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Our Leaders

Started by ajingi, May 27, 2004, 09:27:02 AM

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Those who are shouldered with the responsibility of trust in our public sector are now live on dishonesty street. They wear the garments of self interest, the cap of hypocrisy, drink the wine of corruption and sleep on bed of complecency. Thier eye are covered with the glass of visionlessness while wearing the wristwatch of excuses that refuse to take resposibilty.

Please k-onliners comment
I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.


Assalamu alaikum,
It is really disheartening that we have such crop of (contemporary) leaders. I think we need to also examine ourselves (the followers)......
In the Affairs of People Fear Allah (SWT). In the Matters Relating to Allah (SWT) Do not be Afraid of Anybody. Ibn Katthab (RA).


Corruption from top to bottom is destroying Nigeria. It is so widespread that it has become a fact of life. How many people on this forum complaining about he corruption and venality of Nigeria's leaders would refuse a corrupt deal if it was going to bring them thousands of Nairas or dollars? But if the leaders steal and cheat how can anyone expect the common people to be honourable? Democracy only works if the leaders are subject to the force of the law like everybody else and it only works when the law is applied honestly and not bent to suit some people.
The rich and powerful people in every country in the world try to use their money to buy power, influence and freedom from the law. Only a strong democracy can change this - so Nigeria better keep working at it>


Assalamu alaikum;
ajingi, EMTL and Dave_McEwan_Hill,

Thanks for starting and commenting on this topic.

I think as you have all said either directly on indirectly, the main problem is that of ?LOJ - Law, Order and Justice?. LOJ for rich or poor, for the Governor and the governed, for the young and for the old? If in fact we have sufficient LOJ we would not have the problem of corruption and many other such problems at the top and certainly not at the bottom. If we have sufficient LOJ, everybody be it a leader or not, would be punished for breaking any law. One of the reasons why people, especially the leadership break laws, is because they are not properly punished. Also, you will never have a country where all it?s citizens are uncorrupt while the leadership is corrupt. Therefore the solution to this problem is to remove the corruption from the leadership. Now the big question is how do you do that? How do you remove the corruption from the leadership? How do you implement true and sufficient LOJ?

I remain yours.


Salaam all.
Yes, corruption has been running through the nerves of Nigerians just like blood, any body dares to fight it must stake his life first.
We are the most religious country same as most corrupt country on the earth. One will wonder whether the faith of Nigerians admonishes corruption!


I like alimsuf's conclusion that we are the most religious country and yet the most corrupt!! how true this should make us think very hard.

It is very true their is no law, order and justice.  The biggest obstacle to the introduction of any sense of law and order - judiciary, itself is corrupt.

But in all the decay there are lots of true and honest nigerians whoes hearts bleed for the nation.  There are nigerians who know there is a better way to do things than they are being done now.  There are also non nigerians who have nigeria close to their hearts and their is the international community who can be brought in on some matters but on our own terms.

What in effect I am saying is that there are resources, however the biggest problem is organising and coordinating these resources to establish an effective group or organisation.  An organisation that will be the consience of the people, that would follow up on matters and those that preside over them and publish their findings.  So the group must have very serious media access and be able to put questions up front to leadership.  It will be tough but it is possible.  The problem now is their are all these problems and frustrations yet we as a people are not organised to face up to these leaders.  So may be the first thing to do on the how is to organise ourselves