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???ã????????????????/HI??MY NIGERIAN FRIENDS

Started by Anonymous, January 27, 2004, 05:52:32 PM

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My Dear Nigerian friends,
    it is a pleasure to send u my faithful regards far from China.It has been 1 year since I left Kano Nigeria.Kano is left me a deep impression ,the citizens ,the building ,everything ...
I was ever the sales manager at Viva Metal and plastics name is Sonic Lee.Alh Lawal Mohd in the sabon gari Market is my close friend and also alh Halilu mamuda.the gentlemen,I can never he helped me buy shoes in the market .(it is so hard to find the suitable size for me ,your Nigerian people 's feet are larger than that of Chinese).I want to send my regards to alh Mamuda ,he who will phone 064 633406 will be heavily appreciated .just bring my regards to them.mine line is 009+86+551+3243559
Thank U very much for ur help.