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The Standard of Male child in the Family

Started by mangopack, March 26, 2004, 06:02:46 PM

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Dispute; the desperation of Nigerians to become rich is too expenses
It is not a say that ?When a Female child Educate, the whole Family is being educated? what about the Male Child?
This is something that needs to be put into consideration, that the care given during the Female child Education is better than the Male?s child. Actually girl needs to be given a kind of consideration during their school days and with no objection, because if they are not been Considered the should run in to prostitution but all care suppose to be taking with boys who are also need to be trained in other to held the Family even if the Father is weak not to talk of death. Not giving male child good care should brought committing of crime at their younger age and Looting when they got to the higher offices, so what are going to do about this? Is that because the poor are still poor in taking the responsibilities of there children Education? Or you think that the rich are always rich? Let me tell you something you never know with. The life in this world is like what James thought about in his Noble, that ?WOMEN ARE ACTUALLY GIVEN TO MEN TO ENJOY, BUT DON?T LET THEM CONTROL YOU, IT IS A QUITE FATAL I FOUND NECESSARY TO UP THE PLEASURE OF WOMEN YEARS AGO THE HAVE A DANGEROUS WAY OF SAPPING ONE?S WILL, POWER DIVERTING ONES AIM IN LIFE AND CAUSING TROUBLE? take this quotation and compare it with today?s life what do you see? How people a clean of this? How many are implicated? What do you really expect will be the returns if this persisted? What is your own contribution in controlling this for the sake of Mercy in this Nation? Actually this one out of a lot that our leaders always forget with, and a lot knows about it and has the right to talk while they are not. Why? I hate the first day these leaders come to power, and I don?t want to remember anything like 29th may in life because is not suppose to be a day to be remembered. I rather to die in the rule of real military than that of soldier with civilian dress. This is only the fact I?m talking not  saying it for the sake of my interest. Finally I look forward for your respond

Siedie Munzar
No Q7 Kabala Costain Kaduna