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Started by Dan-Borno, May 15, 2008, 10:27:45 PM

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It was one of my friend who reminded me that the Panel
will start its first sitting here in Maiduguri.  I asked him what
are their main agenda and he told me that the Uwais led
Electoral Reform Panel are going round the Federal Republic
of Nigeria gathering different views through memoranda
on how best to come up with all-acceptable and genuine
electoral law.

Nigeria, when will we stop fooling ourselves, how much of us
Nigerians endorsed the present Electoral Act?  That is why
I frawn at the Public Hearing by the Senators, instead of
them to concentrate on enacting laws that will protect the
interest of this country, they allow themselves to swim in
the stream of semi-corruption - i used to hail them before
now, i now understand that they are toothless bulldogs.

The Uwais Panel has received some quantum of memoranda,
the first is the Borno State position paper as presented by
Amb. Baba Ahmed Jidda the SSG of Borno State.  However,
the question that we need to ask ourselves is, how true are
they going to use the opinions of the generality of the masses
to come up with a new reformed electoral law?

When HRH Etsu of Nupe (Rest in Peace) Chaired same Federal
Committee on Local Government, the report was dumped at
Aso Rock and nothing has been done, i regretted writing my

As far as I am concern, the Federal Government in its usual
style device a means to keep Uwais & co busy while they enjoy
their allowances while the Committee rounds up its work in vain.
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