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Sort order... First top or last top?

Started by sdanyaro, December 29, 2006, 10:52:04 PM

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Please check out the sort order. Do you prefer the current configuration which is defferent from the old Forum being the last response is at the bottom?


Lol Admin what on earth are u talking about? inside out, upside down, rightside up, does it matter as long as the material is legible and interesting?? Lol dont bother yrself we love the forum...100marks for giving some of us (at least me ) a place to unwind. I dont think I hit a site as often as I do Konline...
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


i think i am better with the previous sorting order.At least one gets to have a review/summary of the thread.
Then is it my browser or what,the new forum seem to be a bit slow and when i enter my username and password it tells me that service is temporarily unavailable due to large request or something.
Anyway sha the new forum is soooooo good.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


gogannaka, Super Member;

Thanks for your response;

The review / summary / Status can now be found at the bottom of the main page.

Yes I have been receiving similar complains, but usually from members with slow Internet Access Connection. Members with reasonably good connection do not have this timed out issue.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?
Kaini Kano ko a buhun barkono!!!


My internet connection is very good but yet the site seems slow to load.But i just noticed that it works perfectly well with mozilla firefox while with internet explorer 6 its dead slow,infact in my own ie6 it only manages to open one page after that i have to close the window and then re-launch the site.
But it is so good with mozilla  8)
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Yes gogannaka, I just noticed that with IE6 is very slow but no problem with Opera... oly that the Flash movie on the top right does not show.

I wonder if the problem is with the Flash on the page(s) or something with or with IE6?

Does the Flash shows on the FireFox?
Kaini Kano ko a buhun barkono!!!


Yes the flash shows on firefox perfectly.At first the player prompts one to download some missing plugins.These plugins i believe are flash player and java.Really i am highly impressed with the speed with which the site opens on firefox.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


GGNK or Admin, one of u pls assist here.
Oh Admin I think I wont ask u cos u havent acknowledged my complimentary remarks to yr efforts. So u may just decide to ignore this SOS. Therefore I am strictly addressing GGNK.
GGNK, u sound to me like a nerdy (in the nicest poss way), computer wizard. I am using firefox, but I have to load the images manually. I wonder what I have done or what addin or plugin that is blocking the images. I have read some of the trouble shooting suggestions on some blogs dealing with this particular problem but they dont work. I have uninstalled the firefox addins plugins and all and reinstalled it, but i am still getting the problem. Any idea, how i can stop manually loading the images. Its so time consuming...and I dont want to revert back to IE cos I get to affix all these cool smileys to my posts with fire fox....
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


LOL @ husnaa,Admin you better be replying people o...LOL
Husnaa na karambani i just dey do o.

I dont know why you have to keep downloading the missing plugins manually.Usually firefox prompts you to download the plugins and once done that particular page should open normally anytime.Most of the plugins are java related and java has one very funny thing of requiring updates all the time.
Try disabling automatic updates on the options menu in tools(advanced-update-uncheck installed add-ons)
I no dey sure it'll work o.For me i just ignore the download-most of them ma na pictures sef.
Good luck.

Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


I think I didnt make myself clear. When I said I downloaded images manually, I meant that if i opened a site, only the text shows up. Any thing to do with graphics or objects wont show. So I have to right click the firefox menu and highlight download images in order for anything  that is not text to appear, and I have to do it repeatedly in so far as the object is not replicated anywhere on the page. The problem is not  with any plugin. I have no idea what the culprit is.  Anyway thanks. How about the admin then??? any suggestions?  :-\
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


seems like admin no dey like to dey respond nowadays LOL.
U can get the latest plugins from here and after installation you dont need to install them manually.
The most important is the java runtime and shockwave(for your pictures){ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}&appVersion=2006120418&clientOS=Windows%20NT%205.1&chromeLocale=en-GB

Oga Admin up till now,if i enter my username and password and enter,i get that message that service is temporarily unavailable.I have to go back before i get authenticated. ???
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Quote from:  gogannaka Oga Admin up till now,if i enter my username and password and enter,i get that message that service is temporarily unavailable.I have to go back before i get authenticated. ???
Same problem here.

Well done Admin for the new,improved & 'reformed' (seems Obasanjo's Technocrats have passed through here :))forum,Allah 'Ya saka'.

On the sort order,i prefer the old setup although this one just needs gettin used to.
Well done again and keep up the good work