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Like Myself

Started by _Waziri_, March 30, 2009, 11:09:19 AM

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Like Myself

Like yourself
Like a  dream drummed
into an all wild space
Moving like a breeze
pushing through the shores of history...

Like yourself
Like hope,
Like wish,
Like poetry,
hooping round the coasts of time
Dwelling on,
Trouping all
The  heights,
the  glints of  concrete imagery...

Like yourself
Like rightwrong,
Like life,
Like Truth,
That is all in what we  see,
We emote,
We  think. 

Like yourself
Like me
Like a fool made
        In the formation
of the
Wisest Him!




A nice one! Like we think, like we emote and like we always do: think rightwrong! Bravo!
A lazy youth is definitely a begging adult! Bata hankalin Dare ka yi suna!: Fas'alu ahalil zikri, inkuntum la ta'alamun!



where i sthe like button, there should be a like button cuz I simply like this
Safety and Peace

aminu sambo