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ICT Education

Started by Abdulmalik yusuf, November 05, 2004, 05:21:04 PM

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Abdulmalik yusuf

:idea: Nigeria is lagging behind the world in ICT.The north is worse off.The world of ICT is waiting for Nigerian programmers, hardware and software gurus.The north is capable of providing all of these and more. At least i know that a Nigerian has made an earth shaking  discovery that has now rendered science text books useless.That man is aprince of the Igala Royal house and he is in the faraway USA.
Governments of the North, it is time you wake up,take this jewel and use him appropriately. Saminu Turaki of Jigawa should not relent on his efforts in establishing a University of ICT .

aminu s.

Yayi dai-dai abdul, Allah yasa wadanda abin ya shafa su farka daga barci. How I wish our leader with vision potentialities is still alive!


Abdulmalik  yusuf I completely agree with your words.