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mode of hausa youth dressing today

Started by bakinganga, August 15, 2004, 05:37:35 PM

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Well most of the designs are ancient and were made to cater for the lifestyle they lived. Now with the advent of bikes, cars, running to catch the bus etc , wearing khaftan can be a huge inconvenience. Also we have to learn to embrace change,imagine if our ancestors had remained naked and not worn khaftans when the Arabs brought them instead a prehistoric version of the poster of this topic would have been going round saying "oh dont wear those clothes it is not part of our culture, we have to preserve our ways by remaining naked" LOL!



Sani Danbaffa

Amma dai! amma dai!! A duba da kyau, there are several dresses yar shara, kufta, jamfa, yar madaka, sannan hulunan ai akwai kunnen kare, habar kada, zita, tashi ka faye nacida sauran su. Kai dai kawai an saki hanya sannan mu iyaye mu kan saya wa yara qananan kayan gwanjo masu sauqin kudi wai kuma na zamani.

The problem is agravated by what another contributor termed as globalisation. A duba waqar Abubakar Ladan da ta Dan Qwairo a kan sutturun mu za aga yawanci sun bace don telolin zamani ma ba su san su ba. Allah kyauta!
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