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Started by baby_gal_84, May 30, 2003, 10:25:22 PM

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OK we stiil have people who santilized,munje biki me and some of my friends,kunsan yadda bikin kudu yake so much to eat and kuma ga dishes kalakala,bayan an kawo mana abubuwan ci mun fara sai one of my friends tayi dariya and sighs,muka ce mata meye ne,sai tace i just remembered when we were kids we were forced to eat sometimes even with bulala,sai nace kuma gashi yau har a rumfa kina cin abinci, :D


LOL lallai abinchi yayi dadi..
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Wani watan azumin ramadhan bayan an sha ruwa sai mamar mu da zubo kunun tsamiya a cup ta zo gefen kujerar da baban mu ke zaune,ta zauna.
Ta kurbi kunun nan ,ta ja numfashi,ta ce 'Daddy, an ce kuturu zuciya ne da shi,ko?'
Shi kuma ya ce ' ya sha kunu ba?'


well i have a confession, i had a friend  n was drinkin' coca cola &quot  in 1886 coca cola sold one bottle tru out da year, i lol n nearly suffocate.


hey guys i really like this santi topic, it make me laugh alot, here is one: In hot day, i made some fura da nono and i put in the frigde to chill. after some time i took out the fura from the fridge t was very cold and added some honey, infact i was alone, immediately i took the first sip, i just started singing one song " FURA DA ZUMA BA SHAN YARA BA".........:D
always believe in w't you do


i went out with my driver and bought roasted maize,as a courtesym i gave him and i took my own,when he started eating he just turne and said hajiya have you heard that this Government is trying to put women in startegic places? i said oh thats good so our position is no longer in the kitchen?he said yes women will get better places and good working condition ,i said then who will bwe responsible for roasting chicken and maize :lol: he said ahhhh hajiya men of course :shock:  :shock:  :P  :roll:


Now seriously this has nothing to do with santi. Presently I am being set a curfew from 10pm to 5pm from the commotion I got myself into last week, so I taught of sneaking out but then I re-taught (dat word dey dictionary?) because I dont feel like comoting today anyway plus no curfew can stop me anyway and am not speaking because am pissed :evil:  Well I said make I come kanoonline see wetin dey yarn as ma best hobby is comot 4 house & I no fit I say make I carry TANGERINE lick as I dey browse website. Tangerine is a fruit forthose bush people that dont know (i.e Dankauye) its been almost 2yrs since I last had TONGERIN :lol:  I dont like too many fruits. Anyway na dis one last slice I wan pop for mouth now but I taught hang on a minute! Why is Orange called it because di fruit is orange in colour? If so, den Tangerine is orange in colour and it is a baby orange, then why wont it be call it orange? And since banana is yellow, why wont we call it yellow? (ko? :shock: ) EXACTLY MY POINT? NOW I GOT YOU THINKING DEEP ON THIS BIG REALISATION RIGHT? So why wont we just call Apple red or green and lets just call water melon green slash red abi?

Now who is confused? lol lol lol.............make wuna no mind me jare lol
What you see is what you get[/b]


Lallai Hafcy, thats santi for tangerine. Did u realise dat?
Safety and Peace



Now am happy you are back dont spoil it for me. Come sit next to me gist me. Where have you been? What have you seen? What have you been up to? What have you done and havent done? Why were you away from kanoonline our only home for such a long time? What happiness and sadness did you encounter whislt you were away? Gist me in latest Gossip thread I dont want to spoil di vibe of this thread.

Now back to the TONGERIN discussion, Who will disagree that it is not an Orange and also has an orange colour if you rise to yes to my sentence then indeed we should start name calling calling fruits with their respective colours abi? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SANTI, AND LYING IS NOT A SIN :lol:
What you see is what you get[/b]


I don't really believe in this 'santi' stuff. Way I see it is this; if am eating something and made a comment regarding food or anything seemingly out of the ordinary, isn't that mere coincidence? That I just happened to say that at the time am eating? If what I said is deemed as santi, does that mean I have never, or can never say anything like that whilst not eating?

Anyway, we were watching a football match when I noticed the chaps close to me bought sugarcane. Midway into the sugarcane, one looked at the other and said, "Kai, yanzu kuwa akwai wanda zai iya shuka rake ya cika filin kwallon nan?". The other replied, "Ina! Wannan ai sai gwamnati". Everyone around bursted into laughter.

Is that santi?


it may not b funny 2 u but it is really funny when it happened.

this my brother came 2 visit me, we spent half of the day wit empty bellies + he has kankare (ciwon dan yatsa), so i bought this foreign water melon (kankana) 4 us, ah when this guy had a single bite guess wat he sed 'do u know that kankana is good 4 pregnant women' i laughed n sed har da kankare


Guys, this santi thing is really funny but u gotta understand that these guys are just expressing their feelings when they enjoy something or want something real bad!
Gaskiya tafi komai..........هو الذي




Co-incidently, its only in hausa language that we have santi!

Gaskiya tafi komai..........هو الذي


Quote from: "Dante"Guys, this santi thing is really funny but u gotta understand that these guys are just expressing their feelings when they enjoy something or want something real bad!

hehehe...Dante ai dama dole ka yi supporting din masu santi, afterall if it wasnt 4 ur santi we wudn't know about da chicken and da ostrich egg :wink:  :wink:
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."    ~ Mark Twain