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Started by Dan-Borno, May 26, 2008, 09:46:33 AM

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no one is saying anything concerning the crisis in south africa,
i heard that there are a lot of nigerians who are now victims of
the violence.  Though, it is believed that zimbabweans are mostly

i wonder this thing is happening in africa - and south africa in
particular.  i think we need to raise from our sleep if at all we
are planning the United States of Africa
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DB i have been wanting to post something on the south African crisis.Infact i wrote a post yesterday but could not post because i accidentally deleted it.

The south Africans should know that foreigners help nations develop and all developed countries have foreigners that aid the development.
South Africa is going to host the world cup in 2010 yet now they are chasing away foreigners from their territory.That is bad. It shows just how 'the same' Africans are. Tribalistic.

They should learn from Nigerians.we have lebanese,indians,chinese and even south Africans working and making a living in Nigeria.We don't go killing or destroying thier property. We even allowed a south african lottery company operate in Nigeria and all the money was sent to south africa. Who cares.
If anything, South Africans should look back and remember the contribution Nigeria and Nigerians gave to end aparthied.Each Nigerian worker had to pay N1 from his salary to the ANC and yet they sit down and watch us burnt to death and our property destroyed. In some areas the Nigerians said that the atrocities were commited right in front of the police and they did nothing.

The Nigerian business man or woman is not to be blamed for the country's woes.Haka yan najeriya suke,they prosper in business.When one and his business can survive in a country where there is no security,poor roads,no light,no water,poor taxation,corrupt officals etc tell me how much he/she would flourish when he gets all these things(like in south africa) ai sai shanawa kawai.

DB na ji an ce abin da ya haddasa rigimar fa mata ne.
Wai yan matan south african sun daina bin mutanen garin sai yan najeriya da su zimbabwe domin su ne masu kudin. A kulob idan dan zulu yana rawa da yarinyar sa da dan najeriya ya danno sai ta share shi dan zulun ta koma wajen dan najeriya.....kaga kuwa ai da matsala....LOL
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


No No No !! That is not true. Wani nationalistic under ground party ne that  supported the apartheid regime, su suka dinga angiza jama'a a hankali a hankali. Abin ba na farar daya bane. Kuma there is the poverty issue, involved as well. Its got nothing to do with good time girls.
PS remember that although we may think that the south africans have short memories, we must realize that the perpetrators of these riots were toddlers and not born when S.A was struggling against the apartheid regime so they are not so conversant in terms of personal experience of segregation. The only thing is that they are victims of poverty and aids. Su ji da wannan ma ta ishe su...
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


African dai kenan.
We always fail to learn. These political parties or some few individuals incite the public and cause murders or anarchy and yet they claim to be the leaders or if they are in opposition they'l claim to be better. Har ma idan suka fito ganin su ake heroes.Take a look at the kenyan crisis,rwanda etc.

May God help us.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


While obviously the events in South Africa must be condemed with all vigour, I like what one of the posts here said "we always fail to learn".  I am amazed with the speed alot of us africans condemed the violence and have been wandering what is the motif? We know that one of the main issues at the heart of the crisis is poverty, so are our politicians on the continent worried and making noise knowing that this may give the poor in their countries ideas even if they use a different reason as excuse for crisis?

Any way what bothers me more is that must people talk about the xenophobic part of it and not the black on black violence part of it.  I did a rough search on violence on the continent on the web just to see what images there are and what the cause for the violence was.  I was astonished infact what happened in South Africa pales to what happened in some countries in Africa with black on black violence.  As recent as 2006 nigerians in the north were being butchered by their brothers whom they have been living with for years, hundreds lost their lives in the name of religion!! these violent attacks are still a threat in the northern parts of the country.  In kenya it is elections!! neighbours (who have lived together for years), butcher each other because they belong to different parties and by extension different tribes death toll ran into hundreds.  We must not forget the serria lone and liberia era were neighbours killed each other and even eat body parts of the dead to full veiw of cameras to ensure the spirit of the dead did not visit them, again the issue is differences in political veiws combined with corruption, what about Ruwanda? I will not even go into that.  We can go on and on, in all these acts of violence it is black on black, between neighbours, friends and brothers.  So the question to us will be, is their any such thing as a better murder? or a better act of barbarianism?

We need some introspection as a people and we must move away from making excuses for these occurances!!  We appear to be a dehumanised people and look for any reason to attack our neighbours, brothers and friends as long as they are black.  Today it is xenophobia, tommorrow it is religion, the next it will be tribe, then state etc.

We must find the courage and voice to condem black on black violence on the continent.  So before we rush to our note pads to write condemnation of South Africa let us look in our own back yards, we may jus have a very embarassing black on black violent crisis lurking somewhere and we will be the next to give some of these stupid excuses for killing our friends, neigbours and brothers


I had always had d impression SA was one of the rare success stories of our continent,
so i was really shocked the find out the level of poverty they have that drives them to this
considering what i see in Nigeria everyday and we havnt come to that,

What do these ppl want? they have the MTNs and DSTV that exploit other poor countries and send the loot back home while the 'victims' dnt raise as much as a finger

My regret,apart from the violence, is the effect all this will have on the 2010 FIFA world cup.