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Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.

Started by moray, October 15, 2005, 10:53:13 PM

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The question I have for you Moray is  - where in my post did I attack you personally?
(Moray is a district in the North East of Scotland - where did you get that name?)

You seem to have missed the point of my remarks.
There have been indeed instances of child abuse by some members of the Catholic Church.
There have been instances of child abuse in many places, in every country of the world, which have nothing to do with the Catholic Church.
There are paedophiles in every country, in every profession, from all walks of life and belonging to every different religion.
We all know this.
I'm sure the Catholic Church is absolutely horrified at every case of child abuse it finds among its clergy.
Just as every decent Nigerian is horrified by examples of child kidnap and ritual killing.
Only a fool would blame all of Nigeria for this.
Only a fool blames the whole Catholic Church for the wicked behaviour of a very small minority of its clergy.
If you know of some abuse of children by the Catholic Church in Nigeria please give us examples.
If you don't, what are you talking about?


Would you please please read my comments before you reply.
I never blamed all of the catholic church for child abuse by its clergy. I do blame them for turning a blind eye to it and defending those of its clergy who abused children, this is not my prejudice speaking, this is fact.  The catholic church only dealt with child abuse by its clergy when people outside the catholic church forced it to do so.
I never ever blamed all of Nigeria for child abuse, but like the catholic church it does not seem to be taking the issue seriously, why not?
I have shown Nigerians through this discussion group that if foreigners abuse their children, the victims can seek redress in the abusers own country.
Finally, what is the point of mentioning the my name Moray. Does my choice of name affect this discussion.