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Argungu fishing festival

Started by Dante, March 19, 2004, 09:55:35 PM

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The Argungu Festival has begun Yesterday
18'th march and will end tomorrow after
the fishing festival. Today is meant to be
the cultural night, where there will be some
traditional dambe & kokawa.

Here are some mugshots from the event:

Gaskiya tafi komai..........هو الذي


oh really thats so nice ive been to argungu festival twice and it was really nice people catchin very big fishes........... when i was kid my inna (old nanny) told us this story that b4 the festival is done there has to be permission from the king of the water that his name is makwashe that at one time the festival was done without his permission and all they get the catch was frogs (lol) no even baby fish was caught that day............... but i think is all those feak made up hausa story dont be sceared ;) ;) ;)


I wouldn’t dismiss everything about some of these "stories" A lot of them are made up but I attended a fishing festival that was held after a lot of trouble and strife from competing fishermen in different villages. One of the fishermen refused to participate and promised all manner of vengeance and halfway through the event a swarm of bees appeared out of nowhere and sent everybody packing.
Coincidence???  .