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Started by _Waziri_, November 24, 2007, 01:51:56 PM

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Hey gud people, here is the news!


•   Archival,
        International Journal of Humanities and Social Science,

A lot of people were yesterday, 23/ 06/2050, left agape in Sakkwato - the headquarters of the Caliphate in Hausa land since 19th century - after the press conference by the team of professional forensic scientist, geneticists, archaeologists and excavators, which unveiled findings of a 200 year old research to the effect that the Pharaoh of Egypt during the times of Prophet Moses (pbuh) originated from the ancient city of Kano.

According to the experts from everywhere round the globe under the leadership of Prof. Umar Elzakzaky El-Bahaushiy, the research did not leave any stone unturned before arriving at this conclusion. Prof. Umar affirmed his conviction that all scientific inquiry regarding ancient Egypt has now ended with this research work as he said, "the genetic makeup and other traits of the Pharaoh Seti, who engaged in the merciless slaughter of the Jews at that time, and his successor, Remeses II, with whom Prophet Moses (pbuh) had serious confrontation, are clearly reminiscent of what is obtained of the genes and traits of Kano people today, especially those in the nucleus of Badala in the ancient city". He said, "This should not be surprising since it has been established that ancient Egypt was originally a black civilisation".

Reactions to the findings vary as some see this as a plus in the Kanawa sacrosanct heritage since the ancient Egypt is also known to be the cradle of civilisation in the invention of grand social concepts, technology and moral orders, religion inclusive. But many did not find a thing to smile at, since a reference to Pharaoh, Badala, genes and traits, made, identified only certain personalities of the yore days with Kano.

This casts uncertainties as others ask questions in similar vein as to whether other revered personalities like Prophet-king Akhenaton, the first king of the then Egypt, who is known to have practiced and made monotheism the official faith of the then Egypt, was also from Kano or not. Or whether there are clues about the true places of origin of other prominent black people in ancient history, like Hajara(ra), the wife of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and mother of his son Ishmael(pbuh) who is the ancestor of Arabs; Lukman(pbuh) The Wise, the revered prophet and judge of the Prophet-King David's Empire(pbuh); Bilal(ra), the Muezzim of the Prophet of Islam and; Bilkis(ra) the Queen of Sheba(Habasha), who later married the revered Prophet-King Solomon, in what is today Hausa land.

However responding to questions with the above posers, Prof Umar said, "Though we are not absolutely certain on some conclusions about Hajara (ra) and Akhenaton, because of other technicalities, but we can confidently say the personalities in question really have links to Hausa land even if not necessarily Kano". He added, "it is practically true that the etymological origin of the word, Hausa, can be traced to the word Habasha, which is used then to identify the region today known as Ethiopia even as words like Kwankwaso, philologically, mean the same thing in both Hausa and Amharic, the national language of today's Ethiopia, therefore Bikis (ra) can easily be seen as one of the Hausa and Hausa, in part, descent of the revered Prophet-King Solomon".

On Lukman (pbuh), he said, "as it is now, the fossil records and the result of genetic mapping suggests a link with this great personality with the people of ancient city of Zaria in the same Hausa land and facts in social anthropology collaborate this claim as the near ascetic behaviour of the people, their interest in the science, art and practice of jurisprudence and defense of justice no matter whose ox is gored, testifies to this."

On a different note he said a research is being carried out to locate the exact places visited by Bilal (ra) who after the demise of the Holy prophet left Medina to places that are still obscure in the studies of Islamic history. But "high points of this yet un-concluded research", he said, "pointed to him having returned to his roots and possibly visited Hausa land, which  some ancient inscriptions on stones, suggest, maybe Zaria".   

Outside the venue of the press conference, reactions continued to vary among intellectuals, politicians and ordinary people on this significant development. The current Imam of Kona, who leads the Friday prayers at the palace mosque in Zaria, told Archival he was not surprised by the findings since the reputation of Zaria well surpassed the thinking of many who didn't even know that Sheik Usman Danfodio, the leader of the 19th century Jihad in Hausa land, received part of his education in Zaria. He said anybody who wants, can come to his family house, an over 300 years old structure in the ancient city, to see the reserved room where Danfodio lived including his hat and staff which he left there after he and his comrades agreed to start the Jihad. He said he was told also by modern 'Yan boko' meaning, those trained in the Western form of education, that today,  Zaria town, has the highest concentration of educational institutions in the whole of West Africa.

On the other side, Archival was not able to get the Kano Emirate for comment as the palace secretary was said to be asleep for the last 24 hours, at each interval of 30 minutes our reporter would call to enquire whether he could see him but on the same reasons, his efforts were averted. Though Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu, an educationist with Bayero University, Kano and also a native of Kano, who has interest in the cultural practices of Hausa people anywhere in the world, courageously agreed to grant our reporter a 30 minutes interview, but it was at the time of transcription that our reporter discovered that what Prof said did not have any bearing on the issue at hand, they were only issues in modern Hausa Home Videos, music and Ajami forms of writing, veiled in fine English.

Also an attempt was made to reach the webmaster of, Mal. Salisu Danyaro by phone, but since he learnt it was an issue relating to the outcome of the press conference, on the first pick, he dropped the line and never picked again despite our constant try. Prof. Auwalu Yadudu, the legendary legal expert from Kano, was said to be out of the country at the time of compiling this report, without even his nuclear family's knowledge of his exact destination. But some said he's gone scouting for an opportunity to depend Charles Taylor, the alleged dictator and war criminal of Liberia, who is facing trial at world court in Katsina, another revered state in Hausa land. Prof. Munzali Jibril, a linguist by training, in a simplistic and arrogant manner dismissed the findings as mere Kanzon kurege, a Hausa expression used to show reports to mean mere fabrications.

One academic( name withheld) who has a Phd in Sharia at Usman Danfodio University, Sakkwato and sire of the sultanate royal family, observed that the attitude displayed by the Kanawa after the conference confirmed further the truth of the conclusions of the research. Dr. Bala Muhammad, the veteran journalist and now columnist in the highly regarded weekly Newspaper, The Trust, concurred in a brutally frank characteristic that even though he is a bonafide and authenticated Bakano, he cannot help but identify with the outcome of the research. In his own words, "the best thing to do now is to start looking at ways to redeem our image and mingle with the right people so that genetic mutation can quickly overcome the militant, insincere, arrogant and materialistic gene in us".

In line of this another culturalist in the Department of Hausa and African Languages, Bayero University, Kano, Dr. Baba Impossible is found to have long ago been craving to marry from Zaria as any opportunity he gets in every public gathering involving Zagezagi even in Hausa Interview programmes like Hannu da yawa, by the then Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, he would jokingly insert a subtle request to be given for marriage any of the Queens from Zazzau. This makes many to think he may have had insight into the conclusions of the research, maybe independently, since he is a very good scholar in cultural relativity, but rather chose not to make public his findings that other Kanawa may not benefit from it, an action seen by the Phd from Sakkwato, as another evidence confirming the presence of the undesired gene in the respected academics among the Kanawa.

However, Zazzau Emirate Council, in response to the suggestions by Dr. Bala Muhammad, encouraged all Zagezagi to give out their children in marriage to all Kanawa who may come calling, since it is found that their gene is the dominating one and they would not be affected by the Kanawa as much in traits but rather the other way round as the goal should be to rid Hausa land from all traces of malicious tendencies before the year 2100. The emirate further caused them no to desist from doing so, on any frivolous motive, and to always remember  the quote ascribed to their great grand father, Prophet-King David in the Bible which says: "...The generous souls shall be made rich and he who waters will surely be watered", Proverbs: 11:25.


Lol Mallam Waziri, its not April yet!  ;D ;D ;D ;D.

lol no wonder the journal is 43yrs away from publication...
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Quote from: HUSNAA on November 24, 2007, 07:23:59 PM
Lol Mallam Waziri, its not April yet!  ;D ;D ;D ;D.

lol no wonder the journal is 43yrs away from publication...

Lol Hajiya Husnaa, are you sure you are not the one 43yrs backward? ;D ;D ;D


Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


I first looked at the date and said in my mind u cant fool an accountant with numbers. When i started reading it i got carried away cos i have so much interest in history, i began to get fooled. plus i read sumtin 2day about Hauwa(ra) that shes black. So i have started formulating my argument and googling more stories n images.

It was when i got 2 Prof Abdallah's cofsi n Oga Admin refusing to ans fon call, i felt i should scoll down n see members comment regardin admin. then i realised. I GOT PUNKD


Quote from: IBB on December 01, 2007, 04:09:10 AM
  plus i read sumtin 2day about Hauwa(ra) that shes black.
Its interesting that you should say that. could you pls share the article in which u read that? My interest in our first parents (Radiallahu anhuma) being black skinned, stemmed from the fact that I had always wondered about racial prejudice and its genesis.  I used to wonder why it was that black ppl were treated as slaves or ppl of lower social standing from time immemorial. Why was it that even though there have been great civilizations like the pharoahnic eras where the pharoahs themselves were sometimes black ppl yet at the same time when one looks at the generality of events in so far as there should be a black living amongst lighter skinned ppl, his social status was always below that of his lighter skinned compatriots. Why was it that anyone born to any race other than black considers himself superior by virtue of his/her skin color? I know this happens because I have often looked at ppl of a particular race and thanked God that He Did not create me as one of their kind, so I am sure it must happen with other races thanking God for not being black. The only difference is that whereas one might thank God for not being  born as a person of some particular race,  there are also some races that a person may not  be averse to being born into; for example being a semite for the sake of the Prophet Sallalahu alaihi wa sallaam. On the other hand I have a sneaky feeling that there are very few non negroes that wouldnt have been averse to being born as negroes.

Jama'a dont get me wrong. I have never had a problem with my skin color. Infact I am proud to be a black person and I can hold my own anywhere in the world. What I am saying is that I have a suspicion unconfirmed that the majority of the world's ppl who are not black are glad that they are not black. It seems also that it is not only blacks as in negroes that are subject to this kind of attitude. There are some societies e.g in India and Pakistan and Bangladesh, where the aesthetic value of a woman is equated to how light or dark her skin is. The darker her skin, the higher the dowry that has to be paid to the man wishing to marry her. Sometimes she has a harder time getting the husband in the first place simply because of her skin color.
When I thought about the whole issue of dark skin discrimination, it seemed to me that this attitude towards being black or dark skinned or the attitude of racial discrimination towards blacks in general is not something that is ever going to go away at all. Then I began to formulate some exotic ideas as to why this could be so; I began to wonder if revulsion towards anything black can be linked to a spiritual dimension.
This spiritual dimension deals with the issue of satan's disobedience to Allah SWT when Allah SWT Commanded all the angels to prostrate to Adam and satan refused because he felt superior. He was created out of fire and Adam was created out of clay. Before Allah Breathed life into Adam (AS) according to some readings that i did, some yrs back, Adam had been left inanimate for 40 yrs, and satan used to wonder what it was that Allah Is creating and would enter into Adam's inanimate limbs travelling within him. That is why accordingly, the devil can penetrate humans (Allahu a'alam, I dont know; its what I read). Anyway satan had this feeling of superiority, he also felt jealous because Allah SWT Distinguished Adam (AS) and Favored him above the angels and the jinns. After his disobedience, Allah Made satan an outcast -  (shaydanur rajeem - satan the rejected). Shaytan, to further consolidate his already fallen position because he has no more to lose, asked Allah to grant him reprieve from punishment until the day of Qiyama, which Allah SWT Granted him. Thus having secured that, he went on to say that he will mislead the children of Adam from the path of Allah. Whereas Allah SWT Told him that Allah Will fill hell fire with him (satan)and whomever followed satan.
So I used to wonder, why this reccurring rejection of black? could it be that Prophet Adam AS was black? i.e the first man ever created was not caucasian or semite or mongoloid or even negroid but dark skinned? After all the color of clay/ mud is brown/black (as we know it on earth at any rate) and that was what Adam AS was created from. So this feeling of  phobia for anything black or dark skinned maybe because satan being alive till the day of eternity, is always instigating the human heart to reject dark skin or black skin because of his own rejection of Adam (AS)? Thus for as long as there will be satan and his cohorts, there will be racial discrimination, because maybe dark skinned ppl are a constant reminder to the devil of his disobedience and consequent fall from grace.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


The fact that black and white can interbreed successfully indicates that we have a common ancestor many thousands of years ago.
Environmental influences must have caused our differences though we are talking in terms of thousands and thousands of years.
I would think that prejudice against black people is based on the general lack of development in black society combined with the need in inferior persons to feel themselves better than others.
It is interesting to note that black persons brought up in social and economic equality in developed Western societies achieve just as much as anyone else.
Developed,uncorrupt and progressive societies are what Africa needs to allow the latent potential of Africas peoples to be fully developed. Be aware that Europe a few hundred years ago was very far different from the ordered society that most of it is today.


Quote from: Dave_McEwan_Hill on December 01, 2007, 10:19:39 PM
I would think that prejudice against black people is based on the general lack of development in black society combined with the need in inferior persons to feel themselves better than others.
It is interesting to note that black persons brought up in social and economic equality in developed Western societies achieve just as much as anyone else.
Developed,uncorrupt and progressive societies are what Africa needs to allow the latent potential of Africas peoples to be fully developed. Be aware that Europe a few hundred years ago was very far different from the ordered society that most of it is today.

Thats true on the surface of it. There is economic racism these days which has become rampant all over the world. That is ppl from economically developed nations are more accepted on an individual level worldwide than ppl from poor undeveloped nations. However, I think that if ever black nations were to achieve the level of development that most western nations enjoy, we'd still find ourselves in the same position that Jews are in: that is superficial acceptance from others.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Adam & Hawa ((peace be upon them)
By: Mekaeel Maknoon
This paper is based on a lecture given at the Belfast Mosque in March 1997

Science says Adam & Hawa existed...
Islam teaches people to treat ones mother and father with honour and kindness in their capacity as parents. To this end, remembering one's parents and imploring Allah's peace and mercy upon them are acts of honour and great respect. Such a deference is more than due to humanity's common ancestor. However, with so much emphasis in the educational institutions on trying to prove that humankind evolved from apes, people's knowledge and awareness of the Almighty Originator, and His great and gracious act in creating Adam and Hawa, for whom there is little regard these days, has steadily dwindled. The question to be put is not so much, "What are the names of the first man and woman"? but, "Do we really have a common ancestor?" and "How much do I know about humanity's common ancestors, Adam and Hawa?".

The religious and scientific answer to the first question is simply yes! On 11th January 1988, the Newsweek Magazine carried an article which stated that studies by molecular biologists of an international assortment of genes had put them on the trail of the mitochondrial Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

The studies were carried out on both black and caucasian women "with ancestors from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia". Despite the fact that the women "were from widely different racial and geographical backgrounds", the geneticists "found that all had identical stretches of the mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited only from mothers and therefore not a mixture of parental genes". This has led them from a Qur'anic and Biblical perspective back to the idea of a common ancestor: "to a single women from whom we are all descended". The report went on to say, "most evidence so far indicates that Eve"..."was more likely a dark-haired, black skinned woman (who) lived in sub-Saharan Africa." It is believed that our common ancestor - African Eve - must has lived "between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago", and this is consistent with the findings related to Adam. This finding adds weight to the Biblical and Qur'anic statements about the existence of a Hawa (Eve), the mother of all humanity, who was not a product of an accident or chance in nature, but was created and fashioned by the Creator. Also, it is yet another piece of evidence for the authenticity of the Holy Qur'an, stating long before this discovery:

"The Revelation of this Book is from Allah, the Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom... He created you (all) from a single Person:... created, (out of it) of like nature his mate... and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women" (S. 39:1,6: S: 4:1).

This passage was also telling the men of science that to progress their understanding about humanity's common ancestor they must seek to establish Hawa's origin and indeed humanity's from a single individual, named Adam.

It is therefore not surprising to learn from an article in The Times on 23rd November 1995 that following a scientific study of the Y-chromosomes in a mixed- race group, Dr. Michael Hammer, a geneticist from the University of Arizona, was able to establish that all men do have a common ancestor "of African origin", who lived less than 200,000 years ago. the article went on to say "this opposed a theory that mankind evolved in different regions of the Old World from an earlier ancestor, Homo Erectus (apes)". What is now missing is for scientists to find the evidence which links Hawa to Adam, perhaps they will find the answer among the DNA of the bones, in particular, the lower ribs.

As regards the second question,

science has very little to offer human beings who again, must resort to the Divine revelations to acquire deeper knowledge of their common ancestor. Even the fact that Hawa (Eve) was dark-skinned was already known to scholars of Islam. E.W. Lane, in his Arabic-English Lexicon, (Book 1, Part 2, p.661), says that the name Hawa (the Arabic equivalent of Eve) signifies "a brown colour, redness inclining to blackness or a colour intermixed with the blackish red dust like the rust of iron".
In short, she was black or, if you prefer, a dark-skinned women.

This the website. Other interseting histories of Prophets are there as well


Lol I am so excited! My exotic idea may not be so exotic after all!! :D :D
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum




Good Greetings,

Hajiya Husnaa, IBB, thanks for your input, I mean not everything of it, excluding the part that indicted The Archival as producing fake stuff, may Allah 4give you for that and punish you only little. ::)

As regards your sentiments on Adam(pbuh) and Hauwa'u(ra), I will say am with you since those who say they were something different from blacks have no more proof than you have. In fact recent discoveries shows they were dropped from the heavens in some place in the present day Ethiopia. So why won't we think they were black or why some white ppl must think they were white?  This is the link please:

Again since I am with you now in 2007 I will say The Archival and its discoveries in 2050 could be right since as it is now there is general consensus, in the scientific community, that the personalities discussed in the article were truly black. What Archival revealed was only there locations and the nature of their genome.

Now that I have spoken to you in 2007 I will just whiz back to my lofty status in 2050 so I will say:

Sooooo Loooooooooog!!!!!!!!!!