Author Topic: Future of Literature in Northern Nigeria  (Read 19870 times)

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Re: Future of Literature in Northern Nigeria
« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2009, 12:58:29 PM »

Thank you for understanding where I'm coming from Gogannaka. Instead of insulting everyone, I wish Rabo

will just have a brainstorm session with kannywood and ANA on how they could work things out. Set some mutual ground

rules that both parties can stick to. Define what's "acceptable" and what's not, also where they should draw

the line. After all, they all have the common ground that they want to influence people through their actions.

Might as well use it to their advantage. But no, dude's been acting like he's ruling Nazi Germany.

There's something else that baffles me. I'm pretty sure I have seen Mills and Boon books in Kano. Yes, the

ones that have a vivid illustration of the content on the cover. How come those books don't get censored? Or

the hollywood movies that have intimate scenes but are readily available for purchase in Kano. Why don't those

ones get burned? But no, it's the poor local ones that are doing it for the passion that get punished.

If you're going to censor one, then censor them all! This selective censorship is nothing but hypocrisy, bullying and abuse of power!

Even "Young Muhsin", a writer who claims these books are scraps and definitely deserve this treatment from

Rabo reads Sidney Sheldon! Tell me Muhsin, are there no intimate scenes in Sidney Sheldon books? Isn't his

writing style known for detailed feminine intimacy and sexuality? Did anyone stop you from reading it? So what,

it's okay for you to read those because it's in English but just because (something lighter and much less detailed)

is written in Hausa it's suddenly wrong?

You had me smiling:  :) :) :)

I don't know from where to begin. Any way, let me start from either the Censorship board are either doing a general or selective cleansing of Kano book market. They are doing the former. For example, M & B books are (or were?) banned. Even those dirty magazines like Hint, Heart, the like are also kicked-out of the market. More-over, the nude cover pictures of James Hardly Chase thriller novels has to be "disfigured" or covered with indellible marker before they are paraded in the market for sale. It goes this way...

I read Sheldon, but let me admit it's not good; and I'll do everything to see that our writers do not turn like him. And am sure you too will not like this to happen, will you?

And more-over, I am old enough to read such a stuff, so to speak.

Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


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