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The Voice of Pain

Started by tmega, July 11, 2005, 09:00:57 PM

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The Voice of Pain

As each second passes

I feel stabs from a million shattered glasses

I feel like my days are numbered

And every sound of my heart-beat is thundered

I feel like a bird just learning to fly

"The next minute"...I feel like an old man ready to die

My gauge reads:"Empty"

But my assignments are still plenty

Choked with the stress of suppresing my fears,

I sometimes feel like succumbing to tears

Though gagged by the strength of my pride

I'm still haunted by these weaknesses I hide

Listen as my soul screams

For my heart and mind have become rival teams

Fulani Poet

I hear you loud and clear! This is hauntingly effective in conveying its message.
haring my life in simple poems