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Started by Bajoga, February 23, 2009, 04:33:32 PM

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Pls what is happening in Bauchi State ne? Naji kamar something is wrong now.

Sani Danbaffa

Ai kai dai Allah kiyaye kawai! Zauna gari banza da marasa hankali sun ta da tarzoma mara dalili, suka qone gidajen mutane kuma suka jawo asarar rayukan mutane da dama. Allah sauwaqe kuma ya shirye su su daina fitina! Bi Salam
Seek knowledge to be usefull to the society, help and spread happiness.


I came in Bauchi yesterday and found the metropolis unstable: some houses at railway Quarters set ablazed and armed police, mobile police, and military in patrol. The govt of the state now reduce the curfew from ,6am to 6pm, to ;6am to 5pm. some ppl left their homes and take refuge in Barracks etc. ALLAH ya sawwaqe.
it takes oppressed and oppressor for oppression to occur


i heard that what ignited the crisis is the lack of tolerance
between the two major religions, of course, CHRISLAM.
Both the mosque and the church are neighbouring each other
and as usual on sunday during the christian faith service
they extend their parking lot up to the mosque, while on
fridays, during the friday prayers, muslims also extend their
parking lot inside the premises of the church which both
the religions frowned at but could not sit down and resolve
amicably, and as usual, prefer killing, burning down houses,
destroying properties than sitting down to iron out issues

my first blame goes to our religious leaders, and in this case
islamic scholars in bauchi state who are suppose to have seen
the dangers in the first place and call to order their followers.

secondly, the security outfit is so relaxed despite the daily
intelligence report that they are gathering, because, definitely
the men of the state service knew that sooner or later the
controversy of the proximity of the mosque and church is going
to cause crisis but didnt do anything or have adviced the governor
malam isa yuguda who is the chief security officer of the state
but could not do anything, as a result led to the loss of life
and property which is the 3rd or 4th series in bauchi state - shame
on you jama'an bauchi.

i must also extend my dissapointment to the emirate council of
bauchi, who are suppose to play advisory role in the governance
of the state by calling both leaders of the church and mosque in
finding a lasting solution to this problem and warn against act of
civil disturbances will be mated with harsh penalty.

and if the government as usual is going to fault politics or ethnic
as the cause of this crisis, for me, they make no difference, because
same people same culture.  because inter tribal marriage is gaining
prominence nowadays.  except we tolerate ourselves, we cant
make any meaningful development.

"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak