. He did not even talk to his friend the doctor instead he held me asking if I was alright. It was then I came to my senses. I was never who I used to be up till date. My wife was discharged after two weeks, but the joy to express my happiness of her return was dead the day I was told I was HIV positive. Everyone who knows me questioned why I was quiet, and over three months the question change to ‘why are you loosen weight?’ I refused sleeping with my wife because the doctor told me she was HIV negative. I used to be lively and friendly but what I was carrying killed the spirit of that livelihood.

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: August 24, 2008, 12:13:23 PM »
IBB, yes it is. I want you all to read it and amend it by rephrasing or reconstituting the lines by commenting. I’ll add more to the story to give you insight properly.

chit-chat / Re: Hello Member
« on: August 22, 2008, 03:30:57 PM »
Gogannaka, as much as you have understood, the story can not move forward without your comments and amends. I await your comments, please.

Kaduna-Katsina States Forum / Re: Katsina Gails
« on: August 21, 2008, 09:14:19 PM »
Some lovely interesting dialogue has been burn while I was away. If only I were here when it early began, we happily fall into it well. But not yet over, so let me but my own contribution. Kt in general has one of the most powerful genes in the history of Nigeria… so your expectations of the breed should be of excellent status. Today, with few exceptions, when you point at ladies, at of ten beautiful ones, two or more are from Kt. Oh, their attitude, not really magnificent, its based on perspective. Their are not donkeys, when you hit them, they simply jump back with all they have, like amira early said “wa yace damu bamu ba”

Kaduna-Katsina States Forum / Re: Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir raji'un
« on: August 21, 2008, 08:57:40 PM »
As the sun will slowly but surely come to set… so is death with only difference of knowledge. He was called the Liman of Limans. He always led prayers during any meeting of the sarakuna.
My brother, include my condolence along…
May Allah forgive him and we as he has done to those he rightly guided before us. 
n.b I pray we are all rightly guided.

Kaduna-Katsina States Forum / Re: Karadua State
« on: August 21, 2008, 08:49:05 PM »
Its God thanking the world is becoming an invisible village… invisible indeed. That you and I are far apart without actual location, but yet, share a table or even have a peaceful talk while we drink our coffee or stroll on the web. Heads together bring about development, as I know or known since I was given birth, I can’t recall any event irrespective of the size of California of county or state creation. This would not be so if they knew not how good a broom can sweep together. EU is an example. Breaking apart will only result into more factions which result into more instability. May your prayers be answered if duly appropriate for the continuity and development of our great Nation.

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