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Sudan Disaster
« Reply #105 on: November 27, 2004, 10:25:10 AM »
This is directly addressed to you.  You must not allow your personal feeling towards me cloud your judgement or reading ability where I am involved.  Kindly read what you qouted from me and your article carefully you clearly tried to sell the idea that identity based on geography, ethnicity, race etc was unknown prior to the 18th century.  You try to present a veiw that values they represent was the determing factor, the point which you seem to miss is that the very same values you are refering to are encased in race, colour, gender, geography etc.  At no point did I say you said there was harmoniuos living prior to the 18 century what was said that you lead one to conclude that there was a harmonious living prior to that time and this is contained in the style of writing.

You wrote:  "Another very problematic position taken by the reviewer is when he quoted further something from my work that suggested, that Nigerians should evolve a system that neglects geography and ethnic affiliation in its share of resources or political offices. He quoted that and remarked that we must look for a way TO SEE ONE ANOTHER AS EQUALS. He gave that as a counter to what I said when in essens that was what I said.
I really do not know why this reviewer wants to FORCEFULLY counter my statements"

Again I refer you to what you wrote and what I wrote there are fundamental differences we may be saying the same thing but from different veiw points hence at the begining of my comment I refered to your statement as true.  The main difference is you are seeing it from a government and political level in terms of distribution of positions and other political gains.  My comment is strictly based on a people to people relationship vopid of government and politics.  So please read carefuly do not allow you dislike or hatred for another person cloud your judgement!  

I am aware that this is not the thread to discuss an individuals write up on a separate subject matter.  But seeing that some people have ascribed to themselves an all knowing all thinking all reasonable position to the point that even comments made on their write ups are not thought thouroughly before they respond then that leaves one to wonder. People allow their personal feelings on others interfer with their judgements and try to give an impression that they are reasonable and seek solutions or dialogue they show complete intolerance of others for personal reasons and try to give an impression that they are reasonable people who think issues thoroughly - what a contradiction.  I rest my case and close any discussion or comment by myself on the refered link/article in this thread.[/quote]

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Sudan Disaster
« Reply #106 on: November 30, 2004, 10:54:20 AM »
No. Mallamt, values are not entrenched in race and ethnicity. Values in Islam are universal. They are also universal in Christianity. I believe by your quotes of me above and my quotes of my self above will prove to the reader whether I really sought to lead people to believe there was a harmonious living among humans prior to the 18th century.

Secondly, What you said and what I said as you further quoted is the same. There is no way we can see one another as equals if not from government and politico-social point of view, which is what I stressed in the article. If you insist we must see one another as equals in that sense you put, then know that it is NOT realistic. Treat one another as equal is what we need. But we can't see or love as equal. I really do not see my brother as my EQUAL.

Finally, if you have learnt anything in this, I suppose should be, the ability to keep to yourself when there is nothing you can say on some issues raised, thus I would be fulfilled if you never respond to this again. Here is not the discussion of my write-up or any body's but my or anybody's write-up that borders alongside the subject matter, which is ethno-religious crises in Sudan, its origin, whom to blame and what can be done to curb its re-occorence in other parts of Africa.

We are not here to condemn Arabs or blame them for what is happening in Sudan only  but find the true positions of things and stem the tide before it consumes everybody.


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