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Employing Ekiti Teachers for what?

Started by dan adam, July 31, 2005, 06:08:24 PM

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dan adam

I Read with dismay and I was confused when I learnt that the e-Governor is trying to employ Teachers from Ekiti state after signing a bilateral agreement with the state.

Is it not a blunder considering the situation that just happend few months when the state Executive arm announced the Sacking of the newly recruit teachers after a series of misunderstanding with the authority concern.

My Advice to Saminu is:
Let him fear Allah and Improve the standard of living for the people he was once part of. if he retire from the political scene defenitely he has to come back to Jigawa and live with the people he once mishandle.

I Remain,
dan adam


Poor old Saminu..
You never do anything right.

Thats one thing with us.....we never appreciate what our leaders do.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment