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Cigiya 'yan uwa

Started by Ihsan, January 31, 2003, 11:14:36 PM

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I'd say we vote him off cuz appearently hez not up to tha task. ;D
   But then we shud be careful who we appoint cuz thiz iz a very strategic and sensitive position. He along wit hiz ehmm Minister  MO are tha thin line btw guyz and tha gurls here.
       They have huge amount of responsibilitiez to take care of, and as such we need someone that iz credible and transparent enough to handle thz post.
     Hey wait i think a gurl will be tha best for thiz post ;)
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


Allah yayi dare gari ya waye... rai kan ga rai? Barka da zuwa 'yar uwa Ice...ay har da zan bada bincike wajen Mins. of Info...ehemm...'s good to have u back... :)

Uhm...Maleeq har sai an kai ga nisa wajen neman new assistant? aikin me kake yi... ;D Since Katsinian has shown lack of responsibility and his post is open, ay sai a baka... 8)
Ko ya kika ce Ummita?  ;)
greetings from Ihsaneey


Hehehe!!! :D
Thanks Ihsan and Ummita,
I'm back but not for long as i will soon
start packing my bag ;)
aNo Ta DaBo ChiGaRii, GaRi Ba KaNo Ba DaJin ALLaH.


Ummita no be u wey appoint am? hmmm.. i now understand .from the way i'm seeing things abun democracy ne Ummita ne kuma senate president ;D :D .ight session is going on make i no interrupt ;D


Ok lemme categorise/............then y';all can select a gud female leader. wai....a gurl..that calls 4 discpline/strict leadership.........
4 TRUTH IN ACTION........those in support of Ihsan shud reply putting (her name in brackets)

2 vote 4 Misdemenour HAFSY (pls specify) Mind u she gon' rule funny & y'all end up with clowns online

2 vote 4 ICE : she will make a gud leader, but she will soon run off........

2 vote 4 Fyne Dyme.... she will also make a very patriotic leader but ya'all know that she will not only see 2 her responsibility as shez gon handle everything...

Mind u Twinkle Beeba cud b d best.........but boy,.........does she xsist frequently here.....talkin about negligent leader who doesnt give a nubble about her family

Fulanicious: Boy truss me well disciplied, well mannered but she cant b bothered 2 share her line of duty which other improtant things

Ummul...........ok..she is d purfect leader....but she only creeps in @ nyt. Mind u we lil investment or savings we have so gon use them on desigers.

Well boys get ur pens & papers put down each & evry one of them, their advantages 2 disadvantages....Shot me a holla when u come 2 d conclusion.

I will appoint an acting assitant 2 Moh......A round of applause goes 2 Maleeq, swearin in will take place 2morow. I hope u will hold ur duty well.

If ya'all r not for a coup plot./........whuz with me......
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Duk da nasan am new here. I taught it will be reasonable if I take part in casting the vote. From the way I perceived how the gurls we responding to topics in other topics. I came to the conclusion that I would like to vote for Hafsa but if we can cast two votes at a time. My next candidate is Ihsan :D. I hope either one of them wins :D


Ihsan ke nan nifa as i told u earlier on thiz kinn strategic place no be any pessin fit handle am wo!
 but definately ma votes goin to ihsan .reason, cuz her basis and opinion about most topics here clearly prove beyond doubt that she will make a good assistant.Moreover i see her workkin  well wit da Man himself> ;D ;)

                   I'm out :D ;)
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


"Ouch"!Yes yes yes...........some1 took Ihsan.
Its very unfortunate that I cant participate, it will b so ludacricious 4 I will choose Ihsan 10tyms. Amman one gets 2 cast only one vote per person cuz castin more than that is an abomination.

Hello.................common boys where d gud guyz @? Get things comlicated here :D

I need 2 conduct an analysis soon in oda 2 see who gets d most vote so that we can appoint a female leader..............
Don Allah boyz use uz a mamasita!!!
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Amma I swear yall r off the!
in any case i get to vote it wud be I-H-S-A-N!!! My twin got it all....she got all it takes!!!


Lol, by the way Umi.....ta, In-law, n Amoraaa thanx for da welcum its smoooVe to be back! and aint goin nowhere no more....ofcourse that is if examz dont come crawling around....


na so peeps dey yarn dust.... ::)

;D luv ya tho
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


Quotena so peeps dey yarn dust.... ::)

;D luv ya tho
Na ur senatepresident wey dey yarn dust? ??? ,lallai u get liva ;D ;D :D



Lol, by the way Umi.....ta, In-law, n Amoraaa thanx for da welcum its smoooVe to be back! and aint goin nowhere no more....ofcourse that is if examz dont come crawling around....

EWO! FULANICIOUS...........U don take lead..........plz dont join insanity dey worry them. No more Inlaw plz...Yeah keep brightenin up topics...I like d yellow ;)
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!

Aydee Fella

Sistah Hafsa for Assistant . whoz wid me ;D :D
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"