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A walk through the fields of gold.

Started by Ibro2g, June 09, 2005, 01:24:01 PM

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A walk through the fields of gold.

Red white and green, flow through this vain,
Help bring back to me the memory.
I heed a brethrens call, once upon a time,
When I walked through the fields of gold.

Our earth is fold with warmth to hold,
With sands so noble, the sands of gold.
The sounds of springs, the children's laughter,
Come fresh on my memory...

Shelter we run, for winter has come,
Customs undone to make a home.
We dance and dine, and rest in the cold,
With memories untold at the fields of gold.

Spring came fast and came to last,
Flowers and leaves sprang in the past.
But leaves so grey and flowers so black?
To begin my misery...

Here we go, far behind,
Paid in full by a brother unkind.
With lies and hoards, tears and blood,
Begins his wrath on the fields of gold.

Into terror, the blasphemy and horror,
Destroys a hero with hands of error.
To slavery and disgrace, graves and "all that"
A mockery of history...

Time embrace so warm, earth with blessings and storm,
For me with wheat and barley and corn.
My children I plant, my blood I irrigate,
On once my fields, once the fields of gold.

Songs of war has filled the air,
Grab a gear and say a prayer;
"...For my God, my nation, my country and I..."
Do you hear the melody...?

All turns loom, I'm lost in gloom,
My hopes long drown with my silver spoon.
My might is weak, my faith is strong;
A "sacrificial war" for the fields of gold.

Lord in you I trust a vow
Here me now; a servant's awe
No might nor will, or death nor peril,
Can change my destiny...

Here we go, far beyond,
Atrocities of my world undone.
Winter is here, a moment so dear,
As white covers red on the fields of gold.

Light shines bright above the heights,
Spring, once more, gold on the floor.
The sound, the feel, the sense so true,
Come afresh a diary...
Safety and Peace


ooops... incomplete piece. ama complete it later
Safety and Peace