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A Constitutional Delegate from Kano

Started by Hausanicious, January 09, 2004, 01:31:27 PM

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At the kaduna Airport, a group of journalists met an Alhaji, a Delegate from kano who is representing his constituency in the constitutional conference, and the following Dialogue took place:

Journalist: Good afternoon Sir,

Delegate: Good Aptunun (afternoon)

1st Journalist: Are you a  delegate in the constitutional conference?

Delegate: Yes I am representing my fifu (people)

2nd Journalist: What is the present political situation of this country?

Delegate: Situation? it is situated at Abuja.

3rd Journalist: We mean the political position of this country

Delegate: The hausas are carrying first.

4th Journalist: No, we mean the current political atmosphere of this nation

Delegate: Current? it is full current Bcos NEPA never seize light any how and the atmosphere is very hot for the sun is too much at Abuja

5th Journalist: You do not understand us. We mean the place of politics in the development of this country.

Delegate: it is ASO Rock bcos it is at that place some result will be announced.

6th journalist: What system of government are we going to adopt at the end? Is it presidential?

Delegate: System? we do not want any sytem of government, all we need is the president.

At this juncture, the journalists were speechless and the Delegate asked them for more questions. ;D ;D ;D
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i am just thinking why you should hide the true name of the delegate- it was Hausanicious.
You should not be ashame of yourself. you were trying to say your feelings. dont worry about a thing
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