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Started by Bilyaminu, February 07, 2003, 01:35:35 AM

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Recently I have notice that girls are complaining that when there are nice to a guy or dress well, the guy start saying that she loves him or he is in love with her. They keep on saying then how do guys want girls to treat them? That a girl can not be nice to a guy without the guy saying anything about love! The problem here is simple, lets be realistic. Girl in most cases like charming and good looking guy. If they should come across any, they will do their best to get him as a friend or something. In the process if the guy is to notice some things in her like kindness, special welcoming and of cause sharing of ex-boy friends story. To any dual thinker he will know that he is going into a relationship, so if he does not want he has to minimize his steps. Many girls when in love they don’t even know there are. They think the person may just be a best friend not knowing that, what she is projecting outside is that she is in love! Some girls have to be convince that they are in love before agreeing to accept the person they love. That is when the guys do say I have good lyrics. Without being convinced, when a guy should approach her with such issue of love they chase him out. And if he has never approach her with such issue they will live with the person till hell freezes is over. And if the guy should start seeing another girl then fighting will start. Some will stay with you till you say u love them and then they will swap u of your feets. Am sorry but I cant go in to any relationship with you, if you should press on it, she will then tell you, is not like I don’t have feelings for you is just that I cant react to them now. So if the girl knows this why the approach of love at first? I want the girl to know they can not shoe a running horse, so is better not allowing it to run at first! Genius is the capacity of taking trouble. Give him an inch and he’ll take an ell. Every one can find fault, few can do better, and I want you all to know that exchange love is no robbery ok.


Kai....kai this life.......women, chicks, girls, love, relationship, heartbreakers, money wackers, B***h, S**t, home wrecker, man snatcher, Hazardous being,...........iz all wat women have been labelled as.................
Boys say girls r special, they cant live without them...but @ d end of d day woman gets called by these names.....& of course ppl like d author of this topic has written something soooooooooooooooo confusin... that I cannot blame 2 gurls alone or d boys, Wat is it that this topic is after? Wat message is it really tryin 2 pass 2 target groups?

Well about being in a relationship...if a gurl mentions. "Boy get ma hang I dont wan2 b in a relationship" Its then.....when things get worse...Ok from seeing ma freinds xperiences with boys.........Truss me they say its not that easy.......Boys dont understand, they dont even get d hang of it. A guy will serepticiously follo u home...hidin behind trees or duckin his head in his car juss 2 c where u live. He will also watch ur moves 24/7.....& if u r 2gether 1 day...he will go, oh this is ur normal everyday activity......cuz, hes been watchin u. If she says look am not in 2 love affairs....Hatred will start. He will call u, txt u, mail u, inform freinds 2 loby 4 him, write letters, & 1 thing I Hate these boys doin is writin love letters & cryin,,,,,men sef......(its so goosebumpin..not 2 mention eww) And bringin all these 19yr old boys in2 consideration.....its like yeah we know everything.about love & relationship.they will dwell in 2 a full force full time relationship...if it doesnt go well....they start sulkin.....I hear say some boys even fall sick.......lurd (she laffs boys kenan) ok y on earth wud a young boy go in2 relationship havin knowin d less it works...Abeg d boy shud carry on with karatu...later love can come. I pity boys that r havin relationship probs....but some tyms I dont bother, as they tend 2 handle all those curses, phone slammin, public disgrace, some gurls even hit & slap.............but yet they still beg & beg...........ok, ya beza suyi wulkanci ba....

Kai...I dont even wan2 go further..but..d way I c it...this life is all about men & women....u get music tlkin about relationship....ppl writin novels about love & heart bruises, episodes of normal day life of ppl...films about love & hate & man & woman....................hey....I say things like this is bck if u c painting of ADAM & EVE...........obviously it symbolises love....ok Adam & Eve did also have love & heartbreaks all @ once. So I say if a guy thinks a gurl treats him nasty....why bother move on. Get d ryt choice whuz gonna treat a person d same. Same 4 gurls if she think he doesnt treat her fast superior hell!!!! Drop him. But all in all.................relationship & this lovy lovy is juss something that has & will not have a clear perfect picture !!!!

Love stories doesnt end up with happily eva afta...I use 2 remember fairy tales stories whe I was little. Beauty & d Beast, Cinderalla, Rapunzell all did have bad tyms. So same 4 relationship & love, it will neva have a clear pic neither a clear or purfect defination.

Now if u ask 5 in 10 boys....say .."Can u truly define Love & wat it symbolises in humans being between man & wife or gurls & boys"? They will start body shakin.....zappin on & off
They will start sayin ai love na love...or love na if I buy plenty for ma girl, or love if I give attention 4 her 4 everyday  love if I mention her name everytime....They will neva give d best defination (she hissess).  
Make I COMOT 4 this topic sef........everything na women.......komai de komai mata!!! mata love mata love.......when will this end..............................? Boys ma u wuna get tym 4 all this puppy love sef....una no get beta
work :P

I SO MUCH HATE THESE WORDS  LOVE, SAURAYI, BUDURWA, RELATIOSNHIP......Abeg make I comot from this topic b/4 I suffocate...lemme go take a breather,....but 1 more thing.....juss leave things d way they r....if men blame gurl thats how tey see it...if gurls blame men thats how they also see it. D door swings both ways  ::)
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


u h ;)ave written a lot my dear, but that is the view and perspective of teenagers ;) this life is about man and woman  how they live and how they end up, that is why its every day topic else people should have been writing about goats and rabbits e.t.c
::)u c we all have express our feeling towards one thing one day when all are brought forward a solution  will turn out. Well done keep writing :-*


Quoteu h ;)ave written a lot my dear, but that is the view and perspective of teenagers ;) this life is about man and woman ?how they live and how they end up, that is why its every day topic else people should have been writing about goats and rabbits e.t.c

Not in my own thinking boy. It has nothing to do what soever about teenagers. As I read Ummitas response, she happened to mention that love does have effects on both adults and teenagers. she has weiged it equally. The message was not directed or related to teenagers only. Not in the way I see it. Infact Bilyaminu what you have written doesnt make a full scope. It hadly made any meaning to me, because you were describing how girl use style to ask a guy out then you went further to describe and then..............I stopped reading because I was confused :-/ but the first reply up there made quite alot of meaning. Love is just love on its own. None of us will say that we have never fallen in love or never been heartbroken  


maryam, that was really something u wrote there. but try and c an not trying go-aford but to explain my view.


da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


Mene aikin forum...dole muyi yarning.
Bilya My blad has spoken on my behalf. & Mariya my firend has said it all. So let women be!!!!!!!

Couselling session can help you. he he he




weLL yaah...leT womeN bE. buT as BiliYamInu said...weN guYs TalK to guRls, theN autoMaticAlly, thE guRls thinK thE guYS liKE theM, whiCH is A verY stUPid tHIng tO eveN thinK of...bUt guRLs aRE gURls, woMEn are Women....jusS leAve us thA waY u sEE us... ;D

Hausa Error

nawa!! for all of wuna woo!!! dis lova boy and girlssss
Life is a test. Try get a 'P' atleast.


hey if gal likes u she will be nice to u and what is bad about that u want her to pretend?
o i c if u like a girl u treat her like u dont like her? u guys r chattin breeze gals treat the person u like nice tell him if possible that u love him. that applies to boys too dont be scared he/she wouldnt bite u


pls dont write long. m not that patience to read that long grammer abeg


IBB, some GUrls jusS dont Like whEn guYS are IN thEir faceS. anD somE guyS donT like WhEN gurLs are In theiR faceS.
mu fa MUtaNE da aka yi Mu da kaSA, ba'a iYA maNA... :-/