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General Board / Re: Finagles behind the 'Fulan...
Last post by JeffreyMcDougall - August 12, 2017, 11:22:34 AM
Fulani herdsmen and farmer crisis in NIgeria ; problem and solution... Why is it that the Fulani herdsmen alleged...
Welcome to the Online Forum / Re: MATSALOLIN JAMIO'I DA KWAL...
Last post by mocool - June 14, 2017, 02:56:19 PM
A gaskiya indai ana so mutanenmu su samu ilmi mai sahihanci, to dole ne a yi maganin alfarma a harkar admission.
chit-chat / Re: Kacici-Kacici
Last post by Amsa - May 11, 2017, 10:16:54 PM
Mr Gwanki, these questions are tough. I shall prepare carrying over the course.
chit-chat / Re: Kacici-Kacici
Last post by Gwanki - May 11, 2017, 05:51:17 PM
1. Many flowers close their
petals when it is raining.
2. Many flowers close their
petals when raining.
3. Many flowers close their
petals while raining
4. Many flowers close their
petal while it is raining
5. Many flowers close thier
petals as raining.
6.Many flowers close their
petals as it is raining.
Would you like to explain
which of them are correct
and idiomatic would you
give the reason why they are
so as long as possible?
And instead of close, would
we use shut?
chit-chat / Kacici-Kacici
Last post by Amsa - May 07, 2017, 01:21:43 PM
Lokacin da na dan leqo, na yi arba da rubdugun tambayoyin kacici-kacici da aka gabatar. Ga wasu to a qara:

1. Jalelel ya ja jalele......
2. Duqui a inuwar duqui....
3. mace daya zannuwanta dubu...

A fara da wadannan mu gani. Daruruwa suna biyo baya.
Last post by Abu-Safwan - April 16, 2017, 07:33:23 AM

By Salim I. Hassan (Salimullah) -

May God bless the emir and forgive his shortcomings. "He is him of his own word....he fears not the pen of the critics in the face of the truth he professes.... He is a vibrant 'Mutafanni' intellectual, a Banker, an administrator, a leader and a scholar indeed. Bilingual Speaker and writer, versatile in knowledge, an authority in Shari'ah, economy and finance. The one who knows how to influence, motivate and create action point among those under him and whosoever follows him. He was the defender and saviour of Shariah in the 1999 debate who had challenged and defeated the enemies throughout the media".
This is how I described this man in my article titled: "My Best man of The Year 2016".
Some had described him as controversial, secularist, capitalist and even enemy of the North, all for he dared to express the truth from the bottom of his heart. We are not always following the prophetic model in our manners when we disagree with one another. Some have taking it their daily hobbies criticizing other's opinion, too often not intending to bring better alternative to it but to express themselves as professional writers and critics who can criticize and destroy others view when and how they so wish. They turn any new opinion into a threat to unity, society and its development. They suspend Islamic manners on Adab al-Ikhtilaf (Etiquette of Differing) and indulge in their sel-acclaimed behavior and make the discussion atmosphere to become saturated with backbiting, slander, rumours, accusations, lying, and character assassination.

To this group of people I tell them: They should realize that the Emir Sunusi's 'Expression' is not necessarily the 'Impression they get from him. There do exist a gap between what he mean and what this group of Character Assassinators understand. Ours is to reduce this gap to a minimum; the smaller it is the more successful the Emir is delivering his message. Although few of his critics have managed to be fair to him, like Hamisu Hadejia who also described him as a Philosopher King, some have gone far to make the Emir the victim of character assassination, so much so that they claimed the Emir to have had changed his name from Sunusi Lamido Sunusi to Muhammad Sunusi II for him to start life afresh, as if he has an untold bad record of service, character and or morality.

It is natural to be stereotyped as controversial. Try to be expressive in your truth even if you are alone. This has been a unique character of the emir. You can find only few people of his calibre. He is very assertive in his opinion to the core. None of his opinions fall shorter than yours.

They accused him of being too noisy in media. This is how the Islamic leader should be. Being expressive (speech and writing) is among the 25 qualities of good leader. This man has been an intellectual writer and speaker; therefore you cannot expect him to drop his pen and tie his tongue just because he is now an Emir. In fact, he is in the right position to do it even much. No blame!

They accused him of planning to burry polygamy. This is not a law passed single handedly by the emir; it was just a proposal and he observed Islamic protocol of Shura (mutual consultation) before forwarding this proposal. No blame on him!.
The emir was right when he responded to Gov. Yari as thus: "Don't give these kind of explanations. "That is not an Islamically correct statement to make.""(If) you don't have vaccines, you don't have vaccines; Go and get vaccines."

He was also right when he said that"The North East and the North West of Nigeria are amongst the poorest parts of the WORLD. Not just Nigeria. If Borno and Yobe were countries, they'd be poorer than Niger and Chad.

He was even more right when he said that "The Federal Government of Nigeria is spending 66 percent of its revenues on interests on debts, which means only 34 percent of revenues is available for capital and recurrent expenditures..... "That model cannot work. If you look at the 2017 budget of the Federal Government, I sometimes wonder what Nigerian economists are doing?

May Allah bless the Emir and forgive his shortcomings once again. Go on Emir with your thoughts and ideas. The tirades of character assassinators will not deter you.
Console yourself with what Allah consoles his messenger (s.a.w): "It is by God's grace that you deal gently with them. Had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would surely have broken away from you. Therefore, pardon them and pray for them to be forgiven and consult with them in the conduct of public affairs. When you have resolved about a course of action, put your trust in God. God loves those who put their trust in Him. (Al-imran v.159).
Last post by Abu-Safwan - March 26, 2017, 07:42:01 AM

By Salim I. Hassan
March, 2017

One of my friends is a 'Realist' as he called himself. I have had a short face-face intellectual debate with him (as of yesternight – 13/03/2017) over one of my facebook posts "On the Need of Muslim Withdrawal From United Nations".  He believes and professes the idea that Muslims cannot do anything better than to maintain and retain the current status-quo of the world; he thinks Muslims cannot even exist without the United Nations; and that any attempt by the Muslims to attain autonomy and political independence in the world cannot be possible. His main argument here is that Muslims cannot and never be united. To him the only way to achieve world leadership by Muslims is when they are ready to dismiss their Islam from the lexicon of leadership. He further argues that the Western world are able to rule this world because they dismiss their religions from the quest of material life. Finish!

All that he wants from me is to dismiss our campaign mission of Attaining Muslim Unity and World Leadership, which to him, as it is for many of his kind, can never be realized, although Allah (s.w.t) has already destined and promised it to happen sooner or later, lest you forget.
What will happen if the Muslim world rejects the U.S and the United Nations? What will happen if Islam comes to rule the world again? What will happen if the Muslim world leads their major front on one side and the non-muslim on another? My theory of Triangular World Order System has answers to the above posed questions as far I theorized in my book 'The Message....'. Time matters a lot here!
Why are some Muslim think of impossibility of a world ruled by Islamic leadership? Why are they thinking of the current world order is the best for Muslim world?  They fear that if Muslim would make any attempt to free themselves from the subservience of the Western world they would be isolated. A question here to pose is: Are Muslim not isolated today? They also think that without the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Russia and their Super-government, aka United Nations, Muslim cannot survive and the World cannot live in peace and order as we need them more than they need us. This is how the 'Realists' among the Muslims believe and think.

If Islam was able to rule the past world leading it to prosperity and excellence in knowledge why must you think its non-feasibility today?
Had Islam never rule the world in the past for over 1000yrs (from Abbasid to Muslim Spain and North Africa through Ottoman Turkey to Western Europe) we would have not raised this question. Had Islam lack in details on the world leadership we would have not raised this question. Had Allah did not command the Muslim to establish His religion on earth we would have not raised this question.

By leading this campaign on the Need of Islamic Global Independence we are doing  one of the most religious duty after faith in Allah.
Such realist people are driven by paranoia, despair, hopelessness, and sense of inferiority. Existence of such a category of people reminds me of what Sayyid Qutb had once written: 
"The most important need today is to help the Muslim acquire confidence in himself and in his past so that he is able to face the future 'with hope, courage and determination. His faith in the religion he professes, but whose genius he does not always understand, has to be revived and vitalized. His bonds with Islam are sadly mainly those of heritage. He is a Muslim because he is born to Islam. He has rarely made any serious attempt to acquire a real understanding of his religion...... The teaching of Islam is essentially a teaching of leadership and world welfare. One of its most important characteristics is that it teaches its follower how to acquire self-confidence without conceit or egotism; it breathes into him the fervor of faith and conviction, free of self-deception and, by weaning him from all dependence on others, instils in him complete trust in God with a faith that never falters nor weakens. This faith requires the Muslim to shoulder the responsibility of humanity at large and enjoins on him the trusteeship of the entire
human race. It is the duty of Muslims to guide to the right path those who have gone astray, and lead men, with the help of the light and guidance given by God, from darkness into light".
The Holy Qur'an says: You are the best of people evolved for mankind, You enjoin what is right
and forbid what is wrong; and you believe in God (AI 'Imran 3:110). Also: Thus we have made you a people justly balanced (of the Middle Path) so that you could be a witness (an example) to people and (just as) the Prophet is to you (al-Baqarah 2:143).".
Islam can really lead the modern world as it did before if Muslims are serious. All of the free and fair objectives of the UN are the real responsibilities to shoulder by the Islamic Leadership as prescribed in the Qur'an. Read me here in you like:

A Historical Reminder
Since Islam is a self-esteem religion and a faith that inspires leadership, its real functionality, dynamicity and versatility is tested and proven only when it assumes responsibility. It can never be a camp follower as it can lead the caravan of life. History has a proof on how Islam had once excelled and ruled the world. Muslim world Leadership recorded certain achievements when Islam had a controlling hand in the affairs of the world and had the opportunity to design and lead life according to its own special genius. Muslims had once blessed life by giving it faith and knowledge, fraternity, justice and self-confidence. They prepared and trained men to bring out, through constant effort and endless toil, the hidden potentialities of life so that it could develop and flower into a just, healthy and balanced system. By a correct appraisal of men and their aptitudes, Islam put the right people in the right place for the
reconstruction and development of life and took from each according to his worth.
This was the nature of Islam when it ruled the world. Then came a period whereby Islam lost its leadership. This was mainly due to the failure of the Muslims to efficiently sustain and discharge the great responsibility of the trusteeship of mankind which Islam had enjoined upon them.
Based on the above, we have all reasons to aspire for the restoration of Muslim world Leadership. In fact it is a religious duty which we shall be asked upon.

This is what Allah want from us as Muslims. Do it or reject it! That is how it is all; no third way.
To close this treatise, I will employ Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi where he writes in his book:
"The call of Islamic world is to believe in God, in the Prophet and in Divine leadership. The consequence of such a faith would be emergence from darkness to light, from the worship of human beings to the worship of God, from the narrowing circumstances of this world to the expanse of the universe, from tyranny and injustice to the justice, equality and fraternity of Islam. The supreme importance of such a message today is obvious that it is easier to appreciate it in the present age in which ignorance stands exposed and its hidden evils unmasked. The whole world has become tired of it. It is therefore, precisely the time when the world could turn from the present leadership to the leadership that Islam offers, provided the Islamic world awakes and adopts with conviction and sincerity, determination and courage the message of Islam and believes firmly that Islam alone can save humanity from degradation and ruin". (p.5)

May Allah restore our Past glory and increase us guidance and self-confidence.


Welcome to the Online Forum / MATSALOLIN JAMIO'I DA KWALEJOJ...
Last post by Gwanki - March 19, 2017, 12:08:03 PM
Matsaloli a jami'u da kwalejoji a jihar kano sunanan makale a bangarori da dama.
Amma a inda matsalar tafi lalacewa shine a ALFARMA, ayanzu al'marin alfarma ya mamaye ko ina a harkar kwalejoji da jami'un mu na jihar kano. Kama tun daga kan samun admission har zuwa wajen karbar result. Dayawan dalibai suna son samun guraban karatu amma kuma dalilin alfarma duk sun watsar, wasu kuma har sun samu dama sun kammala karatun na su amma kuma result ya zame masu matsala domin kuwa alfarma ta shiga lamarin. gaskiya ya kamata masu iko a lamarin suyi wani abu
Allah ka gyara mana wannan lamarin
General Board / Re: Ife Massacre I
Last post by Muhsin - March 13, 2017, 06:29:09 PM
Dr. Dumeje Okafor wrote, in reaction to my post on Sabo Ife, Osun killings of Hausa settlers on Facebook:

Muhsin Ibrahim, my brother, as for disbanding the EYE cult (Great Ife) and the NURTW that carried out the attack, it may never happen.

I was at Ile-Ife to visit a friend 2 days ago when the calamity began.  I was involved in treating injuries sustained by 3 Hausa kids (who lost parents too) in the attack.

Later today security meeting was held at Oba's palace by [the] governor, security agencies and traditional institution.

I was giving room to speak and I said the Slapper and the murderers should face the law but one elder shouted me down and asked me "when Brigdet your sister was beheaded at Kano, no be the Attorney General of the state speak say they no get case to answer and they were acquitted? So Great Ife has been acquitted".

Wow! I stood up and said "Nigeria really needs a Doctor, we all are sick".

So why was Brigdet's killers acquitted? Why [were] kids in Sabo (who have no business with girlfriend) injured?
General Board / Ife Massacre I
Last post by Muhsin - March 13, 2017, 06:28:24 PM
News: Nigeria is sick 🛏️

According to a Daily Trust report, a fight broke at Panteka market, Kaduna state, between Igbos and Hausawa. Tracing the genesis of the clash, an eyewitness narrated that a Hausa trader, Muhammad, named his dog Ibere, after an Igbo fellow trader. Mr. Ibere warned him to rename the dog but he refused. To even the equation, the Igbo guy purchased a dog and named it Muhammad. And then, all hell broke loose.

Elsewhere, the Daily Nigerian reported from Sabo Ife, Osun state, that a disagreement,which was soon resolved, between a Yoruba lady and a Hausa man led to the massacre of more than 30 Hausa settlers by a militia group, Great Ife. Most of their business places, houses and mosques were razed down.

While I believe that the Hausa trader is at fault for refusing to rename his dog, the Great Ife miscreants have no ground whatsoever to go on rampage and murder such a number of innocent Hausawa. The state government should, as a matter of urgency, take decisive and drastic action to disband the group. Its members should be arrested and charged according to the book.

Nigeria has so much hurdles to overcome for it to move forward. Ethno-religious conflicts are some of the most serious blocks for the country's development. Unfortunately however, the crisis does not seem to end soon, perhaps forever. The recent spade of such clashes between clans should awake the government to take more serious measures, lest things go out of hands. It is despairing. Wallahul musta'aan.

May Allah restore peace in Sabo Ife, Panteka market and all other troubled places, amin. May Allah rest the souls of the deceased, grant speedy recovery for the wounded, and support all others affected, amin.