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If you're on Facebook...

Started by dan kauye, April 29, 2008, 04:10:17 PM

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dan kauye

I just created a group on Facebook for Kano-onliners entitled ''Kano-onliner's Lounge''.Go search it on Facebook,join,add me if you will...
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dan kauye

Quote from: kitkat on April 29, 2008, 08:52:33 PM
couldnt find it!!

There's 'groups' under the Applications menu,click it,all the recently created groups pop up.It should be there.It has the Emir's palace as default pic.Alternatively,you can look me up ( and add me up,I'll hook you up..
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I would look it up. My problem with facebook is you get bombarded with those endless friends requests.


Wallahi kuwa, BKGZ. And most of them are...wish you understand. Thats why I just leave the site. I cannot even recall what my username is. But I'll try looking for it in my email inbox and join the group, inshaAllah.
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Heheh...guys i think facebook is one of the most standard online community i know, and i know quite a number believe me, you dont just get to see anybody there, and it has a fantastic way of networking you with your friends. its a cool place.
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dan kauye

Quote from: Bakan~Gizo on April 30, 2008, 11:18:29 AM
I would look it up. My problem with facebook is you get bombarded with those endless friends requests.

You can have your account modified by editing the settings,that way,you can weed out anything you dislike,including ,of course,those annoying requests.
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Couldn't find the group. I even did a search.


I think one has to add him up first as a friend before you can see his groups.
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dan kauye

Quote from: *~MuDa~* on May 02, 2008, 11:39:31 AM
I think one has to add him up first as a friend before you can see his groups.

Apparently.I myself didn't know that until now though.If if anyone's up for it,leave your e-mail address,I'll have you invited.

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...He begot not, nor is He begotten!


Just when I had it in mind to bring it to the table, I stumble across this thread.

Facebook, facebook, facebook..............its like a viral influenza..............spreadin everywhere & many people seemed to be hooked by it. Like facebook, there are many websites where people can build on social networks or maintain contact with exisiting people and some are perfectly voyaging along and some prefare not to.

About an hr ago, I was chatting away with my Yoruba friend, who was complainin to me about how naughty her little toddler was becoming. Though that was not her worry, she was very upset because she found her father on facebook. I found it funny at first even though she tried to make sense in it all. She reasoned that it was ok for the younger generation to be on facebook but people like her dad with 5 grand kids was abit OTT!!! ;D. I tried to make her understand that she was gettin too picky & that she too is indeed a parent and that the only way she found that her father was on it was because she was on it too!!! So why worry?...............Everyone in their own discretion can be or refuse to be on facebook. No wahala. As there is no age restrictions aslong as the prospective member is 18 & over. And so perhaps it was ok if her dad was on it. She asked me how I wud feel if it was mine that was on facebook (I cracked up so bad I had tears in my eyes) but I had no answer. Presently she is not talking to me ;D because I showed no preparedness to bother if older persons r on it, infact I am not bothered if the whole world was on it. Anyway, so I tried asking someone if it was wrong with someone of an older age to be on facebook? I got a  reply that it was ok if one chooses to be or not 2 b on facebook- same view I had.

Anyway, anyone answer: is there anything wrong for say 65's-90yr olds or parents being on facebook? :-\

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my (ONLY) daughter, u dey use ur knowledge of communication
very well, see how you systematically arrived at throwing the
question to us.

ok, i must confess to you my daughter that i dey for face book,
but recently, i changed the profile picture with that of your little
sister to cover.

as far as i am concern it doesnt matter if the facebooker is 100
years old or 200 years old, no matter his level i am very sure that
his age mates will be around, kuma, what is wrong in befriending
an old person? by this, we will share views and understanding our
different perceptions.

let me just give u one small example, i have one lady friend wey
dey skool for china, dat girl is absolutely crazy, real nigggggggerress
everything na hip-hop she doesnt know anything about nigeria
not to talk of arewa or hausa culture despite the fact that her
parents are from here.  the cut short the tori, it was when we met
that she started understanding and paying attention to naija and
hausa in general.

kinga its a social forum where so many different people with different
background met, age shul not be a restriction.

kuma ki gaya wa wancan friend naki din that your kline daddy dey
for facebook too. ;D ;D
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