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Started by Fulanizzle, July 03, 2004, 04:12:11 PM

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Here's mine, never ever let a girl know you're crazy about her. You might end up being a subject in a forum!


Quote from: "Anonymous"
Quote from: "Fulanizzle"
Quote from: "waz"

Hey! Snoop wannabe, wat's ur problem?
Oh and as for my being a weirdo.....well it takes-one-to-know-one baby!


WAZ...if i were u i will simply change my name to Galadima, Madaki or any of the title...or even Sarki!!!

of all the names in the palace!

am sure if u continue using this name oneday we will have GOG, FUL, UMM, HAF, NUR....ET?? How can I short ETML!

abeg if u like short name I suggest SAR short for _Sarki_[/quote]

No thanks i prefer this name, after all it's a free world isn't it?
But you might wanna consider saving those names for when you register.


color=blue]NOBODY is PERFECT and I am NOBODY.[/color]


Quote from: "kitkat"Here's mine, never ever let a girl know you're crazy about her. You might end up being a subject in a forum!

heheheheh...Fulanizzle have u seen this?
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."    ~ Mark Twain


Lol, you ppl are this funny.

But Kitkat I tend to believe the pleasure in giving is much more than the pleasure in taking. So if I should give love I tend to give it in abundance. The highest that could happen is for others to make me a subject in a forum. But when they speak about me they certainly can only say I LOVE. They can never ever say I HATE. And that will add to my credentials for angels will take it to my lord saying: Your servant is good, for the records in others ppl's conversations show that he gives LOVE just as you command he should not HATE.

To all my ppl I always give this instruction: Love as if love doesn't hurt. Give as if you are the one who creates. For since givers never lack,  it is ONLY those who can give love can have it back in abundance. If to those coming from the front side whom you give do not reciprocate the ones coming from the back will shower it on you. This even at the level of the spirit, if not in the PHYSICAL sense of it.

So ma gud ppl love  :

" There is no better story than this we live
For we only llive once and die
Why then do we cry?
Let us laugh till the day we die"

dan kauye

lallai kam we're all earssssssssssss!(plus including dan-kauye)..betta watch thangs happen dan make things happen in here.
Dan-Kauye's Artist Of The Week;Robin Thicke


Fulanizzle, Gogannaka, here is one as I promised:
When in college, some of my friends were in the famous MSS -muslim student society. There were things that some of us use to fight them, Like:
-beating students for a reason not worth mentioning
-punishing students for going out with "babes"
-they are hard to forgive
-they dont want to know/learn about anything that is not from their preferred scholars
-they dont want to dress clean if not smart
kai, and many more.
And now they have all changed, because none of them(with one exception) is close to the named association, since it is everywhere/at all level.

But the so called "yan iska" those that always tell them to be careful when "dealing" students are now better muslims

What am now saying is that IF YOU KNOW YOU CANT STAND FOR IT, DONT GO FOR IT.
to be clearer if you cannot be a radical, dont try to be a radical.


Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.


Quote from: "_Waziri_"
Anyway, life is this beautiful. WAZ you are welcome to K-online and I am happy to a friend in need.

Thank you once again.

I completely disagree
W*A*Z* or whateva, u maybe welkom alright, but I can afford calli`n anyone else wazz but d legend himself. u wanna stay here, get a name.
Dont think I`m harsh but u want a first class seat widout a dime. see why u gotta do som`n.
Safety and Peace


Fulanicious, nice post sis
never dare a Nija man, the most unpredictable man on earth.
Never dare a Nija woman....I mean u can alwayz, u are always sure on what sh`ll do anywayz...haha
Safety and Peace