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the great berlisconis IQ test ( recommended for all)

Started by Berlisconi, June 03, 2004, 09:50:30 PM

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According to a sutdy at Hrravad Unerstiivy msot pelope can raed and unadetnrsd any mxied up wrod as lnog as the frsit leettr and the lsat lteter are in palce. This is bcesaue we raed wrods as a wolhe and not as leretts in oderr.

IF you  dont get the message check the below for the translation but that will mean you have a low IQ

TRANSLATION: According to a study at Harvard University, most people can read and understand any mixed up word as long as the first and the last letter are in place. This is because we read words as a whole and not as letters in order. So you're smarter than you though, huh?
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nice...but i thot dis was an IQ test where did da questions go?
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