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Re: I Just dunno what you may say
« Reply #45 on: July 22, 2003, 05:06:21 PM »
I have hesitated to reply to the remark by "guest" because there is nothing that can be said to convince someone who believes something strongly even though there is no proof and no evidence to support their belief. I have a dislike of USA but even I cannot believe that the USA developed AIDS to kill black people.For what reason would they do so? Perhaps Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice can explain.
Believing insulting,demeaning or dangerous theories without proof is exactly what racists do. There are still plenty of racists in the US and Europe but you don't deal with the issue by proposing really silly conspiracy theories (which just gives the racists encouragement).

I really wonder why Mr David has gone too emotional on this. We have not insulted anybody here and our intention has never been to insult anybody but to decipher d problems of d world with the view of making those resposible 4 its misery to eye exactly at the springboard of such problems.

The fact the Nigeria has problems does not exclude us from discussing problems of the world, and issues like this I believe were not moved or started by myself. Till this day Samuel P. Hutington is still writing about civilisations, and there is nothing bad that he did not say about Black Africa in the name of objectivity. I think the dicipline in scholarship is: "Truth is not a respecter of sensibilities".

Concerning proofs and theories I think I can not claim any expertise 4 now.

The truth in courts of law is facts are not synonymous to opinions, so expert opinions do not matter most.

But yet when America chose to attack Afghanistan, it was expert opinion she used not FACTS. She is yet, till today to show us facts of the involvement of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda network not to talk of Afghanistan peasants in the famous September 11 attack.

And if we are down with the current,  as per news , we must have heard by now how Britain and US used forged facts to justify their recent war in Iraq.

Going by all these Mr David, why do you think I should be condemned when I use expert opinion to conclude that whitemen created HIV virus?

After all, there is this plan about world-population -control and they know that if they used HIV to attack Chinese, Chinese have the wisdom and the technical know-how to  retaliate appropriately.

 Logic says that they can only survive if they plant it somewhere in Africa.

Sincery speaking, Mr David I did not mean to trouble your calm. I only thought you would be able to discuss the topic with maximum indifference. By God had I known it would turn out to be insult, I would'nt have pursuied it this far. But all the same, I am heartily sorry for all inconviniences caused.

So Long

I am

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Re: I Just dunno what you may say
« Reply #46 on: July 22, 2003, 11:57:04 PM »
Waziri I don't get it. What is so emotional in Mr. Hill's response? I'm not sure you have answered his question: for what purpose? Population control? Lol if world population is such a problem, the logical place to start would be the Far East and the Indian subcontinent, not Africa. Africa's problem is not quite population control, contrary to popular belief; but it the great lack of useful human resources. Why?

I think some of us are taking this anti-american sentiment way too far. We'd much rather believe that the 9-11 saga is a big hoax created by America and Israel as an excuse to attack every Arab/Muslim country, instead of the the idea that 19 Saudis did the job with backing from Al quaeda and Osama bin laden. We'd rather ignore the Taliban's notoriety in shielding Osama bin laden, or Saddam's many sins, all because 'American muscle' has been exerted on them. And now we want to pin the AIDS disaster in Africa on the white man. Come on, what has happened to our objectivity? Waziri, no you shouldn't be condemned, but then, neither should Sir Hamilton. His ideas were considered intellectual in his time( and he sure had proof), but today we all know it's true value. Replying one wack OUTDATED theory with an equally wack theory of our own does not make us any better. Obviously anyone can talk rubbish and ignorance in the name of intellectual debate.

There's no benefit in wasting time and energy trying to prove that the white man started AIDS to finish us off. What do we want, a present? Pity? That is not going to help, howeer, this will!;action=display;num=1039027740

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Re: I Just dunno what you may say
« Reply #47 on: July 25, 2003, 12:58:22 PM »

Actually I have never seen reason to respond to your comments bacause they seem to be imformed by a pre-conceived notion.

I can remember when u complained about the length of my posts which showed that you found it difficult to spare time and readm, but yet proceeded to take position on the discourse. Now if you did not read my comments how comes u concluded I was wrong?? Unless if ur motive was to make mischief.

Okay, no, u read them inspite of their length. But then why complain at all of their length since even if I typed one million words you would be able to spare time to read them?? Unless if ur intention was just to make mischief. ?

lionger, the above comments by u also is of the same colour with earlier ones. I comment only, because I want draw ur attention to the essentials of intellectual debates: Try to be objective, if you cannot, then try to pretend you are. If u cannot then u will never ever earn response from ppl like my humble self .

For a purpose of clarification: Everyone who is current on the affairs of this our world knows that the POWERS have been complaining about world population since late sixties. Here these words: They did not say it is the problem of Africa, but the problem of the world and needed to be controlled.

And any body who follows this discourse carefully and OBJECTIVELY knows that we have made our points with expert opinions. This is another understanding of an expert about this world population stuff ?if u r really interested in the truth of the claim:

Another thing again, I think u r doing injustice to many including ur self if u say the theories we are making reference to are outdated. Read our "lengthy" posts again and see how we have sited many other modern scholars who believe in these theories.

Lionger, u don't read us u only make ur conclusions on your own prejudices. If u want discuss 9/11 or our own identity i.e Islam and solidarity with Arabs then u can pursue that in another thread. Then we can come around and speak to you in the kind of language u ?can understand. But make sense please if u want deserve response from us.

Concerning AIDS awareness, know that it is not the problem of kanoonliners here. We have long passed that stage, for me it was an item of discouse to me only in the last five years. Now our interst is the springboard of the virus. On that also we deal with reasons for our suspicions of the white-man and if you cannot bring down our reasons then u have no reasons to tell us what to discuss.

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Re: I Just dunno what you may say
« Reply #48 on: July 26, 2003, 11:34:39 PM »
I am sure Lionger can look after himself in this debate so I will make no comment about Waziri's remarks to him.
I would never make a remark like talking about "the black man" as if all black people were the same like a herd of something so Waziri do me the favour of not talking about "the white man" as if we are all P W Botha or Adolf Hitler or all behave the same way.
Every individual one of us on this earth is a different person, with different behaviour, different opinions and different likes and dislikes. Some are even very wicked - white, black, yellow or whatever - but most of us are OKAY in an imperfect sort of way and some people are very, very good indeed.
This is my last word on this topic which has become predictable and boring.

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Re: I Just dunno what you may say
« Reply #49 on: August 29, 2003, 03:10:02 PM »
All I have to say on the matter is that racism exists everywhere, wether it be white man to black man or vice versa. Every race has reason to believe they are superior, be it white man who invented the telephone or black people who invented reggae which is one of the longest running types of music in the history of music.(See Giddens 4th Edition Sociology) If you have noticed as well there are more influencial black musicians and atheletes than there probaly is white. We are taught theories, and thats exactly what they are nobody says that we have to believe or agree with them. Most of these theories are hundreds of years old and at the time most people believed them as there was nobody to prove that theory wrong or give them reason to open their mind to other theories, but that would also come down to tradition and values. There are very few people that are still "stuck in their ways" as people grow and change, we evolve all the time.  "All human beings are closely related to one another, and at the the same time each human being is unique"(The Guardian 4 March 2000)
"To advance beyond racism one has to advance beyond race"
(The Guardian 4 March 2000)


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