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Faking Qur'an on da net & ........

Started by Twinkle, March 06, 2003, 02:40:41 PM

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I think instead of just talking, why can't we start thinking on how to hack these sites?
always believe in w't you do


don t worry, Allah is the best hacker, and sure those individuals will get what they deserve......


The faking of Holy books is not new it has been going on for centuries.  I think it may be useless to just generalise and say a book is faked, for the simple reason that some of the changes are very subtle and unrecogniseable until you read closely.  So it is very important to state those books and what has been faked rather than just saying they are fake, for the interest of those who may not be able to pick the changes or descrepences that are included in fake ones.

I would like to point out that there is also a difference between a fake holy book or the pointing out real or percieved inconsistencies in a holy book.  This type of problem arises either out of misunderstanding and misinterpretation or it is just a delibrate attempt to smear.  This requires discussions and not outright condemnation.  You can never understand the next person if you do not understand (or atleast try and understand) the context of his existence.

So rather than call for the heads of those who fake holy books, pray for them that God has mercy on them.  Remember sometimes people do these things out of lack of knowledge so educate them do not fight them.  Before we knew of them God already knew of them and has set out their punishment so let us let God be God and not take matters in our own hands, but we must totally reject and denounce the act as that He has called us to do.

I say for those that fake holy books (in this case the bible) God have mercy on them for the word of God says whosoever adds or removes from the word of God would surely be judged by God, vengence is God's not mine or anyother being.