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I pray that we get the full blessings of Ramadan and may Allah (SWT) grant us more blessings in the year to come.
Amin Summa Amin.

Ramadan Kareem,

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Started by Dan-Borno, July 17, 2007, 05:02:31 PM

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Wai! babbar magana dan sanda ya ga gawan soja a gefen hanya! I think Danborno has tried to douse the tension with the "she" comments, I still feel that the writer should bend a little backwards and politely tender some small apologies to our womenfolks. You see one english playwriter once said, "apologise to a man if you are wrong, but apologise to a woman even if you are right" This statement carries a lot of meaning if one can understand it, though.
As for Saminu he is not only a disgrace to all Nigerians, but a disgrace to the tenets of Islam. How can one carry a copy of the Koran and carbi with him after accepting to refund billions he earlier stole? This is outrigtly giving a false impression of one being too religious! Let him rot in the cell as no one likes his type to be shouldered with any leadership responsibilities again! :'(


Well, there is a hausa saying which states that, "in kaga gemun dan'uwanka ya kama wuta, to ka shafawa naka ruwa" what happen to saminu could happen to anyone it is human to make mistakes and also do not laugh at your brother when he has commited a crime or anything bad, cos God could also test you with similar problem so that one could understand the reality. This is just an advice as indicated in our religion, we should only pray for him not act same way again.
always believe in w't you do