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An ASSIGNMENT foor all

Started by Maleeq, January 30, 2003, 06:14:41 AM

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       Hey  guyz i'm sorry emmm....the name of tha topic doesn't fully reflect the contents of this thang,nonetheless its somethang like it.I deliberately made it thiz way so as to have u guyz undivided attention ;D.nnywayz lemmi go straight to tha point.
      U see i've been thinkin and i waz juss wonderin,peeps dont seem to  care or give a damn about their society anymore,introverts if i may add.peeps think only of their personal self and maybe juss maybe their imidiate relations not haviving a single thought about others in their minds.
       ight thiz is tha main part,i want all y'll and i mean ALL
Y'LL to sit and crack ure gifted brainz and come up wit somethang u think might help to move ure society,hey wait i mean tha world! forward.somethang that can make a difference in all our lives.
       I would like anyone who cared to read this to post anythang he or she has in mind so that we can counter relate and debate on it.promise u it will be fun :D.
     Though,  If u cant put into action wat u have in mind i suggest u post it nonetheless cuz someone might be able to help u out or even work on it on his own.i myself dont even have anythang in mind but im sure i'll come up wit somethang.
                          thanx for readin thru    
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


well.....i STRONGLY suggest the sistahs in naija should stress that... before they vote for a person in office.... the man should have a clean record in handling his family...
meanin'... if a man is known for hitting his wife.... divorcing wives.... wreckless family man.... juss plain careless and ignorant.... we shouldnt vote for him
brothaz.. ya'll better think 'bout it too....
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One thing that if we put in2 practise that I will surely know it will make a diff 2 d society & d ppl livin in d society as a whole is provindin job opportunies 4 d younger generation & allow them 2 eliminate careers of the own. Like artist, most northerners dont like their kids takin up careers as artist........parents think 2 b sooo super superior my childs gotta b either a Doc, Lawyer, Politician or Banker........

Careers like footballs, Social health workers, Porters, Chauffer(lol) ....., Cheffs, shoemaker,builders etc r regarded as jobs that r not worth it, but worthless.

When u mention either one of d above 2 ppl as ur job & a way u make ur own livin......., ppl give u degradin looks (so it has 2 b jobs like a merchant!!!  ::)mhmmm

If d society shud start puttin this jobs in2 consideration. there wud b low rate of unemployed workers, youngsters wud find su'in duin that will keep them goin. They wudnt take up money makin ways like sellin xtc,Speed (drugs) engaging their selves in rit & run (robbery), walkaabouts, roudiness & vandalism and so on & hence forth. Low livin standard as in income & source of finance will increase: As long as ppl have these jobs, they can sustain their selves (dai-dai) as long as d job can pay in providin them a three square meal, a shelter 2 sleep in & a cloth 2 cova up. Theres no need 2 make it 2 d top.........2 start livin a life!!

I have finished my assignment. Wat mark du I get?
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Well a good start to making a society a better place is by being good to Ur neighbours, one of the major problems with Nigerians is that they do not care what kind of state their neighbours r in. I believe that if we start to care much more about r neighbours then society, as a whole would be better.

Aydee Fella

hey do you know sumtin i think will help the society?    The "Pay it forward" stuff, its from a movie and it sounds crazy and might probably not work in this world that we live in but if only the members of this site will adopt it will affect the lives of the  people around us . Its juss simple if a person does u good instead of repayin the favor u pass it forward to someone else and so it goes.
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"


  actually itz tha name of tha movie.yeah i think it will be great to do somethang like that.
   Well i think the society shud be aware of prospects and potentials of certain peeps.i mean u find in a  settin many talented peeps wit great potentials but are not known bcuz tha society consider tham as inferior and not worth considered.
     i think we'll record positive results if everyone iz given equal oppurtunity to prove hiz or her mettle,thay way the society bcomes more innovative sort of.  

                i'm out :D ;)
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Telling the truth...u wanna make the society better....... simply follow what Allah said...

dont drink... then there wouldnt  be murder, adultry, and any  forms of all evil...
Allah said gurls cover up.... then there wouldnt have been adultry and rape....
Allah said dont steal, be kind to others....
Allah said give charity, give zakkah...there would have been less hunger in the world...

soooo many thingzzzz that would have made the world a better place!!!!!

oh well, May Allah help us all
Salamu alaikum


Assalamu-alaikum,ya'll have very nice points and i think another way to move the society foward especially ours that is developing is by appreciating our own products,services etc.I mean how do we expect our country,economy,wuteva to move foward when we do not patronize our own products ??? .
     Another issue is that of tribalism.I think its hi-time we all forget this issue of tribal wuteva and start working together as one,that way i think we can help move this country foward.


yaya u dint talk aqll thats bothering nija at tha moment ;)

          i'm out ;) :D
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


QuoteWell a good start to making a society a better place is by being good to Ur neighbours, one of the major problems with Nigerians is that they do not care what kind of state their neighbours r in. I believe that if we start to care much more about r neighbours then society, as a whole would be better.

personally, i dont think this is an issue in Naija.... ana zumunci sosai a naija....
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Another way to improve our nation also is by helping each other, where the rich should create jobs for peolple and us as citizen should also try to make great effort in putting our nation in order, we shouldn't just be sitting around and doing mola. we should all go out find jobs (if they create them) and work really hard, that way our society can develop into something good. by creating jobs it doesn't mean all the workers should be your families, NO it means put someone who has background in the position that you are offering. For us (women) female can be whatever we want we don't have to disrespect ourselves. the harder we work the faster we will see improvement. ko kuwa yaya kuka ce yen' uwa?
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.....or we could have little sport teams for each community to promote team and community spirit....
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QuoteFor us (women) female can be whatever we want ... ko kuwa yaya kuka ce yen' uwa?

"When I was a woman", said one lady "everything was discriminated against us, now they have succeded, they still haven't given us our rights, instead they made us men"

This causes more confusion, dear. Besides, that is not at all a problem in Nija. Our major problem lies in our hearts; selfishness, which is the root of our curruption. The government also, its internal affairs and evrything of the government share these. Its insulting that to get a fair and equitable job or work done in nija, u cant trust any governmental parastatal, only the private companies, which are for individuals or groups of mostly foriegn nations. In buisiness, who is supposed to be selfish?
My brothers `n sisters, lets loosen up a little, let a little selflessness show, and let curruption at least decline in our generation. Lets unite ourselves for a true being of a nation

I'm out
Safety and Peace