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The Lowdown on Black IQ..

Started by dan kauye, November 11, 2006, 06:40:34 PM

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dan kauye

An interesting article I found a while ago,on one the forums I frequent.I'll be giving those racist rednecks a peice of my mind.

On a second thought,some of the points might be valid.BRB..

QuoteThe evidence of black intellectual inferiority comes from four sources.

1. TESTING. Blacks have consistently scored lower than Asians and whites in IQ tests for as long as IQ tests have existed. It cannot be cultural bias since Asians have been in the country for less time and are less part of "mainstream culture" than blacks are. Asians who can scarcely speak English score higher than blacks. Also, blacks actually score better on those questions that are more culturally loaded and less pure intelligence loaded! On SATS tests blacks also consistently score lower too.

2. BEHAVIOUR. Blacks do all the things that you associate with low IQ. Crime, unemployment, sexually transmitted diseases, including Aids, illegitimacy, drugs, are all higher amongst blacks, and these are all pathologies that one associates with people who have a low IQ. The low IQ hypothesis "fits in". There are no surprises, there are no anomalies.
Furthermore, their behaviour is pervasive, it is the same all over the world, whether in the USA, Canada, or the UK. Again, just what you would expect from people with a low IQ.

3. HISTORY. Africa was much less developed than the rest of the world when whites and Arabs arrived. Blacks never invented or discovered many of the things taken for granted in the West and the East. Black African countries are worse off now than they were in the days of the British and French colonists. No other part of the world is worse off than it was fifty years ago. This suggests that something intractable is preventing development, not the "legacy of slavery" or the "legacy of colonialism" or the "legacy of apartheid", because these would have been overcome by now, at least somewhere in Africa. On the other hand, low IQ in a nation is indeed intractable in that it will keep a country undeveloped indefinitely and there is no remedy.

4. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Those of us that meet blacks know that they do not function as effectively as whites in occupational roles. "You never see a black with a blueprint." You seldom, if ever, see a black doing a really demanding job well and efficiently. In earlier times, when people were upfront about race, famous scientists and thinkers agreed that blacks were less intelligent. Hume, Darwin, are typical representatives of this sentiment. (This is not just an IQ issue, there are other deficiencies of temperament that present blacks doing certain jobs.)

It is obvious, let's face it, that blacks are less intelligent. But one can readily understand why blacks themselves will want to deny the obvious, since it casts them in a poor light. There are all sorts of psychological reasons why they should cast around clutching at straws in order to claim that they are as intelligent as whites and Asians. But I really can't understand what drives a white person to try to pretend to believe that blacks are not intellectually inferior. In my experience, most whites are aware now anyway, and if they are not then they are fools.

One way of arguing with a white who denies that blacks are less intelligent than Asians (notice that twist!) and denies the four points made above is to turn the tables, and ask what evidence WOULD count as proving black inferiority. My point is that the claim of racial equality is a classic example of what is known as pseudo science. If the four arguments above won't do, then it seems that no evidence would possibly count as proving blacks to be less intelligent. In the scientific jargon, the belief in racial equality is "unfalsifiable", which means, roughly, that it is not a rational belief.

A belief is falsifiable, and hence scientific and rational, if it is capable of being falsified by some kind of evidence. This is not to say that the belief is false, but that it must be possible to imagine an experiement that would test it. There does not, according to the racial-equality-in-everything white fool, appear to be any way of testing whether or not blacks are less intelligent. There is nothing that a race realist can bring to bear that will make him/her change their mind.
Dan-Kauye's Artist Of The Week;Robin Thicke


This is breathtaking stuff and seriously skewed.
There is absolutely no substantive evidence that proves that black people are less intelligent than white people.
The IQ Tests cited are the products of developed Western cultures with content which is familiar to the people of those cultures which leads to them doing significantly better than people of other cultures in these tests.
It is unlikely that a Kalahari bushman would know what to do with a nut and bolt. It is just as unlikely for a European to be able to find water or food in the Kalahari desert.
It depends how you measure intelligence

The accusations of a more criminal nateure of the black man are similar to those used against the Irish in England.

Criminal activity is always highest among the poorest sections of society and has nothing to do with their colour or race. When people are lifted out of poverty they mostly become more law-abiding and more conscious of their social obligations to the rest of their community.
I think you would find in Nigeria that if all your men had decent well paid work available to them (and your leaders did not give bad example by stealing all your wealth) theft and armed robbery would be cut right down.
Black people absorbed into achieving areas of developed societies perform just as well as any others.

Much of Africa in Social and development terms is in the stage that Western Europe was in five or six generations ago. It will catch up eventually but there will be many tears shed before that happens.

If I have any observation to make after my 15 years in Africa it is of an attitudinal problem. There is far too much deference to "big men" and far too much acceptance of things which are not good enough.

dan kauye

Finally got a few minutes to type a little something in here.

One and two have some merit. The rest  I don't fully agree especially since Africa was the start of civilization, irrigation etc.

And IQ tests aren't necessarily the best for determining intelligence between races. The tests are a good indicator of how well a population will fare in a society geared towards skills related to IQ, but it doesn't properly contrast intelligence between races.

I'd put blacks below Whites on overall mental intelligence, regardless of how they are brought up, and I don't believe that the differences are as great as those associated with the IQ tests. However, I do believe that the differences are significant enough to have a detrimental effect on our society with the large scale incorporation of blacks and other non-White races.

Also,I don't disagree with the basic point here, but I am curious about why this subject is presented in this way. I've heard/read the IQ argument so many times over the years, and in my opinion the "superiority vs. inferiority" angle only makes these peope look worse, not better, in the eyes of the rest of us.

Will be back shortly..
Dan-Kauye's Artist Of The Week;Robin Thicke


I'm surprised , you believe in any of that rubbish up there posted from some racist site. It was so contemptuous it didnt deserve to be replied to.

Dave was right in his analysis of intelligence as mostly environmental nurture. Intelligence is partly inherited, but it is a function of the environmental circumstances that u find yr self in. Its development starts right from the foetal stage. According to findings which I cant substantiate, if a pregnant woman nourishes her body well enough with the right kinds of food, the child she is carrying gets the sufficient ingredients to develop into a healthy normal baby with all the right faculties. After that, the way the baby is nurtured at its infancy also plays a role. Being loved and feeling secure goes a long way to making a child intelligent.
I am sure you know that Hausa saying that ''ya'yan fari dolaye ne'. That is strangely enough true, given that in our society, first borns were generally ignored and neglected by their mothers. Children brought up without love have difficulty in communicating love to others, also a repressive home leads to tendencies to violence in later life.  

After that then there is early exposure. For example if you expose a child to a computer at an early stage, the chances of his becoming a computer nerd and geek and mastering all its intricacies later in his life are very very high. I dont know if u ever heard about a boy genius who became a Hafiz at something like less than 7yrs old I forget exactly his age, but apparently, his mother used to recite the holy Quran when he was in the womb and he was exposed to reading it at a very early age.
In many western countries, children are exposed to many many things at an early stage in their lives. Children are taught to experiment with simple laws of physics or chemistry or any other discipline. Take for example this simple act of blowing a soap bubble. Its fun to do and watch and even as old as I am, I still take a lot of pleasure in blowing soap bubbles. Kids are made to blow them and asked why it is that the bubbles are perfectly round or some such thing, and this is in order to give them an idea of surface tension. Or crystallizing sugar from a liquid mixture, or melting salt in the air. These are all very simple things that make children think a lot and start them in the right direction towards the optimal utility of their intelligence.
We all know that black people whereever they are, especially in the west have had to live as second class citizens, because they are denied education, adequate healthcare,  they lived in ghettoes,  they are victimized and brutalized by police. Just yesterday, I heard in the news about the killing of a  black man, by police, in either Atlanta, or Florida. He and his friends had just come out of a club where he had celebrated his stag night. He was getting married in the morning and when he and his friends got in to their car, and reversed into a police stake out van (the police were staking  the club bcos they had been tipped that there was drug dealing going on there) the police fired FIFTY BULLETS into the car!! Then they claimed that the occupants of the car carried a gun. Upon the car being searched, they found nothing in the car. Yet despite that, those injured in the shootout were taken to a hospital and HANDCUFFED to their beds!!! One had been shot in the leg,yet the same leg was cuffed to the bed post in the hospital. This only happens to black ppl in America.

In an atmosphere like this, without sufficient securtiy or welbeing,how can u have the requisite amount of concentration to think about things other than how to survive? In order to be a genius, one must be in a relaxed frame of mind, not jittery or angst ridden.

Look at apartheid in South Africa. Decades of inhuman subjugation of blacks.
How on earth could someone in that kind of situation have his intelligence measured against somebody who has never known what it is to be castigated and not be found wanting?  After all intelligence is simply  how u apply what u learned through experience or reading. If u are not taught anything constructive to begin with, how can u actualize anything constructive?

And as for us Africans at home, who have lived in relative security and peace with the warm love of our families to sustain us and keep us together mentally and physically, what is injuring us is bad governance.  We are very intelligent human beings but our potentials are being stifled by lack of good education all over the place. That is what is depressing our intellects and our children's intellects; the fact is that illiterati are the rulers of our communities and therefore their own focus will never have anything to do with the most important thing that any person can obtain in this life, and that is education.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum