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OVERSEAS SCHOOLING FOR NORTHERN CHILDREN / Will U send ur Children to study Abroad...why or why not?

Started by Dan-Sokoto, October 05, 2002, 04:19:49 AM

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        I think it is not such a bad idea sending our kids overseas in search of proper education.It all depends on what the parent wants and what the child is capable of getting and what they hope to achieve after that.People have the right to seek knowledge anywhere in this world.It all depends on how much they are willing to give out to have it.You will be surprised to to know that over half of northerners wish they are overseas studing and will do just that if given the oppotunity.
        We have got great lecturers and bright children but have you ever wondered why out 'karatu' is not well recognised as supposed to?I do not know but i think corruption has contributed to that so i think that explains why northers seek education somewhere else.If i have the means,ill send every child i have anywhere to seek the best of 'ilimi'.That is the only thing i can offer as a parent da kuma addua.
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