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Recalling Hon. Faruk Adamu

Started by dan adam, August 28, 2006, 05:51:22 PM

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dan adam

The beuty of this world is to have a long life so that you will witness the unexpected things of the life.

The attention by the Saminu Administration to recall Hon. Faruk Adamu has come and gone leaving the Saminu's camp counting their loss so as to concentrate on the next line of action against their challenger-Hon Faruk.

History will judge all those that take part in the struggle to recall Hon. Faruk Adamu. As we all know, saminu's political Strenght is becoming weaker every day.

Let us all learn by mistakes.

I Remain
Dan Adam


That is how life is and shall ever remain.
Your Governer thinks he can overthrow him(Faruk) and Allah says NO!. And now we have seen the differences in their power; which is best? hahahaha oh!Saminu, think again!
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.