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Shattered Dream
« on: March 23, 2009, 12:29:35 PM »
Hello! Dear there
I heard your voice far but so near
You gave me the pleasure of my bosom dear
And the lilies of life and care!

I build a secret dream in my life so clear
But I heard the story so clear
You are taking a turn and dare
My heart cries deep and severe

Please reverse your turn and come my dear
I will follow you my dear
To the bottom of blue sea
And the longest river!

But the train you take moves very fast 
Dare! My feet can never catch up, never!
And so my dream are shattered
Crashed to the hard rock
And thrown deep into the abyss of Bermuda   
A lazy youth is definitely a begging adult! Bata hankalin Dare ka yi suna!: Fas'alu ahalil zikri, inkuntum la ta'alamun!


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