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Greater Kano Project


A CONTRACT worth N298, 862,000 was yesterday signed between Kano state ministry of land and physical planning and City Scape Properties Limited to kick start the Greater Kano metropolitan areas accelerated develop-ment project.
Signing the contract, the commissioner in the ministry, Alhaji Ali Bashir Yakubu, revealed that the project will cover Western Bye-pass area of Kano city.
Represented by the permanent secretary of the ministry, Alhaji Muhammad Salis el-Hassan, the commissioner said the project is in three categories.
According to him, category one involves project planning, consultation and studies to include digital conversion of usable data in public  domain/staff training.
Category two he added, involves production of compensation plans for lands to be acquired covering 3,300 hectares within the Western Bye-pass corridor, while the third category involves production of preliminary and final designs of layout schemes to include regularization of informal settlements.
He explained that the project would enhance proper city planning that will improve human commercial commitments, industrial development, landscaping and better environment, stressing that the project which would boost sources of revenue generation by the government would as well attract tourists to the state.
Already, a total of N100,000,000 advance payment has been made to the contracting firm and the period expected to complete the project is 40 weeks.
He then charged the general public to stop erecting illegal structures around the project site.
The commissioner said that the ministry was directed by the State Executive Council to sit with ministry for local government, KNUPDA and metropolitan local governments to articulate a practical modality of actualizing the project for greater effect.
In addition, the ministry was also directed to request KNUPDA to sustain as well as publicise its development control activities at the project site.
He emphasized that, if the project is successfully completed, it will yield more than 80,000 plots of different densities.
Speaking also after the signing of the contract, City Scape Properties chairman, Alhaji Muhammad Yahaya Dawakin Tofa, explained that, the project would squally cover Challawa area, Maiduguri road among others.
He also promised to complete the project within the time frame and called on the general public, particularly dwellers of the affected site to cooperate with them for a successful job execution.


This is such a wonderful development.
Cityscape properties is one of the most trusted and successful Urban and regional planning companies.
I hope they complete the project in due time.
Shekarau is now trying hard in the actualization of the greater Kano plan.Aiki ake gadan gadan.
more grease to their elbows.

I'm not sure I get the drift of this project. I've not been around the western bye-pass for sometime, so  I won't know if something is happening there. Does it include the Economic City project, which was being built along Dan Gwauro village? Any update?

Nope the economic city project is separate from the greater Kano project.
The greater Kano project is along the new ring road/bypass that will burst out at gwarzo road and is in full course.
My friend works for the company that does the GIS survey and mapping for the project and they are very much on track.

Okay good.

Over 40 weeks later....pls what is the situation report?
I heard one of the owners of CityScape is now the commissioner....
Is this true?
What is the update


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