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To My Valentine

Started by Ibro2g, February 11, 2008, 02:03:57 PM

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"The subject whom this poem was written for was born on Valentine's day and is at a distance"

Dear Miss Valentinia

How do you do my dear
forgive distance, you own my warmth and care
In the begining, they say begin
but I hold my protest within

How do I begin to utter audible words,
a feeling that conquered even kings and lords.
How do I beg my heart to willingly lend,
what my soul cannot possibly comprehend.
I search high and low so my pen may discover,
from eyes and lips of the loved and the lover.
With comfort it cuddles the cradle and grave,
in kindness it finds the coward and the brave.
In 'tis warmth life springs as summer reigns
among 'tis profit we all have gains
In 'tis name we often sheath our knives
And in 'tis melody we find the tune of our lives
I could go on with telling you this tale
But 'tis one you are probably known to hail
As you were born on the feast of Lupercalia,
You became Cupids kin beyond ancient italia.
Even as love found origins from your kith
Even as all this sounds like an old myth
In an undenying atmosphere
where love is in the air
I write this to wish you love
and more than you can think of

While honours and pleasures all remain mine
I remain yours with love, your Valentine
          Inspired by true love

"Subject to further editing"
Safety and Peace


aww ibro dat is so sweet im glad i was ur inspiration that is one fine piece of art :) lol


What can I say Lady Merciful, Arigato for the inspiration and care u have shown me. I could only show a partial bit of what u have shown me. It is I who is grateful
Safety and Peace