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Water, Power in Kano

Started by bakangizo, October 18, 2007, 09:34:58 AM

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From the Daily Trust Newspapers

Yar'Adua to commission Kano water works Dec
Written by Hassan A. Karofi, Kano     
Thursday, 18 October 2007 

President Umar Musa Yar'adua is to commission the multi- billion naira Kano-Tamburawa water works, the state government has said.

The commissioning is expected to end years of perennial water shortage in the city as the new water works is expected to pump over 150 million litres of water daily to the over two million residents.

In an interview with news-men on the commissioning, Sule Ya'u Sule, the Director of Press Affairs to Governor Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, said it is expected to take place on December 6.

He announced that over 95% of the total work on the water project is already completed as what remains is the administrative building of the state water board, which is expected to relocate to the Tamburawa site. Over N5.6bn is to be spent on the water project.

'Currently, the state depends on the 200 million litre capacity Chalawa water project and the daily need of the people living within the city is 400 million.

This explains why we are facing a shortage of 200 million litres daily, but the new water treatment plant will provide over 150 million litres thereby reducing the shortage by about 95%".

"Right now, all the necessary parts of the project have been completed, like the water processing unit, water tanks section, segmentation section and reservoir. All these are completed," he said.

Sule Ya'u Sule said the President would also lay the foundation of the N15bn ultra modern market in the eastern by-pass which is expected to help decongest the busy Abubakar Rimi and Singer markets.

He said the N15bn market has over 5000 shops, thousands of warehouses, a hospital, a fire service station, banks, a police station, parking space for over 5000 trucks and many more and is expected to be completed within 18 months from the day the president lays the foundation.

KNSG gets FG approval to build hydro power plant

Written by Hassan A. Karofi, Kano     
Thursday, 18 October 2007

The federal government has approved the utilization of the Challawan Goje and Tiga Dams for construction of a hydro power station in Kano State, Governor Ibrahim Shekarau announced.

A statement signed by his Director of Press Affairs, Sule Ya'u Sule, said according to the governor, the permission will ensure the establishment of an independent hydro power station by the state government in the next few years.

He said the decision was reached during a meeting with the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Abba Sayyadi Ruma, Tuesday in Abuja.

According to the statement, the hydro power stations which will be situated in Challawan Goje and Tiga will provide 100 mega watts of electricity to the state.

'The two dams will provide 100 megawatts to the state and these megawatts will be solely directed to the industrial section of the city to serve as alternative source of energy so that our industries could be revived', the statement said.

The statement also explained that the state needed 400 megawatts as its requirement and the 100 megawatts that would be generated will also be complimented with other sources from PHCN and other sources to be exploited.

Already, the government said the Islamic Development Bank has paid for the feasibility studies of the independent power project.

I believe these are the type of projects we need. They are long overdue. I only hope they see the light of day. Governor Shekarau is known for his people-oriented programmes, but is also notorious for slow execution of projects. My fear is if the projects are not completed during his tenure (i.e the unltra-modern market), another governor might come and put a stop to it.


These are really good developments.However,regarding the hydro issue the past administration of Kwankwaso carried out feasibility studies and produced a blueprint for the actualization of the project.Why will there have to be another feasibility study?
Just recently the Kano state government announced that an agreement has been reached between a Norwegian company,Dangote group and the state government for the establishment of an independent power plant,in six months(as at sept 07) that would provide power to the 4 industrial arears of the state.
Could this be the project?
If yes then do you think it is possible for a hydroelectric power plant to be built in 6months?(actually it's 4 now)considering the fact that the highly publicised water treatment plant is taking forever to be completed.
I have really lost confidence in the Shekarau administration.Kar dai nayi gar da gar ne amma fa zancen gaskiya,regime din shekarau akwai zuki tamalle.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


We are here talking about a specific problem that has bedevilled Kano for decades. Not years, not months, not 10years. Decades. Of course it's gonna take long to resolve it. Kwankwaso spent 4 years just only laying pipes from Tamburawa to Na'ibawa. The present Shekarau admin. had compeletly re-built the Tamburawa Water Works, continued with the pipe-laying right inside the metropolis. I can testify that a test was carried out and the newly laid pipes in some areas in Brigade (Gwagwarwa) were spurting water. Ai kuwa in ba'a yaba masa ba, ba'a zage shi ba. I think if a governor was able to resolve Kano's water problem ALONE, then it is enough achievement, given the nature, duration and protractness of the problem.

Regarding the Hydro issue, I haven't heard any Official pronouncement from the State Govt. that a hydro dam would be built in six months. Haba. Everyone knows that it is impossible to do so. So I don't think the govt would say that, even if it intends to lie. There are more intelligent ways to lie ;D Rumours ne kawai. Ko kuma baka ji daidai ba.

I'm surprised by your comment that Shekarau's regime 'akwai zuki tamalle'. I mean, when I read ur post I tried to recall "lies" by the governor/govt., or statements that border on programmes which were found out to be outright lies. But I could not. Of course as I said, Shekarau is notorious as a slow administrator. Most ppl would want to see a situation where he says "I'm doing this", and the next month(s) it's done! Unfortunately, he doesn't act that way. Look at the issue of the Ultra Modern Market to be built at the eastern by-pass. The announcement was made early this year, but it is only end of this year that the foundation would be laid!


Well BKG it might be rumours or misinformation but i certainly read it in thisday newspaper.It didn't say it was a hydro plant.

I would be very happy if the current water shortage in kano(which happens to be the state with the highest number of dams) is resolved.I keep my fingers crossed for december 6th.

I believe december 6th is also going to be the day when the foundation of the Kano economic city project would be laid.That one is more or less a private project of some local,international banks and some private businesses with the support of the Kano state govt. this one i am optimistic.
The construction is estimated to last 2 years and the cost of the project(according to thisday newspapers) is 123 billion naira.It would house 5 hotels,2 modern and state of the art cinemas,plenty stalls and warehouses e.t.c

BKG i also believe that Shekarau be commended for his efforts.And he should put effort at ensuring that he executes the projects without his usual delay.
I would invite you to start listening to the wednesday press briefings after the exec.council meetings (if they still do it) and compare with the works that follow.
Try also and get the budget reports and see the works done.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Quote from: gogannaka on October 25, 2007, 01:46:33 PM
I would invite you to start listening to the wednesday press briefings after the exec.council meetings (if they still do it) and compare with the works that follow.
Try also and get the budget reports and see the works done.
I would happily do that if I know the time, and the station, though I'm away out of Kano a lot now. Was it on Freeedom Radio or Radio Kano?

I'm not aware of the Kano Economic City project. Is it something similar to the proposed Lagos Mega City? Well, like you say, we keep our fingers crossed and your hope that these projects see the light of day before he leaves. Provided the Shekarau procrastination syndrome has not set in ;D


The economic city project is kind of the dubai duty free or the tinapa business resort.
The investors are trying to make it the biggest in africa and would serve as the hub of trading in the west African sub region.
I learnt that the state government has already paid compensation to owners of land within the site.

The program is on CTV.I have long since abandoned my enthusiasm to listen to local news nowadays.
Full of empty promises.Gashi kuma the news is not even sweet.Duk banda NAN reports babu abun da kake ji.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


To Allah dai Ya bada sa'a a yi duk abubuwan da kuka fada. It would really be marvelous. Amma to my own way of thinking, it is better a fara gyara abinda ke kasa tukuna kafin kuma a ce za a tabo wa'yansu abai badai. Like for example, a ji da wuta da ruwa takwana. A tabbatar an same su sun wadata sai a koma mega economic projects. Dalili kuwa shine, in akayi wa'yanan shopping and hotel malls dinnan, and kuma wuta bata wadatar ba, then they will turn out to be more expensive to run in the long term, saboda each vendor has to source his own power and water and he/she will charge exorbitantly for the services. Therefore, ppl will not patronize these places for buying things as the overheads will be incorporated in the prices of the goods and the services making them way beyond the average man.
Secondly, if there is no power, then there will be no locally manufactured goods to be sold, there let's say, thus we will have foreign goods flooding the shopping malls which in the end translates to money being remitted out of nigeria into other foreign economies. Thus the expected wealth generation for nigeria and nigerians through these infrastructural developments becomes a defeated aim.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


BKG it seems you have been out of Kano for a while.
The tamburawa water treatment plant though still not commissioned has started operation.Most suburbs of Kano state now have tap water(with good pressure).Surprisingly ruwa na hawa har 2 storey buildings and you could take a shower  8)
Although many pipes have been damaged by the high pressure amma dai shekarau ya cika alkawari.Allah ya sa a dore.

On the Light issue kuma the PHCN has installed a new 250MW transformer at the Kumbotso transmission Station.The transmission company of Nigeria has promised Kano state 250MW of supply. Yanzu dai a taqaiche most parts of Kano experience 24hrs supply of Electricity. Shima Allah ya sa a dore.

I thought you would also find this interesting:

Kano, IDIS partner on N252bn Trade City
By Akinpelu Dada
Published: Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007

A public-private partnership arrangement between the Kano State Government and Integrated Development and Investment Services Limited will yield the $2bn (N252bn) futuristic Kano Economic City that is already being touted as the biggest of such on the African continent.

The project is located in Dangauro Village, Kumbo-Tso Local Government Area of Kano State, and is intended to create a trade hub that will redefine the business environment in the northern part of Nigeria.

It will provide an attractive environment for investors, tourists and traders, and subsequently transform the domestic, regional and international economic landscape.

The KEC will occupy about 121.2 hectares of land on the outskirts of Kano City at the intersection of the dual interstate highways running north-south from Kaduna, and east-west towards Maiduguri.

The architectural firm of A. T. Onajide Architects Limited aims to transform the relatively uneven site into a world-class facility.

Contract for the first phase of the project was awarded a fortnight ago to Dys Trocca Valsesia & Company Limited.

The designers of KEC sought to create expansive outdoor entertainment areas to optimise the use of its vast media space.

The land use distribution is based on acceptable international and local standards for such facilities. Such standards include multi-use buildings, retail and informal buildings, warehouses, roads, parking facilities, landscaping/footpaths, drainage and other infrastructure.

The facility will provide ease of circulation; parking and manoeuvrability for vehicular and human traffic;, adequate parking facilities;, maximum possibility for interaction among market users; full utilisation of support facilities; efficient goods handling; energy efficiency and ease of maintenance and minimum development standards for health; safety; and environmental standards.

The project is being financed by a consortium of local and foreign banks led by Oceanic Bank International Plc.

It will accommodate a five-star hotel, residential and industrial estates, a shopping mall, a World Trade Centre, a retail market and warehouses of various sizes.

It will also contain two large cinema halls, social and recreational facilities, conference facilities, a rail terminus, fuel and fire stations, banks, clinics, post offices and a maintenance building.

The hotel will come with escalators and modern facilities befitting of a five-star hospitality facility and consists of three distinct blocks linked by a semi-basement car park for 400 vehicles and landscaped courtyard.

The WTC will accommodate big corporations and businesses on three blocks linked by a gallery with atriums to let in light, and a parking facility for 400 cars.

The second and third phases of the project will consist of residential and industrial estates that will radically transform the real estate and economic landscape of the ancient city.

To adequately cater for the storage of goods and equipment, the KEC has been planned with provision for large, medium and small warehouses where goods and equipment can be stored in good conditions.

According to the promoters, the Economic City will also have the biggest shopping mall in Africa that will make shopping in Nigeria a very exciting experience.

They noted that the facility would be fitted with the latest technology in shopping comparable to that obtained in City Centre Mall and Mall of Emirates in Dubai. It is expected that when this is completed, there will be no need for Nigerians and West Africans to travel abroad for shopping as the world's best designers will be adequately represented.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Quote from: gogannaka on December 17, 2007, 07:45:50 PM

They noted that the facility would be fitted with the latest technology in shopping comparable to that obtained in City Centre Mall and Mall of Emirates in Dubai. It is expected that when this is completed, there will be no need for Nigerians and West Africans to travel abroad for shopping as the world's best designers will be adequately represented.

The point is would the world's best designers want to set up shop where they are not likely to make a lot of money? Remember that even those ppl who go out and import things, do not really import the top brands or top quality. Those who are able to do so, only cater for a very restricted market within Nigeria. Unless the economy is going to improve to the extent that the Naira is equivalent to the dollar at a rate of 10 to 1 or less, these 'world class' designers wont see a reason for having to pay whopping overhead costs without adequate turnovers being recorded on their balance sheets at the end of the yr.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Goga:  Thanks for the update. Yes I was away for sometime, but good to see that the Taps in Kano have started running again! ;D This is the type of projects we need in this country. Though I must say that a lot of work still needs to be done, as most part of Kano (especially outside the badala) do not even have laid pipes, while those that were laid years ago were overtaken by rust. So I think akwai sauran aiki sosai kuwa.

As for the KEC Project, I initailly had this fear that it is too gigantic/ambitious to undertake now, especially with "more" pressing issues like water, power, etc bedevilling the state. However, I felt, "well, why not"? I mean, if we don't start thinking of futuristic ideas and like that now, when do we? It is time. I was told Rimi had something akin to that in mind when the Farm Centre Layout was designed, but unfortunately it has not seen the light of day. It is good to see that the private sector is interested, cos without them, I don't the project will succeed. I have seen the KEC Project Office located at Sani Abacha road, just before Sabon Gari Stadium. I would pay them a visit one of these days.

Quote from: HUSNAA on December 23, 2007, 04:40:33 PM
The point is would the world's best designers want to set up shop where they are not likely to make a lot of money? Remember that even those ppl who go out and import things, do not really import the top brands or top quality. Those who are able to do so, only cater for a very restricted market within Nigeria. Unless the economy is going to improve to the extent that the Naira is equivalent to the dollar at a rate of 10 to 1 or less, these 'world class' designers wont see a reason for having to pay whopping overhead costs without adequate turnovers being recorded on their balance sheets at the end of the yr.

No, Hajia. The market is there. The potential is there. You would be surprised at how large the potential market for such goods is.


It is unknown to me why the new Tamburawa water works has not been commissioned till now?

Here's another development on the power sector.
On wednesday 13th februry 2008 the federal executive council approved the
first south-north gas pipeliine that would take gas from akwa ibom-calabar-
The project will take 4-5yrs before completion and will provide for gas power
plants to be established.

I say this is a laudable effort from the Yar'adua government.


Challawa, Tiga dams to provide hydro power...For Kano, says Shekarau
BARELY two weeks after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a South Korean firm for the establishment of an LNG enabled independent power plant for Kano state, the state government has signed another MoU with a Norwegian company, Agua Energy Invest for Hydro Power projects in the state.
The two projects to be constructed on Challawa Gorge and Tiga dams would supply 12-25 megawatts of electricity and are estimated to cost 45-50 million U.S dollars.
The state governor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau signed on behalf of the government while Mr. Kai Larsen signed for the company which will execute the project on Build-Own-Operate-Transfer, BOOT, basis.
Shortly after the signing formalities at the Government House, Kano, Governor Shekarau said despite the commitment of the federal government in the power sector the government has admitted that it would take about a decade before adequate power supply can be realised to meet the needs of the whole country.
This situation, he said, prompted the state government to seek alternative ways to supply energy to meet growing domestic and industrial needs of the citizenry.
He therefore described the occasion as a milestone in the socio-political development of the state, pointing out however, that the project should not be seen as a total solution to the electricity needs of the state but a relief and foundation for successive administrations to consolidate.
The governor noted that although the state's water resources can only generate limited amount of power, the hydro power plant would go a long way in alleviating the prevailing power dilemma affecting the state.
Malam Shekarau then expressed appreciation to the federal government for granting permission to undertake the project and expressed optimism that with the expertise of the contractors, an outstanding job is anticipated.
In his remark, the representative of Aqua Energy, Mr. Kai Larsen described the project as viable one, explaining that hydro power is a safe, reliable, renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy.
Mr. Larsen added that the project is expected to be complete by April 2009 while the firm would give two percent royalty to the state government and devote one per cent of its proceeds to developing communities in the vicinity of the project sites.
He expressed the hope that his firm would get the desired cooperation to realise the project and pledged to abide by the terms of the agreement signed.
The chairman of the state Energy Committee, Prof. Abdu Salihi disclosed that the company was selected based on its technical capability in hydro engineering, adding that it has also indicated interest to go into bottled water production as well as wind energy development in Kano state and other parts of West Africa.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


I also had started wondering about the Tamburawa Water Works not being commisioned yet. Though I heard Mallam on a phone-in radio programme saying that the Site has four Pumping Engines/Machines. Two would be working when it finally takes off, while two would be on standby. Presently, according to him, only one was put on, for test running only,in order to identify leakages and such for rectification, before all full operations commences. So, the question is, 'when will full operation' starts?

As for the hydro-power projects, I believe it is a gigantic effort. One that was needed badly in the state. Kudos to the state govt. for taking this very very important step toward solving the biggest problem in Kano state.

My only prayer is the project to see the light of day. And may it not suffer from the usual Mallam's procrastination, and snail speed at which most of his programes seem to drag on. 


BKGZ, na ga shekarau ya dage sosai yanzu fa.
His projects are becoming more visible now. Work on water supply is going on da gaske.
Areas such as hotoro,sabuwar gandu,sheka are all being laid with pipes. I hope and pray that water flows through them.

Maybe in a small time he might consider repairing the intra city rail lines.
Allah ya taimake mu.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Yeah, I noticed that also. Intracity rail lines kuma? Ni ban ma san akwai su ba. Anyway, I don't think that's a priority of his. Kai dai bari muga yadda Kaduna state za su kare nasu intrastate rail lines tukun, kamar yadda gwamnan su yace. ;D I'm more concerned about the traffic wahala. Lets see how the Triple-lane idea on the selected roads would work. Amma ina ganin sonner or later, dole ne a bukaci gadar sama a wasu wuraren.


Kano megacity plan needs N500bn...Says gov, urges FG's intervention


Over N500 billion is required for the realization of the Kano Megacity plan, out of which over N200 billion will go for the upgrading of road infrastructure, N100 billion for Central Business District and N200 billion for other facilities.
Speaking while presenting a paper titled: ''Building Infrastructure in the Kano Megacity Plan,'' during the Senate 2008 Retreat at Tahir Guest Palace, Governor Ibrahim Shekarau of the state however, disclosed that the plan cannot be realized without special funding by the federal government.
The governer said the federal government's intervention became necessary due to the capital intensive nature of the project and the socio-economic importance of the state.
''If the problems of our major cities are not properly attended to, their populations will overgrow and become a problem not only to cities like Kano, Lagos and Port-Harcourt, but to the whole country as it will result into a spill-over to other neighbouring states.''
Unless such issues of infrastructural requirements are addressed, the cities will continue to be in trouble because the fast growing population will eat away all the little infrastructure available and by the time population explosion starts to be recorded, we are going nowhere,'' Shekarau noted.
He explained that the state and its local government areas alone cannot fund the infrastructure needed for the megacity as the rehabilitation of 15 per cent of the megacity alone cost the government about N30 billion in the last five years including the on-going projects.
He, on the other hand, solicited for the cooperation of the Senate to join hands with Kano state government through a budget proposal to make the federal government provide sufficient funding for the success of megacities in the country.
According to him, his administration has gone far in its quest to realize its dream of the megacity planning especially in improving sectors like education, health, roads, sewage treatment facilities, water/power supply, public housing and Kanawa Trade Centre among others, expressing further the need for the rehabilitation of railways by the federal government.
One of the discussants of the paper, Alhaji (Dr.) Muhammad Abubakar Rimi opined that in a giant development project of that nature, there is the need for collaborative efforts between the government and private sector as operated in other countries.
While commending the state governor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau for his zeal and aspiration to make Kano a megacity, he said Kano is one of the fastest growing cities not only in Nigeria but in Africa, as such there are a lot of challenges ranging from social, economic and otherwise that need to be addressed.
Also speaking, the second discussant, commissioner for the state ministry of planning and budget, Alhaji Nour Sani Hanga, disclosed that the idea of the megacity if achieved, the city of Kano will be of international standard.
Earlier, the chairman of the occasion, Alhaji (Dr.) Yusuf Maitama Sule while tracing a bit of the Kano history and its cosmopolitan nature, had commended the governor for his plan of implementing a mega city, urging the Senators to remain brothers' keepers and work as a team to move the country forward.
In his closing remark, the Senate President, Senator David Mark, while congratulating Governor Shekarau for his brilliant idea of the megacity plan, said their choice of Kano as a venue for their 2008 retreat was deliberate because Kano is a mini Nigeria.       

Wannan fa shine ana wata ga wata. Yanzu ina wadannan makudan kudin zasu fito? ??? And, surprise, surprise! For once Rimi has somethjing good to say about Mallam in public. Adawar ce ta ragu, ko kuwa tsabar siyasanci ne? ;D