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the worst you could ever get

Started by Anonymous, September 01, 2003, 08:19:35 PM

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 one cold rainy afternoon, a guy was sitting at a bar
 an hour in to his untouched drink. he sits like that 4
 about four hours saying nothing, finally a big rough
 looking guy decided to start some trouble, he then
 walks over picks up the drink in front of the guy nd
 drinks it all down.
     the poor guy starts crying, the rough guy wasnt    expecting that reaction nd he says :oh come on im only
 joking ill buy you another drink i cant stand to see a man cry in response the other guy says wipping his tears.
    this has been the worst day of my life first,  i over
slept nd i was late for work, my boss in a terrible mood
fired me, when i got my things nd left the building to go
 home, i found my car was stolen nd the cops have no
 clue, so i got a cab nd went off, when i got out i remembered i left my wallet nd my credit card on the seat
 nd the driver just drove away.  i went inside nd i found my
 wife in bed with the gardener, so i walked out nd came to this bar.
    and now while im sitting here thinking about putting
 an end to it all you showed up nd drank my poison.  
        ahhhhhhh what a day.........  


aND THEN, AND SO,  ::) ::)
:(   :-[  

;) :D ;D


Haba mai sunan kwakwalwa :o
me Adamu yayi maka haka ;D ;D
color=blue]NOBODY is PERFECT and I am NOBODY.[/color]


kai malan Eskimo, or watever. stop refering me as a male if not i'll squeez ur eye balls out, I'm a female/male
ha ha ha



 Bisexual, i'm i ??? i don't know?? ??? Maybe?? ???  watever ur say IBB.


what do call ur self medulla or shit box, stay out mah way else .......................


Things r starting 2 hot up in this place so when is the PPV scheduled 4


Quotewhat do call ur self medulla or shit box, stay out mah way else .......................

Mazan kwarai, hhhhmmmm nice name but if u are a full na mijin kwarai u don't hav 2 ask me dat question, u should be able 2 answer urself..... by da way ur english vocabulary is absolutely poor, i think da Wernicke's area of ur brain (next 2 da medulla oblongata) is damaged

some correction 4 yah
1) what do call ur self medulla or shit box ~~~~WHY DO U CALL URSELF MEDULLA OR SHIT BOX

2) stay out mah way or else ~~~~STAY OUT OF MY WAY OR ELSE.

Hey guess wat ;D???????????????? i'm gonna be in ur so called way cos i wanna c wat ELSE u gonna do    ;D ;D
ooooohooohoooohohohohohohhhhhhh i smell trouble, am scared    :-[   :-[  :'(


hey meddular did u got that from Wylef rhymes or is it Mandula from 'Dan-makaho Wudil rhymes.


I DON'T KNOW WHICH Dan makaho u ar on about but da answer 2 ur question is: if u wanna know where or wat Medulla is, just place ur hand on da back of ur head just between ur neck and ur qayya  ;D dat's where za medulla is.
silly. ::)


NDLEA watch out!
Some pple get high before coming to this forum.
If you are one of them raise up your hand
;D ;D ;D ;D
color=blue]NOBODY is PERFECT and I am NOBODY.[/color]