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check if ur name's included part 2!!!

Started by ali_grema, February 14, 2004, 09:36:30 PM

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haba bros and siss,
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? being a new member on the best chat room in sub saharan Africa,u won't expect me to know all of u and why i'm i on the chat?if not to meet all of u.sorry u misquote my thought and this was just to be my last day cos i was told of the replies(that it ain't good),until i checked it now,thank God i chaned my mind!!
? new names:
zezezee hope your not offended cos personally i admire ur courage and i'm sorry if u misunderstood me,always b there.
smally,haba ur just too cool to be a friend and i believe ur not small cos u got strenght and good will.
? basketmouth ur bam,and like to know u personally..
?mudacris,i have this feelin that i know u somewhere...its ali g hola to be sure...
? hausanicious ur our main connector(hausa thing)
abdulmalleeq thanx bro ?and twinkle ur just as bright as i can imagine....
? hope we share happy sad joyfull and blissfull moment together on the net...i don't regret knowing u all
take care.



wheres he goin to??? ?
Mr Ali gee, just when the house has started rockin and we have started going with da flow as well, then suddenly u want to sign out??? ? if i got u correctly....or are u not having fun here? I bet all dem ladies are PMing ya huh! whats up with ur trip to KN? how many ladies u got droppin their numbers for ya? loads i bet.
Hey, thnx alot for the information was totally my fault ( i was too slow to grasp the thread i guess) ....dnt go man.......pls stay.
 just realised that nothing is what it seems.


??? ? ??? ? ??? ? ???

what is the use of this link? abeg make you remove ham.

this topic is meaningless.
oyayya ruwan zuma, in kasha......



kharalu i will never regret ever replying you!!!pls try and see 4 urselve!!feel at home..........